5 Old Posts to Read

[ 2 ] March 22, 2009 |

Back in the day (in 2006 & 2007) when I blogged sporadically, I wrote some semi-decent posts.

Fashion Non-Sense (8/22/06) – My rant about 3 trends in Summer of 2006 that I hated

America’s Top Womp Womp (10/4/06) – My pissitivity at everyone calling themselves models

Stream of Consciousness (3/8/07) – Just random rants

21 random questions that popped in my head (4/3/07) – I needed answers to these queries

An Ode (7/23/07) – A poem I wrote to what was once one of my favorite stores.

So yeah, if bored, check these out for some Sunday Reads

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  1. amymay says:

    I think you’re Fabulous! But, then again, doesn’t everybody!!

    (well, ‘cept maybe that ol’ haterface Candace)

  2. amymay says:

    Left another comment on the repost of the 21 questions.

    You make my day!

    Long Live Queen Ig!

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