Whose Granny Is This?

[ 38 ] November 18, 2010 |

So the other day. I decided to put on my Facebook fan page that folks can feel free to share any photos, videos or stories of foolery that they find. Why? Because MI FB page es SU FB page. Or so I thought. I don’t e’em know why I did that. I shoulda KNOWN my FB famoly are as ratchet as the day is long. Foolery I asked for, and foolery I got. Especially from Scarlett. I’ma have to roast one of the MANY ratchet pics she posted on my wall soon.

However, M.Whitener’s foolish self posted this pic and I ask…

Granny in Pleather


WHOSE GRANNY IS THIS??? I feel so ashamed looking at this pic. SO SHAMED! Someone’s granny put on her BEST raunchy PLEATHER (because we all know that’s not leather) gear and is taking segzy pics on a bed. She got on the gloves, the cropped vest, the sideless (ew) pants and the 7 inch “F em” shoes.

Sidenote: Am I the only one concerned that if Granny Smith stood up in those shoes, her bones might crumble? Ain’t no milk in the world gon protect her from that. I’m young and I wouldn’t e’em wear those shoes. NO MA’AM! I value my knees!

I’ont know how to feel about this. On ONE hand, I’ont wanna be a hater and tell Granny Smith not to get her groove back. Geriatrics need love too. HOWEVER, who is Granny wearing this and taking pictures for? If it’s Rufus from Bingo night, she might do kill him because his heart might not be able to take all this stimulus.

And can we talk about how Granny’s rocking windshield wipers as eyelashes? Who she thank she is? I bet she blinks and a gust of wind blows through. Those eye fans she got on.

Plus the hair? FRIED, DYED and LAID TO THE TOP! I wonder how many cans of hairspray it took for that hairstyle to come alive. I hope the spray doesn’t clash with her emphysema. This woman looks like she’s been smoking since she was 10.

All I hope is that Granny don’t break her hips doing whatever she wants to come from that picture. I heard replacement surgeries are painful. Besides, she’s supposed to be in someone’s floral muu muu, watching the Golden Girls and reminiscing bout her days as a young “whipper snapper.”

Nothing about this picture sits right in my soul.


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  1. Drea823 says:

    What in the name of all that’s holy??!! Lawd, somebody done dressed up, made up and posed a cadaver! “Eye fans” – bury me in a windbreaker..CTFU!!!

    I am always guaranteed a cackle from you Luvvie!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I am thinking Cruella Deville as a stripper. I can hear her saying, “you wanna see my puppies”.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. amymay says:

    Dang, Luvvie… I told you I got her back to the assisted living. I dunno how they let her slip past ‘em like that, but we put a WanderGuard on her, so this won’t happen again.

  4. Starita34 says:

    I got a shout out!?!? What? What!!

    Oh yeah, I’m leyomi droppin’ AND whippin’ my hair to and fro! You don’t tell me what I can do!

    You didn’t say her bones would cease to be if she were to stand upright in those shoes, did you!? *caterwauling*

  5. Capricorn says:

    oh. . . my. . . .

    *falls silent*

  6. bronxgirl1 says:

    She belongs in the Museum of Sex, on exhibit as the first prehistoric cougar. Scientifically known as Cougaris Scareus. I think National Geograpic did a documentary before…LOL

  7. Nana says:

    Slain. I.am.slain!

  8. Starita34 says:

    :-( Is my comment lost in cyberspace?

  9. Anon says:

    WOW We now know what happened to Blanche’s heaux sister. You know the chick even Blanche talked about as a slut puppy.

  10. Eve~ says:

    Alls I know is that Lil’ Kim/Nicki Minaj need to pay some respect! She been doing this since my mama’s mama was a haploid cell.

    P.S. My first thought was “LAWD! She stuck! Someone help her!”

  11. krocka says:


  12. Gabrielle says:

    I do not think that is a “grandmother” but someones “granddaddy”….Check out thoses hairy arms,unless she is too old to produce estrogen…..

  13. *deletes Luvvie from favorites* *blocks her on Twitter* *burns laptop*

  14. You know what Luvvie?! You ain’t shit!! rotfl I should of known that when reading the title of the subject in my email that it was some holy hell ratchedness only you could devise!!!

    Gurl I am sick over here!!! All I could think of ..was is this what our brothers are leaving us for?? Is that what they have to look forward to??

    Lordy Lordy Lordy Lord…I digress you are still a fool and I loves it! By the way you are sure that isn’t a man…. Lawd I can’t help me!!! buwahahaha

  15. LaTonya says:

    OMG! I can’t believe someone would take that picture, let alone post it for all to see. That’s sick on all kinds of levels. *insert gagging sound*

  16. bogart4017 says:

    I think i’m traumatized.

  17. jsutin says:

    its a tranny isnt it

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