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[ 11 ] December 12, 2008 |

There are certain things in life that I don’t understand, and I scratch my head everytime I think about them. Like:

  • Why does Mariah Carey dress like a tweenager, and has done so since the ’90s? Chick is forever wearing some belly top and cut off shorts with a side ponytail.
  • Why are R. Kelly songs like music crack? I can’t get enough of them despite their foolishness.
  • How is Amy Winehouse still alive?? The chick snorts and shoots up everything. She once even had a cocktail that included horse tranquilizers.

Well one of the conundrums that perplexes me to no end is the concept of promise rings. Seriously, what is their purpose? Are they a promise to get married? Because then these are ENGAGEMENT rings? Are they a promise to one day get engaged, because then these are kicks in the face ridiculously remedial. It is a promise to PROMISE that one day he MAY want to spend the rest of his life with you. A promise ring is like writing an IOU for an IOU or taking a quiz right before an exam but it doesn’t count towards your final grade. Did he let you wear his letterman jacket too?

The only folks who can get away with rocking promise rings should also have curfews. But if you’re grown as hell, and you walking around all willy nilly rocking a promise ring, you need to go sat down and think bout your life.

I hate having a conversation with someone when they are wearing a ring on that ring finger, and it goes like this:

Me: “Aaawwww, you got engaged?? When?”
Her: “Gurl naw. It’s just a promise ring. Isn’t my sweetie the best?”
Me: *Blinks slowly* *Chuckles nervously* “Well it was good seeing you.”

Yeah, I just don’t get em.

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  1. overit says:

    I concur, agree and co-sign.

    Future Promise Ring Wearers of America…you’ve been warned!

  2. Assertive Wit says:

    He can just buy me a ring and I’ll wear it and be like “yeah, my boo bought this” and when people ask is it an engagement ring, I’ll just be like “no, I like jewelry so he bought it…f*ck outta here”…at least I think that exchange of conversation is acceptable LOL

    I actually have a tattoo on my ring finger that says IOU but it has NOTHING to do with a man LOL people are so confused…mind yo damn business and leave me the hell alone is what I want to say but I’m usually nice and briefly explain what I put it there for…nosey f*ckas

  3. NaturallyAlise says:

    It’s like putting a gift card on layaway, don’t make no dagnabbit sense, “ol commitment is only kinda scary @ me lookin’ boy”….

  4. Stacy says:

    I got a religious promise ring when I was 13, people would look at me funny when I said my dad gave me a promise ring…
    …ummm, it’s supposed to be a promise not to have sex until you’re married.
    I don’t wear that anymore…

  5. Dan Brantley says:

    Speaking as a guy. I think Mariah dresses the way she does… because she can. It will get old some day. but just let me enjoy the view for now.

  6. Shannon says:

    Hello. Mariah’s skintight mini dresses and pumps are so 90′s.

  7. The Pretty Brown Girl says:


    I don’t know what you talkin’ about Luvvie. Promise rings are that hot sh*t. Corsets and chastity belts too. Don’t sleep…this is oh-nine, babeeee!

  8. circumstance says:

    *Taking off that Princess Crown I’ve wearing for 27 years*

    Umm, give me the promise ring. Sheeeit, at this stage of my unengaged and unpromised life, I’d gladly accept the promise ring and like throw a Promise Party.

    I will milk that promise for everything that it is worth…including a gift registry.

    I wish someone would promise to propose to me. Don’t you think for one moment, I won’t flash that promise ring every day to remind him that the day should be approaching SOON…or later.


    But hey this is the life of the desperate. At least I’m cute. *smiles*

  9. suga says:

    My boyfriend gave me a promise ring for Christmas back when I was 20…and I swooned. I remember throwing it at him when we broke up 2 years later. He found it in the bushes and gave it back to me and I wore awhile after we broke up because I was so used to it being there.

    Now, I wish a ninja WOULD give me a promise ring *cue the scene when I laugh right in his face and say “Boy you so crazy. But, No for real though. What did you really have to give me?”*

  10. She Gave Me the Keys says:

    I’m not even gonna hold you…I gave a promise once. Years and years ago.

    We’re not together anymore.

    I guess I lied.

  11. Luvvie (aka Queen IG) says:

    Overit – Tell em!!

    Assertive Wit – You got sense. I like you. And… ummm is it bad that I’m kinda nosey bout that tattoo too?

    NatAlise – LMAO @ putting a gift card on layaway. U dumb

    Stacy – Your chastity promise ring is def different. And what made you stop wearing it? (if I may ask)

    Dan – LOL figures you will love the way she dresses. But dontcha get sick of her wearing the same dress over and over again? (Wait, I forgot I was asking a man)

    Shannon – Mariah is truly stuck in the 90s. Woe is her fashion sense

    Circumstance – ahahahaha don’t worry. You’re awesome so you shall be getting a ring in the future. Hopefully, it aint a promise of a promise of a maybe one day he will wear a tux and walk you down that aisle.

    Suga – Keyword was that you were 20. Yes, what adult woman looks good saying “yes its a promise ring”. The side-eye that would come with it would be lethal

    She gave keys – Damn, so you broke your promise of a promise?? How DARE you?? *snickers*

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