My Life

And Samsung WEPT

I am the QUEEN of picture sluttery. However, this past weekend, a HUGE tragedy ensued, that shook me to my core. I accidentally dropped my camera on concrete at a picnic, and it broke and is unrepairable. :-( When turned on, the screen looks like a spiderweb. Samsung WEPT. *CUES VIOLINS*

It was only 6 months old, and cost me $250. I am heartbroken.

Please dig deep in your pockets, and give just $5 to the Memorial Fund I have started in honor of my Samsung i85 camera (aka the AWESOMEST camera that ever was). Me without a camera in my hand is like:

* Jordan without a basketball
* Like Prince without that Gee-TAR
* Like Erykah without her turban
* Like Beyonce without her Yaki 26.

My love for my Samsung goes DEEP. This is my plea.

I accept PayPal (Luvvieblog@gmail). The donate button is to the right.

Like Really. I Mean It. Please give.
You and Me us NEVA Part,
Ain’t no ocean, ain’t no sea
Can keep my camera away from me…



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