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You’re Not a Big Deal

So Facebook is FULL of people kissing their own asses, and its getting ridiculous. COUNTLESS people got the “I’m conceited and I got a reason album”. Some call it the “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” or any variation of the two. Honestly, NO. You may be conceited, but I don’t see too many reasons why. And no, you dont “know that I C it.”

CLEARLY, sales of chapstick have gone up since people KEEP their lips on their own asses. It’s cool to have an album dedicated to yourself, but to put a description about how hot you are under EVERY picture is a bit much. If you gotta TELL us you’re hot before we realize it then maybe, you’re actually quite tepid. People, we must get over ourselves, like YESTERDAY!!

Confidence is great, but there is a thin line between that and full on self-ass-licking.

P.S. I know I’m an admitted picture slut, but I SERIOUSLY don’t see a reason why I should put under all of my pictures “I’m SOOOO GREAT and HOT and ARROGANT”. I keep such thoughts to myself, lol ;-)


*Edit* Dammit people!!! Must you not heed to my warnings??? NOW I gotta get REAL ignant. If I see ONE more status message saying how “HOT I am” or how “FINE I am”, I’mo get a mirror, show it to thus person, and let them watch the shit crack from their reflection. You’re not hot. Please refrain from declaring such lies to the world.

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