Field Center FAIL or Am I Just Tainted?

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I got me a guest blogger today. He’s doper than the rest and runs the music blog This Ain’t That. This post is stemming from us being on GChat and I showed him a logo that got such side-eye from me! He refuted my arguments, so I told him to take it to the blog. And he did. So here’s Geo’s take.


Field Center FAIL

Ummm... O__O Did the Board of Directors approve this???

So, our gracious host Luvvie sent me this logo. It’s a logo that serves as the visual representation of a credible company. The logo in question was tagged by said host as a complete #fail. I saw the logo and immediately understood why Luvvie was so disappointed. It was definitely a fail on someone’s part. But then I thought for a minute. Maybe it wasn’t a fail {insert Luvvie’s infamous side-eye}.

Now, before you start judging me, just hear me out. In my head, I was thinking fail because I live in America in 2010 and I saw what everybody else saw when they looked at the logo. But maybe that’s what I saw because of the ridiculousness that is reality. There are a lot of sick people out there that do a lot of sick stuff! But what if - and it would be a BIG what if - whoever approved this logo looked at it and saw the beautiful, non-molester relation between the adult F and the child C {insert another one of those side-eyes}.

Seriously though, I could see that chain of events happening something like this:

Executive: I’m excited about starting this company, but we need a logo! Any ideas?

Designer: What would you like to see in the logo?

Executive: We need something that shows the innocent, non-perverted, “Marty Mart love the kids” nature of the business. Something that just screams out The Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice, & Research.

*9.3 minutes later* Designer: Here’s a great logo that I designed…

*Executive with fuzzy vision in the left eye and a curiously wandering right eye starts slow clap*: Genius!! Let’s go with that!

See how logical that is? {Aight Luvvie…stop giving me that side-eye}

I mean, come on…even Mike Jack, the legendary Thriller himself, told you that it was totally safe to have sleepovers and such with the youth. The kids today don’t get enough hugs or something like that. That’s why they’re all crazy! Mike said it’s only perceived as bad because you perverts keep your minds in the gutter! How come they can’t make a logo with a grown capital F trying to hug a lower-case C and ya’ll not make it seem all late-night Cinemaxy? It only looks like the grown F is soliciting derbage because that’s what you want it to look like!

Luvvie interjects: DERBAGE??? Geo… *faints*

I have a few alternate theories of what it could be:

Like, maybe they’re doing some interpretive dancing, right? They’re the Tree and the Wind!


Ok, how about they’re breakdancing – and the big F is doing the robot while the little C is doing the worm?

Not buying that either?

Alright, they haven’t seen each other in ages, right? And then they see each other…across a big field…and run to greet each other…in the center! Hence the name The Field Center for Children!

*giving myself the side-eye*

Aight, I’ma admit…that last one was a stretch. But ya’ll get my point!

Luvvie’s Note: Cole, you stoopid.

What do you all think of this logo? George sure did try to make me un-see the foolishness but alas…

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  1. Lamar @ BMWK says:

    still #FAIL on several different levels lol

  2. “Ok, how about they’re breakdancing – and the big F is doing the robot while the little C is doing the worm?”

    iCant, maybe an interpretive dougie?

  3. amymay says:



  4. Brittany says:

    When I first saw the logo, I actually thought it was cute… *abstract shrug*

    Then I went to their site to research what they do and it made even more sense… to me.

    I never saw anything perverted about it, whatsoever. I saw an adult embracing a child. Which would make sense considering they serve communities of children in the welfare system who have been abused and neglected…

    I think this organization, tried to sincerely tie in their mission with their logo. I thought it was cute. #CarryOn

  5. DatChic says:

    Honestly, when I first saw the logo it took me a few seconds to see what the fuss was all about. I looked like the F was reaching down to pic up the other letter.

    But then i saw the bad Touchy MicFeely interpretation of the logo. Baaaadd.
    It is a #Fail. Its just bad and unfortunate design.

  6. K to the... says:

    Shout to Geo for “derbage”. I haven’t heard a “derb” reference in years.

    Honestly, I do see the innocence in the logo…the “F” is comforting the “c”. However, we live in a society in which I’d be wary of my son telling me he wants to be an acolyte. *shrug* So yess, the logo does look perverted, as well.

  7. Ms. Heaven says:

    Ok, it’s a fail. If the c wasn’t curved to the front of the f’ (read tallywacker) then maybe it wouldn’t look so bad. I can see what the logo is SUPPOSED to be, but we live in America, and perception is reality up in this piece.

  8. Cheekie says:

    Yeah, that F’s arm can, um…NOT be place there.

  9. bogart4017 says:

    I saw what everyone else saw—and my mind ain’t in the gutter….

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