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See, I was gon have a post all ready and ERRTHANG. But then, what had happened was… mmhmm. Yup.

Anyway, I do have 1 question for folks though. I’ve asked this before, but no one gave me a sufficient answer.

Can toothless people chew on a thought?


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  1. missy says:

    YOO Stoopit:D

  2. Lite Bread says:

    Yer Mostest High Awesomelynessis,
    I'm puttin' in my Dentures rite now,
    ta find out ….

    amymay, where's my Golygrip?

  3. Mr. Smart Guy says:

    Even better – can deaf people hear what you're saying or blind people see what you're talking about? Hmmm, inquiring minds wanna know…

  4. Lite Bread says:

    Do deaf people know Farts have sound?

  5. joanofalltrades says:

    They sure can. When you have no teeth, you can become quite talented with your gums!

  6. amymay117 says:

    Sure…. just takes 'em a lil' longer is all!!

  7. amymay117 says:

    Maaaaan….. why I'm responsible for knowing where ya Golygrip is??? I said you my peoples, I ain't take ya t' raise!

  8. Liryc says:

    LMFAO! I'm reading these replies and you ppl are hilarious..

  9. superwoman says:

    luvness…you know i love you, but for this post, you are a 'very foolish gel' – *ghanaian accent*

  10. Luvvie says:

    LOL I'm jus saying

  11. Luvvie says:

    HA! Oo ur gasoline draws are being FedExed RITE NOW!

  12. Luvvie says:

    *dead* iCan't w/ u

  13. Luvvie says:

    LOL! I'd love to see this in action

  14. Luvvie says:

    Aren't they foolish? <3 em!

  15. Luvvie says:

    LMAO! U kno what? U're right

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