I Hate Bad Blogging

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I shall post my “Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging” tomorrow, but here’s a relevant entry from my compadre, Slim Jackson of Three Ways to Take It. We were having a conversation about how we’re both some Blog Snobs, and I asked him to grace my eCrib with his opinions on some things that bloggers do that are MAD annoying. So enjoy.

Oh, and follow him on Twitter at @SlimJackson. He rocks socks and ish.

I Hate Bad Blogging

I been doin’ this blog thing officially since like June of 2008. I had a Myspace blog prior to that, but I’m ashamed to admit anything that I’ve done on there because there ain’t nothin’ good about reppin’ the slums of the internet. I remember when I made the transition to a blog on a real platform (WordPress). Writing, which has always been one of my past times, quickly became an addiction. I’ve gotten lost in this Internet world, but do not fret, for I actually have a personality in real life. Like most addictions, they make you feel good on some level. And as is the case with most addictions, they cause you all sorts of obvious or not so obvious strife and headaches.

Bad blogging pisses Slim Jackson off this much

Now in addition to being a blog addict (You’ll see why shortly), I’m also a blog snob of sorts. So imagine me mindin’ my own business and gettin’ my fix on the internet, and then someone comes along and fux up my high. The folks messin’ with my buzz can be other writers, commenting peeps, social media junkies (i.e. Twitter heads), and so on. Over the last 4-6 months, a lot of things have crashed my party and I.Don’t.Effin.Like.It. So for today, in honor of my addiction and disdain for those things that taint it (I still giggle at the word “taint”), I’m going to present my list of Things I Hate About Blog/E-World. Man, this is gonna be therapeutic…

Blog Beef & E-Thugs

I was hopin’ that this was a phenomenon limited to Youtube videos about anything and AOL chat rooms, but I’ve been proven wrong. Why is it that at least once a week when I go on my Twitter page that I see at least one person goin’ hard at someone claimin’ that there blog is better or that they got more followers? The ish reminds me of away message/status update wars from years back. And why does it always gotta be hip hop people? It’s a sad day when street cred and e-cred start to carry equal weight. Real thugs don’t Tweet, they bust guns. I recently saw someone dedicate a 1,000 word post to another blogger they hate about why they don’t like them. That’s a waste of keystrokes and brain cells. Grow the eff up. Take that ish back to Youtube and Myspace where it belongs. Bastards.

Luvvie’s Note: Don’t even get me started on the belligerent dummies who engage in this foolery.

“First!” Commenters

Whether it’s my site or one that I frequent, I HATE when people sit there at midnight waitin’ for the post to go up so that they can type the dreaded and meaningless 1 word comment with nothin’ else to contribute afterward. Sadly, I fear that for some people this is a major accomplishment in their life. It’s like they lost all their races in gym class in elementary school and this is their chance to shine. One day someone’s gonna do this on my site and I’m gonna move their comment down the page and really eff up their day. I.Crush.Dreams.

Abuse of the Strike-Through

See, the strike-through is a great tool when used wisely. It can deliver the punchline of a great joke or add a thought that otherwise wouldn’t work in the post/entry. For some people, it’s as overused and abused as autotune. And when I hear autotune, I think of T-Pain. When I think of T-Pain, I think of ugly. When I think of ugly, I leave. And when I leave, I tell other people not to go there like it’s a sh*tty chain restaurant. That simple.

Luvvie’s note: Yeah I’ve seen a blog written that was half strikethroughs. I wanted to jump through the screen and kick the author in the shin. That is all. Carry on.

Spell Check Deficiencies

I know folks are human. I don’t expect people to be error free, but damn. Can you just read through your sh*t one time before you hit the post button? Would you email a potential employer without proofreading it? Well, then don’t put that garbage in front of my eyes! Writing is a craft. Don’t disrespect it.

Luvvie’s Note: iCan’t even deal with this.

Having to Hide My Identity

Nope. My real name is not Slim Jackson. I have a day job which I can’t afford to lose. As much as I’d like to think that the man isn’t tryin’ to hold me down, I know he’s watchin’. I can’t even have a cool avatar that resembles me without worrying (I’m hating on you Luvvie). I’m no superhero, but sometimes I feel like Batman or another masked crusader. It gets hot and sweaty under here and sometimes I really wanna take this ish off. Maybe that opportunity will come one day, but not today. Until then, I will continue to lurk in the shadows of the e-world with some dramatic music playin’ wherever I go. But if you do see me and recognize me, it’s not me. It’s just Wesley Snipes dressed as Blade. By the way, is he still in jail?

Luvvie’s Note: Slim, don’t be jealous my avatar gives LIFE since it looks just like me. Shooo…

What things piss you off about the blog world or people online in general? I know we all got peeves. Let’s get therapeutic today and speak on ‘em.

Slim “Some things just piss me off” Jackson

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  1. Miss Jenkins says:

    I'm first snitches!! **does cabbage patch**

    I too am I blog snob. I refuse to read some of the web's more popular blogs for some of the aforementioned reasons. What the eff is e-beef? Its fun when we make jokes about it, but when you dedicate posts or a whole day's worth of tweets to said "e-hate", I care not how "G" or cool you are in real life, you're a lame in my book. And my book is all that matters.

    I think more than omitted words, I hate spelling errors because that little red line comes up on the draft before you post it. Or not using the right form of a word. "Two" does not = "too". "Their" ain't the same as "there". Speaking of the red line, it doesn't come up under "ain't'. hehe

  2. @dalionqn says:

    The "first" thing really gets my goat as well. Who the eff cares?! I'd rather be tardy to the party (no Kim Zolciak) & add meaningful contributions before exclaiming "FIRST!!!!!11111" for no prize. No bueno.

    Another blogging irritant is those who blatantly rip off other bloggers. It is one thing to borrow a phrase or two (I've taken to using iCant amongst friends), but it's another if your whole blog reads like someone else's voice. Originality isn't that hard…unless you have no personality. :-|

    "E-beef" is ridiculous and those who engage are even more so. Period.

    Finally, the grammar snob in me automatically judges bloggers for the misuse of the following:
    - to, too, two
    - there, their, they're
    - lose, loose
    - defiantly, definately
    I'm sure there are others, but alas, I'm not really known for my memory banks.

    Great post. :)

  3. Slim Jackson says:

    You mentioning "tardy to the party" has put that song back in my head once again. It will be on repeat in my skull for the next 4-6 hours.lol. Thanks.

  4. true2me says:

    I agree with all of these.

    I dont hide my identity..I even have pics up of me..but then again..I have no shame and am vain that way lol …but im glad some of you do..some of you need to *sike..I keed*

    I hate DEPRESSED BLOGS..I was recently reading these 2 blogs where the people were a couple but broke up..all they did was blog about their break up..UGH..I wanted to jump through the screen and smack the shyt outta them..

    *sorry if either of you are reading this..but yall sucked ass during that time*

  5. Robin Monique says:

    The BAIN of my e-existence is EMO BITCHES ON TWITTER!!!! This grinds my gears! I've had to unfollow most of my local associates just because I didn't want to know THAT much of their business. I understand having rough days and needed to let off steam. But when you're in full on Twit-beef with your boo or one of his slores, iCan't. When I'm out at a club and my timeline is full of people sneak disses being thrown at people who are in THE SAME ROOM, iRefuse. Either take it to the streets or shut the eff up.

  6. Robin Monique says:

    And please excuse any typos. I wrote that in a fit of rage.

  7. Tunde says:

    i really dislike the abuse of the strike through. i also hate seeing certain blogs that post a lot of scantily clad women and men. although i'm still in school we still do have an IT department that monitors the content the students are viewing. i would hate for my school to block blogger or wordpress.

  8. Slim Jackson says:

    I'm mad I didn't mention the reckless pictures. That def drives me nuts when I'm surfing websites from my desk. There are a few blogs that immediately come to mind, but to mention them would cause me to be tangled in e-beef.lol.

  9. Luvvie says:

    LOL @ u for "I'm first snitches". I bet Slim scowled at u.

    And YAYYY another Blog Snob. eBeef is so pointless. All these keyboard thugs need to saddown somewhere.

    And ALL my words get the red line underneath since I speak in so much slang and invent my words. But I do make it a point to use correct "two" "too" "to". The GrammarNator in me won't let me be THAT bad.

  10. Luvvie says:

    Yeah iHATE when bloggers rip off other bloggers. GET YO OWN ePERSONALITY!!!! Sorry I had to holler. That's a huge pet peeve of mine.

  11. Luvvie says:

    LOL I'm semi-low key, identity-wise. I make it a point not to put up too many of my actual pics. My avatar's good enuff 90% of the time.

    And Emo Blogs irk my NERVES! There's a certain veteran blogger who I just unsubscribed to her blog because she STAY eWeeping abut some ish. She's a bitter broad and I had to purge her from my Google Reader. UGH! Angsty McDownerson.

  12. Luvvie says:

    GURL! Them Emo fools. iCan't.

  13. Luvvie says:

    You're excused. No judgment. lol

  14. Luvvie says:

    YEAH! The inappropriate pics get me cussing b/c who knows who could walk in my office and see my screen looking like a Saturday night Cinemax flick. DO. NOT. WANT. That is beyond rude!

  15. Minista says:


  16. Robin Monique says:

    I forgot to mention, in the blog world, I can't do celebrity blogs. It's one thing to have a blog where you occasionally discuss celebs, but pure gossip blogs? People who are that immersed in celebrity culture lead me to believe that they don't have a life of their own. Especially when the tone is all negative. I bypass those. Since I semi-retired from blogging, I cut back on a lot of blog reading. I only regularly read Three Ways, Luvvie, One Fourth Random and FXP. Too much effery going on on the Internets for me to be reading everything.

  17. Seattle Washington says:

    My pet peeve is when people air out a little too much information via their blog or a social network. I know these mediums allow us to get things off our chests, but damn, I really didn't need to know that you have an extra bump where no bump should be or something to that degree. I've even withheld some posts because I thought they were a TMI. I suggest you use the same filter homie!

  18. Nyela Goodness says:

    Perhaps this won't mean as much to the masses, but I absolutely abhor poorly punctuated posts (peep that alliteration). First, who said you can use an ellipsis (triple-dot) whenever you want? Ex: "My boo is triflin…I'ma go to the mall…she might be there though." Really, though? Second, commas were made for a reason, please use them. Also—and this probably won't mean much to most of you— punctuation typically always falls within quotes, unless using a question mark or exclamation point. "This is wrong". "This is right." grrr

    Hrmm I'm gonna throw in improper use of grammar as a dislike as well. Please learn the differences in the use of "me, myself, and I;" they are not interchangeable. Okay, I'm just gonna stop now.

  19. [fung'ke][blak]chik] says:

    I hate blogs with music that automatically plays upon every page refresh.
    I hate blogs with pop up advertising ads.
    I hate blogs that have ads with fake Louboutin Shoes.
    I hate bloggers who sue me.

    That's all for now.

  20. Slim Jackson says:

    Automatic music reminds me of Myspace. That is never a good thing.

  21. RiPPa says:

    I'm proud to say that I am the one who recently had a 100 word post dedicated with much love…

    I think…

  22. Robin Monique says:

    UGH!! I HATE when punctuation appears outside of quotation marks!!!

  23. Cheekie says:


    *waves at Slimmie*

    Good post. I think the e-beef gets me the most. I mean, the schadenfreude in me loves to watch everything explode with a bowl of popcorn, but the "are you serious?" in me just wonders why blogs get taken to the next level. By blogging we're all part of an e-fam and yeah we may disagree, but I think what we need most from each other is support. I like a good debate just as much as the next e-person, but when it starts to get petty and personal, that's when they get the "brow furrow" aka the "WTF face".

    As for hiding the identity, as you can by my gravitar, I hide HALF of my identity. Well, maybe two-thirds since I don't use my real name either. Naw, it's more like half because it will eventually get out there since I've Facebooked a lot of ya'll and there's my identity. But I trust ya'll…*shifty eyes*

  24. Luvvie says:

    I'ont hate lurkers, since most of the folks who read my blog don't comment, according to Google Analytics. I just wished they'd say something more.

  25. Luvvie says:

    I aint gon lie. iSTAN for YBF. How else would I know who else Lil Wayne knocked up this week?

  26. Miss Dimples says:

    I don't like blogs that read like a 12 year old's diary:
    "Today I went to school and cooked after class. Then I called my Boo and we talked for hours on the phone…blahblahblahblahblah."
    I don't want a run down of your day; pick a subject and expand upon it.

  27. Luvvie says:

    Yeah TMI on blogs makes me uncomfortabo. I be squirming in my chair and ish when I read bout someone who was late O__O or made a trip to the clinic that left em going to Walgreens after. iCan't. SHET YO OVERSHARING FACE!

  28. Luvvie says:

    LOL @ the misuse of the ellipses. Yeah I also side-eye folks for it. And I MUST admit to being BAD w/ the punctuation within quotes. I KNOWED its the way its sposed to be, but I HATE IT! Who made that foolish rule? So that is one grammatical rule I do rebel against. I'm such a walking oxymoron at times. *shakes head*

  29. Luvvie says:

    YES, YES and YESSSSS!!! But umm… the 4th one. You've been sued??? WTF? Is there a blog post about THAT somewhere? I'd LOVE to read it. Or is the lawsuit pending and u have a gag order?

    DO I NEED A LAWYER??? *wall slide*

  30. Luvvie says:

    YES, YES and YESSSSS!!! But umm… the 4th one. You've been sued??? WTF? Is there a blog post about THAT somewhere? I'd LOVE to read it. Or is the lawsuit pending and u have a gag order?

    DO I NEED TO GET A LAWYER TO BLOG??? *wall slide*

  31. Tunde says:

    its cool. i know the exact blog you speak of.

  32. @NaturallyAlise says:

    I abhor bloggers who ONLY respond to negative commenters, but then write blogs about not giving people attention in the media or in life for acting badly… For real? Practice what you preach much? How about responding to people who make a strong point/argument or something witty… don't reward the douchebags with the attention they crave…

  33. Miss Jia says:

    So because one has a celebrity blog, this means that they have no life of their own? I would have to humbly disagree.

    I have been blogging in some form since 2004, long before blogging even became extremely popular. I just recently decided to dive into celebrity blogging because the comments that I would leave on other people's blogs left my friends asking why I don't blog for myself. One could easily assert the same things about a person who has a blog where they talk about themselves. Conceited much?

    Just as you would watch a movie, go to a concert, or play Uno with your homies, it's all about entertaining and catering to a group that IS entertained by it. For you to claim that celebrity bloggers have no lives of their own is also saying that people who find entertainment different from yours have no lives either. And that's rude….

    I think that people should think before posting comments like this. You never know who you're going to offend. Besides, clumping people into ONE category b/c of an assumption and not what you know has never been the business. Again, people could say the very same thing about "personal" blogs and their readers as well.


    ” target=”_blank”>http://www.missjia.com (YUP, a celebrity entertainment blog)

  34. Miss Jia says:

    it SHOULD read "For you to claim that celebrity bloggers have no lives of their own is like saying that people who find entertainment different from yours are lifeless as well." Rush. whatever.

  35. Nyela Goodness says:

    Oh, come on…doesn't it look weird to you?
    "yes". <–weird "no." <–not so much
    iCan! lol

  36. Nyela Goodness says:

    Co-sign. It's crazy going through a blog with great comments, and the author only comments on a negative one or one having nothing to do with the post. Join in on the good dialogue, not the one's that are a waste of space.

  37. Slim Jackson says:

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as ellipses. I thought it was called the dot-dot-dot. Excuusssseee me!

  38. Luvvie says:

    Iunno… I likes "yes". better. But I GUESS!!! *sighs deeply*

    Stupid rule! *kicks dust*

  39. Luvvie says:

    What 100-post dedication, Rippa?

  40. Luvvie says:

    The nosy fool in me LOVES watching eBeef but then I always end up shaking my head b/c neither party wins. They just both end up looking childish. I've seen eBeef w/ 2 bloggers iDig and it put me OFF.

  41. Luvvie says:

    YES! Them the blogs I read w/ a stank face, press X and never return. Old' boring dry rice-cake elementary faces.

  42. Luvvie says:

    Gurl… u already know how I feel bout that. But the reason she rewards the douchebags is because she's a douchebag.

  43. Nyela Goodness says:

    Speaking of, someone should write a blog about the do and don'ts of commenting. I know it'd be hard to get at people who read your blog, but some folk need to be called out. Like, how about you not limit your replies to only those who reply to a comment you made. Oh, and you don't have to reply to EVERY reply! Don't mean to change the subject; I'm just sayin…. <–proper use of an elipsis lol

  44. Luvvie says:

    I don't find anything wrong w/ celebrity blogs. Shooo they make the world go round and often provide me with the inspiration for my blogs, especially the sternly-worded letters I often write. Everyone can't be in the self-actualization blogging niche.

    Keep on keeping on!

  45. @Roxy_V says:

    Enter text right here!

  46. @Roxy_V says:

    I am so happy to have discovered some brown skinned bloggers that take their craft seriously!

    By all means, continue this trend of blogucation so people like me can get the good understanding. We need more people representing the well-spoken and nerdy (me). ^_^

    P.S. I also use avatars that look nothing like me. For example, I am not Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Beebop. My Facebook picture is of my cat for non-friends. My business twitter is of a bird. Perhaps, I should change that into a cat as well.

  47. Beez says:

    This post is hilarious!!! I'm not sure if I'm considered a serial offender of any of these posts, but I will say the unintentional bad grammar and spelling mistakes grind my gears to no end. Also add to the list people who post in one large paragraph– I'm gonna need you to F7 your Wordy life, and break that ish up.

    I'm also not a big fan of the "Kanye" style bloggers, those who post pics of things they want, "need," or just want to showcase as "hot." Most likely, you're not into art like that, you don't have the billions of dollars needed to showcase such an extensive shoe habit, and we don't really care what you think about Lil' Wayne's newest favorite drug du jour.

  48. Miss Jia says:

    right on pimpin' right on!


  49. LoudPen says:

    So, I'm guilty of doing quite a few things on this list. I've never participated in any blog beef, but, I've seen it happen and I was really weirded out. And hecky yea, I used to be a "first" commenter when I was an active YBF.com reader, but, since I've outgrown gossip blogs…I no longer participate in this foolery.

    I have no idea how to use the strike through and really don't feel like learning b/c as Slim said…it's quite overused. I don't feel like my blog pseudonym is me hiding my identity, because, LoudPen is apart of me. I started calling myself that when I first started my manuscript which is basically my life story. So in some ways, LoudPen is more me than my government, because, I came up with it and therefore created my own identity.

  50. LoudPen says:

    Oh and I'm an EMO tweeter…very angry and funny (at times)…Slim will tell you…I think he was getting concerned. I can't help it, Twitter is like my online diary, I can talk about what's going on in my life at all times. And since I'm always thinking and always my cynical self…it comes out in my tweets. I don't really tweet to gain followers or readers for my blog…I do it for myself so it's going to offend ppl. at times.

  51. Slim Jackson says:

    I respect your gangstah and honesty!

  52. Tan2 says:

    I'm pretty much a lurker. Sorry ladies. I just mostly like to read, but don't have anything to say. Please forgive me Minista.

  53. LoudPen says:

    And there it is.

  54. LoudPen says:

    Actually, I hate innactive readers and people who can't express themselves clearly. Like, what the hell are you saying? I don't understand. Please re-read your comment and clarify cuz right now it looks like gibberish.

    It's ok, to not comment on every post, but, damn, why read my ish everyday if you ain't gon say nothin? I mean like one of my blog homies is retiring and a reader came and said, "Oh I never commented, but, I was always reading." And then, then had the nerve to try and get the blogger not to quit. Real talk you probably the reason why. Come on, that's what blogging is writing and then receiving commentary from readers…duh?!

  55. Luvvie says:

    The Do's and Don't of commenting would be a good post.

    *whispers* You spelled ellipses wrong.

  56. Luvvie says:

    YESSS!! There is indeed a group of Brown Blog Snobs. LOL @ the avatars that look nothing like u. One of my friends has a pic of Puss in Boots up that cracks me up.

  57. amymay117 says:

    Gotta agree with Luvvie… most of my readers don't comment.

  58. Nyela Goodness says:

    Gasp! I peeped that yesty, but you don't have an editor.lol My bad for missing the extra L.

    *yells* You spelled it wrong, too. Though, if you're spelling the plural version of the word, on purpose . . . fine.

  59. Alexis says:

    When people don't know how to spell!
    When people overuse the iPod text format!!
    When people get mad because you don't comment!
    When people don't update at least once a week!
    When people focus tooooo much on any certain celebrity!
    When people give me the same exact thing I just read on Jia!
    When people just start repeating what other bloggers already said!

  60. NikkiWadley says:

    Wow! I think everyone mentioned every pet peeve that I would have listed. Carry on…

  61. Claire says:

    My pet peeves are:
    Blog beef
    Posts that promise something in the headline but DON'T DELIVER. So mean.
    Spelling/grammar errors, but I know I have those sometimes;(
    Blogs that are ALL pictures of the blogger. That's just vain. Why?
    Ditto on someone saying blogs with music. It's an assault to the senses.
    That is all!

  62. Sub-Rosa says:

    Homonyms enough said.

  63. andrea says:

    anonymous comments that are rude and disrespectful. if you have the balls to type it then have the balls to show who it’s from. cowards.

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