5 Reasons Why I Love Lil Cease

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Man, I was minding my own business (like I do often O__o) when I found out that Lil Zane was on Twitter. Well I was shocked so I looked him up. Where he been at?

So you just gon leave me hanging, Zane? ok then...

I tweeted him a coupla times, and I ain’t get a response. Miss Jia tweeted him too and got nothing. But while we waited for a response by him, he had the nerve to tweet Ashanti talmbout “When can we expect something new from u sweetheart??? Can’t wait…” NAW SON! So we were all hurt like “Oh you give some folks smartphones and they forget how to act.” All he has are 500 followers so I know he seent our tweets. *rolls eyes* I was gon build Lil Zane the BEST geocities fanclub site too. With glittered background and ERRTHANG. But he played us to the left. so…

One good thing happened in spite of him ignoring us. We found out Lil Cease was on Twitter. Mufugging CEASE! Y’all ‘memba him from “Crush on You” with Old Lil Kim (with all her original parts), right?

The 8th grade me was TOO excited. It’s LIL CEASE! Where’s HE been at? Talk about falling off the face of the Earth. Then I saw he didn’t even have a verified badge. That’s that boolsheet I be talmbout Twitter. How y’all not gon verify Cease? Y’all could at least give him the badge you took back from Lil Duval. I’m just saying.

Anywho, me and Jia decided to start a Lil Cease Fan Club on accord of Cease being super cool and stuff. Shoo… WE LOVE CEASE! #Cease4Life So I decided to come up with:

5 reasons why I love Lil Cease

Lil Cease

5. His name isn’t Waka. Remember back in the days when rappers were just “Lil?” None of them were called Waka Flacka Lame (that negro doesn’t deserve the F) anything. What’s a Waka Flacka? Why should I gibbadamb? Yes. I like my rappers “Lil.” And possibly not missing the 21st chromosome, which I think Waka is. He just never looks like he is all there. But I guess his existence is to allow us to appreciate other rappers. He is the pain to the joy that is Lil Cease. The rain to the sunshine.

4. He got swole. Umm… Cease ain’t calling himself Hard Body for no reason. Homeboy looks super solid now. So that’s what he’s been up to all these years. He ain’t come back out looking cracked out like others (*looks at K-Ci & JoJo*). Let me find out Cease wanna get FAHN…

3. He’s humble. Cease shonuff replied to folks who tweeted him, and did it all humble too. Humility takes you far. This is probably the main reason I’m stanning for him right now. I expected him to be an ass like most of the other famous folks on Twitter but he proved me wrong. Shoo… even if I ain’t love him, I do now. I ain’t have a churce. He don won me over. #TeamCease

"Losing Isaiah" as Lil Cease in Notorious

"Losing Isaiah" is even disapproving his casting as Lil Cease. They coulda come more correct. Hayell...

2. Notorious. LAWD! Any man that’ll allow the boy from “Losing Isaiah” to play him in the biopic about his cousin Biggie, is A-OK with me. I’da flipped all types of tables if I was him. They couldn’t find no other skinny short dude to play him? They had to use Isaiah? No shade but that casting was just… O___o. Cease is a gentleman for allowing it. He’s a saint (like Dorothy Mantooth).

1. “Crush on You.” Fifty eleven years after this song first came out, it STILL GOES HARD! How hard? Let it come on in the club and see if everyone doesn’t start rapping along with it. Let the DJ cut it off before it ends and hear folks go “HELL NAW! Let it play!” This was and IS the joint! MAN!

“I know you see me on the video (TRUE!) I know you hear me on the radio (TRUE!) But you still won’t gimme no attention…”

“CD’s with crazy bass, keep my lady laced. Don’t be fooled by the baby face. I hope ya not, cause your thighs got me hot. Only one plan, that’s to rise to the top. I told you before, when I first pursued. I want a interlude, in the nude.” - Lil Cease

*kicks down a chair* YESSSSS!!! THAT. SONG. BEATS!!! 14 years later! LAWD! Where is my Lil Kim lime green wig when I need it in my lifespace?!?

Sidenote: *pours out a lil liquor for Old Lil Kim.* She was sooo cute! This stranger bish we got now just perplexes my soul. I can’t stare at her for too long without squinting. The chick should have stopped at 20 plastic surgeries ago. While she’s mad at the self-proclaimed Harajuku Barbie (Nicki MiWOMP), she’s doing her best impression of an Asian plastic doll herself. But I ain’t the one to gossip. So you ain’t heard that from me. Although I do like her *shudders* swag (for less of a better word).

Watch us crank that fan page!

Some of y’all are probably gon hate on Lil Cease, saying things like he’s irrelevant. Hmph! (-__-) Well so is Amerie but if that chick can make an announcement talmbout she’s adding an extra i to her name, then Lil Cease can plot his comeback. Shoo…Let a Lil Cease single come out and see if I’ont go burn buy it listen to it on YouTube. Look out for the fan page we making. Since geocities is no more, we gon come correct.

Editor’s note: Lil Zane ended up replying us back. But it’s too late. He’s tardy for the party. We already Team Cease. Hmph.

Well look who the tweet drug in. (-__-)

If I had a weave, here’s where I’d flip it and walk away. Someone get me a hairhat right quick! So are y’all gon join the Lil Cease Fan Club when we create it?

Edit #2: Lil Cease commented on this blogpost! This FURTHER lets me know that he is indeed DA BESS! #Cease4Life

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  1. manda says:

    Crush on You was my favorite song! I still know EVERY WORD! Remember how we used to record videos when VCRs where still relevant? I played that video almost every day. Bringing back memories. Zane should be ashamed, haven’t heard from him since the 112 song.

  2. max says:

    I know there are a lot of Luvvie fans who stay mentioning you on twitter with no response who are giving you an extra-hard squint-eye right now…

  3. Alovelydai says:

    iCan’t right now….I just can’t. This whole effing post needs a “close your office door before reading” disclaimer. How u gonna let me get fired for reading about Lil Cease?

  4. Jameka says:

    Ahhh…when hip hop was fun. I miss those days. This was my song for real:-)

  5. NeicyRox says:

    TOD: Once I read “stanger bish,”

    Good damn day, Luv! GOOD. DAMN. DAY!

  6. Booga says:

    Oooooooooooh MAN! “Crush” was, is, forever will be the JAM.

  7. Cheekie says:

    I can’t even breathe right nah. Will return with decision later…

  8. Ricky says:

    I am fully in support of this movement! Lil’ Cease will not be forgotten. Just cause Lil’ Kim wanna get mad and spit fire at a brother doesn’t mean his career gotta end. Biggie wouldn’t want it to go down like dat. And, you gotta give the man props going butter ball-ass nekkid on his debut album cover. Who does that?

    Sidenote: Luvvie, why are you shading Ameriie? You know she went and cashed in her publicity stunt chips and added a second “i” to her name. Respect that PR game please. Thanks.

  9. Miss Jia says:

    Chile boom! We’re gonna get it cracking for #TeamLilCease! Forget about all these hateful, ungrateful rappers from the past who got a bit of a ‘tude. Cease is cool as fuck! Our fan page is gonna *puts hand over mouth* blooow upppp! Cease deserves it! New shit coming from Cease soon!!!!!

    TEAM CEASE!!!!!

  10. OMG! This bout the funniest ISHT I’ve ever heard You all are inspiring me. I’m about to start a TeamRaheemtheDream page! If you all can rise this bama outta obscurity, surely I get the man who brought us hits such as “Toot that Booty Up” some love!

  11. bogart4017 says:

    Yay! I’ll Join. It’ll remind me to dig thru the super collection for that solo cd…what was it…”The World According to Lil Cease” or something like that? Its been about eleven years for that one!

  12. omg wowwwwww where do i begin?? first let me start by picking myself up from falling all kinds of OUT and DEAD reading this post. lmao

    “crush on you” is prob my favorite lil kim song. it still gets me hype when i hear it in a club. cease’s verses are pretty hawt on that track. combined with your list?? yeah, id be a #Cease4Life stan lol. i could bang with that.

    “I like my rappers “Lil.” And possibly not missing the 21st chromosome, which I think Waka is.” –as do i. switchin up the game with whole phrases (SBTE… tell em what?) and newborn sounds (waka who?) as stage names just makes popular rap seem… so tragic.

    “Any man that’ll allow the boy from “Losing Isaiah” to play him in the biopic about his cousin Biggie, is A-OK with me.”–you know you wrong!! but i soooo feel you on this *snicker*

    “this stranger bish we got now just perplexes my soul”—*smh* iCant!!

  13. LILCEASEHB says:


    • Luvvie says:

      YOU DA BESS, CEASE!!! The fact that you just wrote on my blog just… *leyomi drops through the goalposts of life* THIS IS WHY WE LOVE YOU!!! (yeah I’m hollering). #TeamCEASE #CantStopWontStop

    • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. if luvbug’s foolishness didnt kill me dead, the appearance of mf’ing Lil Cease and his hard body just did!!!! *done*

      my last will & testament is that you please scoop me up off this blog and send the remains home to my mama (no the-dream).

  14. um. i just laughed for the entire 10 minutes it took me to read that post. L.O.V.E.D. You and me us never part…

  15. Shari' says:

    Lord Dear Sweet Heavenly Jesus!!! i dont even know where to start…this aint healthy at almost 3 in the morning. but i guarantee this just made my entire day. im going to bed singing crush on you, i know that!! and imma wake up in the middle of the night laughing at Zane tryin to come back around and get the ‘glittered background’ bwahaha! i’ll probably be giggling between dreams at all the shade thrown to flocka, amerie, and lil kim’s ‘new look’. this post was all kinds of awesome!!! and then Cease came and COMMENTED *screwed up hallelujah face* bless his heart.

  16. Lez says:

    iQuit you Luv… just as an FYI…

  17. Is Lil EMFFIN CEASE in yo blog?! Sweet Heavenly Father by jove, he IS! Luvvie!! You’re gangta-meter just rose by 10 patriollion poirnts!

    I’m down! I’ll gladly rep #TeamCEASE! Crush On You was, is and forever will be the joint! Please don’t make me take my ole behind to tha club asking the DJ to put that on for me to dance one dance and go home.

    I have laughed to the point of choking over here! LOL! Woman you are NOT right! However, you are right about Lil Sleepwalker err… Kim being a stranger bish. That she is. That she is. She prolly scared to death of cats. smch.

    • Luvvie says:

      Anytime my gangsta-meter rises, I know I’ve done something right. So thank you kindly. *curtsies* Oh wait. Thugs don’t curtsy. Ummmm… *thug-like head nod* Yes. Let’s go with that.

  18. Angel Monique says:

    I had to come back and correct my grammar. I meant to say *YOUR gangsta-meter*

    All this excitement over the Lil Cease movement has me off my game just a smidge. I’m back nah!

  19. Shelia says:

    *sighs* And this is why we love you Luvvie! And you rubbing elbows with celebrities now?! lol

  20. amymay says:

    I done told you, kill me dead like this and the boy is coming your way in a FedEx box… stock up on rice and cauliflower… (yes, cauliflower. I have a strange child). Look for him in about a day.

  21. Antonio says:

    OMG, this is the BEST thing I’ve read all damn week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Shana says:

    You are hilarious as usual! Lil’ Cease is the only artist that I can think of who had a whole song to himself on the another person’s album. Liked the single & video with Kim but he could’ve carried that song all by himself. Hope Cease & Kim buried the hatchet. Life’s too short. Btw, in full support of Raheem the Dream fan movement too. He’s truly supercool.

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