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[ 3 ] May 29, 2009 |

So there are some things that make me go “Hmm… *strokes chin*”. Me and Alise, my partner in roast and foolery crime were on Twitter and we had a couple of questions.

NaturallyAlise: is there a cool kid brand lacefront glue?

Luvvie: If love is blind, then does that mean lust has cataracts?

NaturallyAlise: Do I have to get a learner’s permit before using my artistic license?

Luvvie: If life sucks, does purgatory blow?

NaturallyAlise: Is sleep death’s cousin thrice removed by marriage?

Luvvie: Can a man with no fingers make a point?

NaturallyAlise: Can I be a cool down to earth girl in an airplane with a malfunctioning AC?

Luvvie: Can you tell a man with no feet to kick rocks?

NaturallyAlise: I wash my hands of you with hand sanitizer?

Luvvie: Can iQuit u without paying unemployment insurance?

NaturallyAlise: Can you have a bow & arrow wedding?

Luvvie: Can a shotgun wedding go off without bullets?

But yes, THESE are the important queries, dontcha think? Follow US on Twitter (LuvvieIG & NaturallyAlise). Our Twitterfeeds bring all the cackles to the fence.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. Lite Bread (Working Today) says:

    Yer Awesomelyness,
    “Have a fantastic weekend”?!
    That was Thursday, girl!
    I’m at work today (Friday).
    Where are YOU?

    Lite Bread “Can a guy like ya … just because …?”

  2. K to the... says:

    I wonder…

    Does a woodpecker peck at it’s own wood when times are…hard?

  3. NaturallyAlise says:

    If a whore lives in a gingerbread house does she have sugar walls?I NEED answers!

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