Whose Daughter Is This?

[ 26 ] June 9, 2010 |

Ya know what? I’m not a parent. I don’t aspire to be one for a minute because, frankly, I’m not done running the streets and being ratchet. Plus, kids will cut into my shoe budget and I can’t have that. I know a parent’s work is never done and it’s hard. So kudos to you all. I tip my hat off to you. With all of that being said, I must say that some parents FAIL at their jobs. This girl’s certainly did.

This has been my background on Twitter for the past week. Whose daughter is this?

What in ALL that is good, holy and unfoolish is that?!? Someone’s daughter, niece, future baby mama, truant classmate decided it’d be a good idea for her to go get a giant “Follow Me” tattoo on her arm. She even has the Twitter bird included. iCan’t. I just CANNOT! Is she serious?!? First, TV was raising our kids. Now Twitter. iCan’t. And she has the kissy face in the pic, just KNOWING she’s fierce. I bet y’all she’s a Nicki Minaj. Their caliber is good for tomfoolery like this.

Whoever raised her has failed at passing on the moral compass. FAILED I say! I’m an addict a fan of social media just like the next person but getting a TATTOO that’s social media-related? No ma’am! Parents, hug your kids at night. This poor misguided child went and got a PERMANENT tattoo for something that could very well be temporary (is Twitter gonna be here in 20 years? Well, that’s a discussion all by itself). While she was at it, she should have gotten a tattoo of the Fail Whale on her other shoulder. But still… GETCHO CHILD!

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  1. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    Giggling at the Fail Whale tattoo…

    Well, we now know who Wrecking Balm was made for.

  2. Alovelydai says:

    Yeah this sums up just about everything wrong with twitter…But more importantly…Is that a chicken box spot in the background. Lawd…I miss my hometown!

  3. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    in about 5 years (and I’m being maaaad generous) her and her tattoo going to be as irrelevant as Kat Stacks’last Pap Smear.

  4. JuneMo41 says:

    hahahahahaha (doubled over, tear rolling) hahahaha.
    If I did’nt laught I’d cry. You hit the nail on the head. This is the future :/

  5. whit says:

    She could have AT LEAST had her @name with it. Right?! RIGHT?! No? -_-

  6. Drea823 says:

    Jesus please be some washable markers! She can’t be that stupid??? *Sigh*

  7. Cheekie says:

    I’m expecting a creepy old dude to see her and take it literally. He don’t know nothin’ about no Twitter. See, she should’ve thought of that…

    • Joanna says:

      LOL….. I have a twitter account, but don’t really ever sign on, so when I saw this, I had no idea it had anything to do with twitter!!! LOL! I thought it was just an invitation! I have to say though, I would much rather have my child wear THAT tattoo than the one I saw online the other day… it was a really detailed graphic of an erect penis, and underneath it said “dick sucka”… Oh, and it was on her chest, with the head near her chin!!!

  8. Lite Bread says:

    OH NO Yer Most (Embarrisin’ me) Awesomelynessis,
    Where in Allah’s Jihad did you get a picture of my girl???!!!
    I’m SO Ashamed now. Can I ever show my E-head again? (Uh, that sounded kinda, er …. Lets leave it alone).
    Now, I’m Do Clemency on this! Or at least Pity!
    See, I TOLD the wacked-out daughter “You ain’t Doin’ SH*T!” “What’s Next? Your ‘I wanta hook-up’ cell number on yer Butt?”
    Daddy was ADAMENT! (Or at least Stern. Kinda … OK, she my baby-girl, Alright?)

    So, she goes down to Planned Parenthood, gets her Patental Authority Over-Ride card and goes an’ does it anyways!

    You all try raisin’ crazy teenagers when most the Daum world tells ‘em “Do what YOU want”!

    At least she was wearin’ the Low-rider jeans of hers and showin’ off the “Spicy” tat on her lower-back-upper-butt …

    She Really took after her G-Fab baby-momma …
    And kinda looks like her too … ‘cept for my additions …

  9. Tiffany says:

    What an idiot. I can’t understand peoples thought process when getting tattoos like this. She will wonder why no one takes her seriously or why she gets followed by the wrong folks. On a side note, she needs a waxing or bleaching for that upper lip.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. so yesterday a lot of high school children came to visit the campus. as i was in our main research building waiting on my friend so we could grab lunch the students were talking out. this one boy who couldn’t have been more than 15 had a full sleeve of tattoos. and when i say full sleeve i mean all the way down to his finger tips. not even long sleeves could cover that. i cringed when i saw that and i immediately thought where were his parents.

    • J mo says:

      His parents are somewhere preparing for him to not have a career in somebody’s office or other professional place of business. maybe he’s training to be a tat artist and not a street pharmacist.

  11. StacyC says:

    It kind of looks like one of those spray-on temporary tattoos that you can get at carnivals and such – the way it sort of has a black halo.

  12. bogart4017 says:

    If this is the future….then i weep for the future. Shes gonna wind up working in the xerox room or the mail room at best (min. wage)

  13. DivaKattGurl says:

    As a mother ….smh who the hell gave her money for that tatt? Better yet who was the fool that tatted this lost soul???

    lol @ the Fail Whale because he does appear often… I think this one tops the Fuckery List. We have to do the Top Twenty Fuckery 2010 Awards!! I’ll bring the fried chicken!!!

  14. ohsosoftly says:

    Wow! This is crazy! However, to me, she looks old enough to have a retail or fast food job and thus have her own money to get the tattoo. She also looks like she could be old enough to get it without parental consent, or if not, she probably has friends old enough to sign for her. Who doesn’t know that kids will do exactly the opposite of what their parents tell them? At some point, we have to make these kids responsible for their own actions. Mom and Dad can teach and show them the right way, but then it’s up to the child to make the right decisions. What was Mom supposed to do when she showed up at home with this – erase it? kill her??? Please don’t tell me that no well-raised child has ever defied his/her parents.

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