Umm… Yeah

[ 4 ] September 11, 2009 |

I was gon’ have a real post and errthang but what had happened was… mmhmm. That’s what happened. Yeah I’ve been hit with a severe bout of THE LAZIES so I didn’t write a post in time.

*hearing folks whisper* “This fool won an award. Now she all funny acting & don’t wanna write nothing. o_O”.

Don’t JUDGE ME!!! I gotcha’ll next week, for the sure! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Tunde says:

    i feel you on the laziness. *as i'm laying on my couch instead of being at lab meeting*

  2. Cheekie says:

    Girl, getcho rest. Bask in the glow of winning. lol

    And I can't talk about NO one updating their blog see as I update mine every four score years. But it's half my sister's fault since it's two of us writing it. Hell, with my own personal writing, I lazied myself outta writing a few pages of my script yesterday. *pouts*

    Anyhow, lookin' forward to more ignance next week!

  3. Michelle Huxtable says:

    hahhah at "This fool won an award. Now she all funny acting & don't wanna write nothing"

    You deserve to rest! After NBA Championships you know what they do? They go chill. So chill!

  4. Bawinn says:

    you silly…take a break you deserve it

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