Who Ran It: Avatar Luvvie or Rihanna?

[ 6 ] February 9, 2010 |

For the Grammy’s on February 1, my avatar decided to don a formal onesie reserved for truly special occasions. Well, 2 days later, on February 3, VH1′s Superbowl jam came on. Rihanna had on a very similar one. I WAS SWAGGER-JACKED! With that being said…


I see you back there checking my out, GaGa. You jealous ain’t you? Yes, of course you are. I slayed 1,000 hoes with my onesie. Queen Yawnce is somewhere MAD AT ME! (Shoutout to K_Rokadocious for hooking up the split screen. Good looking out!)

Did I slay Rihanna effortlessly or did she get me together? Leave a comment with your vote. #VoteOrDontDie.

Luv Bulletins

* The Red Pump Project was featured in the Huffington Post’s IMPACT section. THE DOGGONE HUFFINGTON POST!!! *faints* MUCH MUCH love to Bessie Winn-Afeku for writing this great article about us. When she sent me the link, I hollered for AT LEAST 15 minutes. The fact that I was at work was the only thing that kept me from rolling around on the floor praising God for his blessings. But I did do a couple of *church scoots*. I’m STILL doing a jig in the inside though. THANKS BESSIE!!!

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  1. @Miss_Mielle says:

    Ms. Luvvie, I think you 'ponned Riri's forehead with your onesie. I know I talked about you looking like Judy Jetson and all, but the bottom right or Riri's looks like a diaper with a cuffed leg. I am NOT feeling it!

  2. Lite Bread says:

    Yer Most Beee-u-atiful Awesomelynessis,
    Awwww, this is EASY! Easy as Dad’s fake corn bread (“let’s see here, it say’s Jiffy! Musta be good …”)
    Dark, thinner, African chicks ROCK (my e-motions, at least).

    Luvvie Wins! “GGGGGGOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!”

  3. @Tiff_Fanny80 says:

    Avatar Luvvie most certainly RAN the One-legged Onsie! The Duo-Toned Shiny-ness and Peekaboo Collar scream Futuristic Diva, while RiRi's get-up looks like her stylist skinned and sewed together a Pepe Le Pew Original!

    *Pressing my Staples "That Was EASY" Button*

  4. Cheekie says:

    Avatar Luvvie most definitely ran it. First off, it's RED. Automatic WIN by default. Second, Rihanna's looks like a panda mated with a seal.

  5. amymay117 says:

    Psssht… like you ain't know!
    Slayed the five head EFFORTLESSLY, you did… RiRi didn't stand a chance!

  6. @streetztalk says:


    I hate you…and I mean that in the most sincerest way! LMAO!

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