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In my decrepitness, I got to watch some old TV, and lawd I ain’t know I missed it so. LAWD did I reminisce. I loved many old shows but these were the ones I watched these past coupla days being home. Stroll down memory lane with me.

Golden Girls

Picture it, my couch, last 2 days… I watched a marathon of this fave of mine. I LOVEEE me some Sofia Petrillo. Do you hear me? LOVE! Her and her coke bottle glasses were the bees’ knees! Plus that lady had a sharp tongue. She was sooo good for roasting folks. Did you ever know that she’s my (s)hero? RIP Estelle Getty. I was so sad when she died.

And doesn’t everyone have a friend like Blanche Devereaux? Yeah, the chick who’s been ran thru more than a race tape. But you can’t help but love her. Bea Arthur and her shoulder pads of glory, and that voice that made Barry White envious at times. Her curtain outfits used to have me perplexed too but I really liked her. Last but not least is Rose. Dumber than a box of rocks but heart made of the best non-beauty supply store platinum.

Umm, was it just me, but how in the hot heck did these women get so much booty? Golden Girls was Sex and the City on Geritol. Their love lives would make Charlotte & Miranda jealous, and Carrie and Samantha proud.

Thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante. And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew…

*finish that song, yall*

Magic School Bus

SHUT YO FACE THIS INSTANT! When Magic School Bus came on while I was flipping channels, best believe I stopped and watched for the rest of the 30 minutes. Ms. Frizzle and her class used to have a BALL on these field trips. As a parent (which I ain’t. Unless you count my shoes as my babies), I would have been concerned for my child in her class. They used to do some crazy ish.

This ep, they were learning about spiders so they shrank to the size of one, and learned how spiders trapped their prey. I would have raised hell had my child been in her class.

But anyway, how am I 24, and still learning from Magic School Bus? I love that effing show! Why did they cancel it? Don’t they want our kids to learn??? Think about the children!!! *wall slide*

Cruising down on main street, you’re relaxed and feeling good, next thing that you know, you see an… *finis, s’il vous plait*

Pop Up Video

STOP PLAYING GAMES! I used to LOVE Pop-Up Video! Those random facts about videos that ranged from what the artist ate to random trivia about the location? I STANNED for Pop Up Vid. I was flipping, and got to VH1 Classic and BAM! I was geeked beyond belief. AND… AND it was on 80s videos. I died and went to hairspray heaven!

Two of the vids they showed were “Karma Chameleon” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Did you know that “Karma Chameleon” was filled on the Thames River in England? And Boy George’s drummer at the time was also his boyfriend? And “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was originally written to be sung by a man? Yup. Thank you, Pop Up Video *bloop bloop bloop sound effect*

Saved By the Bell

I never knew that Zack and Slater were archenemies at first, both vying for Kelly’s love. But I found out when they showed what I think was the first episode to Saved by the Bell on Bravo. And Zack carrying around his brick phone with the long TV antenna attached just bout rendered me into gigglefits. Zack was too cool for school.

Well I wake up in the morning, and the alarm gives out a warning… *conclude the melody*

Good Times

J.J. looked like a human microphone (or a blackberry lollipop) but he cracked me up. Thelma and her perfect afro with that baby hurr that laid just right? There was no other. Florida and her strength? DAMN. But I’mo be real. That was one ironic title for the show because they didn’t have no “Good Times” till the last episode. They almost had some, but almost doesn’t count (No Brandy). I still hate watching the ep where Penny got burned with the iron.

Just looking out of my window, watching the asphalt grow… *finish that tune!*

*Sigh* Old TV was THAT business. The jingles that started them were the cherry on the top too. They’d tell you everything you missed about the show in 30 seconds and had the nerve to be catchy. We’re now stuck with watchin nothing but scripted but not really reality TV and over-complex dramas (see: Lost). What happened to the good old days, where the comedy was cheesy, the sets were cheap, and the story was good?

So what were y’all’s favorite shows? I wanna stroll down memory lane some more.

P.S. I didn’t include Fresh Prince of Bel Air on this list because I watch it often enough (read: several times a week) where I don’t fall out my chair in shock from when I come across it. I LOVE my Fresh Prince though and will waste NO time busting out the theme song. Same goes for The Cosby Show & Martin.

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  1. LadyRn says:

    *sings* and you will see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say .. thank you for being a friiiiiiend..!!
    whooo golden girls brought me outta lurkin..lol
    I loved me GG’s.!!

  2. S. says:

    Pop Up Video was crazy. You left off some good shows. I’m assuming this list isn’t exhaustive. I’m assuming you’re gonna give the full list to theFreshXpress.com, lol.

  3. KindredSmile says:

    Hmmm, let’s see. Old shows? The first one that comes to mind is Living Single. Oh, and certain episodes of In Living Color (now that I’m old enough to get all of the humor). Great list, though!

  4. Naturally Sarcastic says:

    How I <3 The Magic School Bus. I wish my teacher was that cool! What was it she used to say…. Get dirty, make mistakes, something or other…

    Oh And Golden Girls! Rose and Sophia did it for me. And their undying love for Cheesecake and Italian food…. *happy sigh*.

    Other old shows I loved…hmmm.

    Other kiddie shows:
    - I underdug Wishbone. That dog kicked Lassie's ass!
    - Fraggle Rock! *Down in Frag-gle Rock *clap, clap*
    - The Snorks
    - David the Knome
    - Bill Nye The Science Guy

    Other adult shows:
    - Bewitched
    - The Lucille Ball Show
    - Patty Duke

    I was a fan of Nick at Night.

  5. (vixenchick) says:

    dude…the golden girls is my shit! and i LOVED the wonder years.



  6. ChiChi10 says:

    I STILL Stan for Martin. My favorite show EVER! Hands down!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The same thing happened to me the last time I was really sick. I caught a Smurf and Snorks marathon on the Boomerang network and didn’t move for two days. Plus they showed clips of the Laffalympics. I was DOA. That was all the medicine I needed.

    U must tell me what channel you saw Magic School Bus on so I can keep my tv tuned there 24/7(no tivo). Shoot I am almost 30 and I loved that show. ***Ride on the Magic School Bus***

  8. amymay says:

    No Jeffersons? I love Florence! And do the Animaniacs count as old yet?

    I’ve lost perspective, as I am aging and decrepit…Kindred bout kilt me talnbout “now that I’m old enough to understand the humor.” I think I’ll lie down now and wait for the undertaker to come n get me….

    any of y’all remember the Monkees?

  9. eby says:

    I used to watch Golden Girls all the time because Lifetime played it ALL day. It’s such a great show, and besides the clothing, can stand the test of time and is funny no matter how many decades pass. Cosby, Living Single and A Different World are some of my other old time faves.

  10. Ms. Liryc says:

    Damn GG was my shyt.. my belated grand father used to love to watch it with me. it was the best show ever!!

    How about family matters, girl you can’t forget that show… steve urkel and then stefan urkell (sexy lil sumfin sumfin)

    I was a stickler for the TGIF on channel 7 back in the days, loved those shows.. ahh when life was easy and much simpler!

  11. Jack and Jill says:

    I loved Rose on Golden Girls. She played the whole Dumb Scandinavian thing so well. Being a dumb Scandinavian myself, I appreciated that.


  12. Get Togetha says:

    Golden Girls most certainly rocked…

    1. Three’s Company
    2. Good Times
    3. Cosby Show
    4. Different World
    5. Dynasty
    6. Hill Street Blues…

  13. suga says:

    I still love the Golden Girls. Dorothy was my favorite, RIP Bea. I think I’m going to get the seasons on DVD

  14. beth says:

    Um….I loved mama’s family, the wonder years, good times, silver spoons, punky brewster, all in the family, a different world, benson and boy meets world….hell, pretty much all of the tgif on abc….#thegoodoledays

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