Nigeria is 48! You Know You’re Nigerian If…

[ 9 ] September 30, 2008 |

To take a detour from my regularly scheduled blogging, I’d like to wish Nigeria a HAPPY 48th INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! We will party o!! We need Bailey’s Irish Cream, Guinness (Stout), Jollof Rice, Fufu & Stew, and Maltina.

**You know you’re NIGERIAN IF**

*The only reason you dance at Nigerian parties is to get “sprayed” money by the adults

*Your parents add “O” to the end of every sentence: Shutup-O! Get me water-O!

*You’ve been called an “IJOT” more times than you can count by your parents

*You’ve been slapped for not greeting someone well

*You’ve gotten in trouble for giving an elder something with your left hand

*You gotta call all the older Nigerians you know uncle or auntie even if they are not related!

*Your parents YELL, not talk on the phone

*Your parents buy phone cards on a weekly basis

*You know who King Sunny Ade and Salawa are

*When Shina Peters’ Afro Juju comes on at a party, you lose your mind!

*You know what chin chin, puff puff, or moyin moyin are

*Your parents like eating Garri & Water as a snack (sometimes with peanuts)

*You can pick which you like better, Eba or Amala

*You been scared watching the movies your parents bring from back home

*There is ALWAYS white rice in your house

*Sometimes when you eat your Mom’s food, your nose starts running from the spiciness

*A party starts at 6 and you show up at 10, and most people are still not there yet

*You say “Amen” a thousand times when you pray and all the parents know the exact time to say it.

*You always hear your parents say “Ah ah!”

*When your parents threaten to send you “back home” when you misbehave

*Your parents call Ramen noodles “indomie”

*You point at something with your lips

*You always have maggi cubes in your house

*You are mad that your clothes now smell of stock fish and stew

*You gotta pronounce your last name 20 times for people and they still don’t get it rite!

*You’re laughing at this stuff because you can relate to some, if not most of them!!

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  1. R. Joseph Donigian says:

    Yaaay, independence! Thanks, Uncle Zik!

  2. [F]oxymoron says:


  3. Paula says:

    Happy Birthday Nigeria!!! :)

    We have a “You know you’re scottish” thing a bit like that – only about half of it applies to me though I think. Or LIKE to think . . .:)

  4. The Pretty Brown Girl says:

    Now I see why everywhere I go, Africans of all nationalities think I’m Nigerian. Especially Nigerians. I probably am, ancestrally.

    Happy Birthday, Nigeria!!

  5. MissBa says:

    some of this qualifies for ALL Africans period.
    especially “being sent back home”….if i had a dollar for everytime i heard that…


    But Happy Birthday to my Najas out there!!! In celebration, I will watch my collection of nigerian movies today…they be THE SHHHIIITTTT!!!

  6. and1grad says:

    Hilarious! Its ridiculous how many of those apply. Oogowooh!

  7. Tha Management says:

    A fellow Naija blogger, how lovely :)

  8. oghouse says:

    How sweet!
    I Love speeches at weddings. The more, the merrier in my opinion. I love hearing childhood antics, how the couple met, etc. Sounds like yours were all great!

  9. NaijaSweetz says:

    You just HAD to bring up Amala, didn’tja? *shakes fist and gags simultaneously*

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