Whose Child Is This? And Are Those… iQuit

[ 37 ] February 21, 2011 |

I was minding my own damb business like I like to do (o___O) when I saw this picture on Twitter, twitpiced by @BigLilKim1.

First, I was all that baby’s so cute.

Baby with condom on her feet

*looks down at pic*
*sees feet*
*gets closer to computer*

WAYMENT. Are those… No they… YES THEY ARE!!! This child got condoms on her legs!

iQuit people. Yes. Humans in general, because this is just ridambdiculous. You’re sitting at home, bored as hell. You could be out volunteering, ironing your work clothes, or watching senseless TV. Instead, you decide you want to spend your afternoon seeing if those unused condoms you have could fit on your baby’s legs. This poor child!

Ma’ams… Sirs… THIS is why some folks shouldn’t procreate. They got this ADORABLE baby wearing CONDOM tights! Maybe if her parents considered using those condoms on her feet… *sigh* This is NOT what you birth children for. If you want to dress them up in random props, go buy a baby monocle.

Helen of Troy aint do hoshit and cause wars so her namesake condoms could be worn on babies’ legs.

Nope gif

Remember THIS BABY whose mama put her in fishnets? Y’all gotta quit subjecting innocent children to this nonsense!

If your mama’s putting condom on your feet or wearing fishnet stockings for you at 1, she’s grooming you to be a future guest on Maury’s “I’ve tested 17 men. Find my baby daddy!” show. This gives me the sads.

Listen… I. DON’T. HAVE. TIME.

WHOSE CHILD IS THIS? No. WHOSE reckless ass cousins got their niece rocking prophylactics on her feet? GETCHO PEOPLES!

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  1. Ann says:

    I have seen it all!

  2. This what Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth waded in the water for??

    Mahalia Jackson, newly elected choir director of the Golden Heaven Angels and Cherubs Mass Choir just fired 9 heavy cuss words at this shit..

    I know she sang about the Troubohs of the world but mayne…

    Save the kids, lets encourage Eugenics!

  3. 8th Wonder says:

    Maybe they couldn’t afford galoshes?


  4. There are no words. I had the same reaction you did, Luvvie. I was thinking how cute this child is…until I did a double take at her feet. *sigh* Whenever I see pics like this, I always wonder why such foolery is even photographed. Were they planning to put this pic of this child in latex thigh-highs in her baby book? TERRIBLE!!!

  5. Cosmolude says:

    “Maybe if her parents considered using those condoms on her feet…”
    My thoughts exactly. I don’t understand why her parent(s) or other assorted family members thought it would be funny. O____o

  6. Kween says:

    That is some straight caca!!! I want to take those “skretched” out jimmies and plastic whip the dumb outta her mama.

  7. bronxgirl1 says:

    I wonder if the baby sang these boots were made for walking when she sashayed around in her contraceptive prevention boots.

  8. 1st of all, she is one pretty little girl

    2nd, in addition to this unadulterated f*ckery, aren’t they cutting off this child’s circulation? She’d going to be in kindergarten looking like Big Mama from Soul Food. iQuit

  9. PBG says:

    Well, let’s look on the bright side *pulls out flashlight*: This proves that condoms will fit over the large janks, so those dudes can stop using “it’s too small” as an excuse to forgo safer sex. If the condoms will fit over that chocolate cherubs little legs, then it’s all good!

  10. Alovelydai says:

    Did anybody else see the refrigerator baby?? I pretty much quit earth after that.

  11. Kourtney says:

    Poor lil precious, brown baby. She deserves so much more than that. The fact that pictures like this, fishnet baby, and refrigerator baby exist make me so very, very sad.

  12. Cheekie says:

    Yeah, I actually remained in a state of shock for a good while after seeing this pic the other day. It looked somethin like this: -_____o

    What I’m truly hoping is that they not trying some sort of weird birth control. Because, see, the baby is already here…

  13. Diggame says:

    I aint gonna front this is sad as hell but at the same time funny as a mofo too!!

  14. #WAYMENT!!! #HOLLUP!!!! #WHATINDEEHELL?????? I was looking like awwwwwwwwwwwwwww now I am pissed. *roll eyes*

  15. Emmy says:

    Too damn funny! Are we being punked? Is this from the ghetto version of Teen Mom?

  16. Caspercutie says:

    This could also be the case of keeping things out of the reach of children. Little miss found where the condoms were kept.

  17. LEXI says:

    lawd!help the children smh

  18. Capricorn says:

    *puts face in hands and prays/weeps/howls with laughter*

    I’m -__O like a mug, doe. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO A BABY??? WTF??

  19. Ashley says:

    I HATE bad parents and this little cutee’s parents just got put on the top of that list.

    Bad parents are one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. It’s like Luvvie said, some people should not only NOT be allowed to procreate they should also lose their use of the needed parts to procreate.

    As a lover of children (though I don’t yet have any), this saddens me deeply

  20. divakattgurl says:

    I am quitting you for 2011 Luvvie!!!! OMG Every step you took when you looked at the pic so did I O__________________________O


    Now I can’t stop laughing!!! SMH

  21. divakattgurl says:

    Further more I denouce being a Brown
    American!!! Im am not related to someone sooooo stupid!!!

  22. betty says:

    but seriously….those are durable condoms tho…
    what brand is that? #realtalk

  23. Imperfect says:

    I don’t even remember what randomness I clicked to get to this ancient post…but um…I am kilt dead!

    Are those Magnum??

  24. Drea823 says:


  25. Ncborndclive says:

    I know I’m last as ever, but I’m new to your site. I just wanted to say that I almost wet myself after I spit out my tea laughing at this picture. Iquit you during the day…I have to or I will lose my job…you are so damn funny.

    Thanks for the laughs. I can’t wait for you next ROHA recap.

  26. Shellbella says:

    My fragile mind must create a “this is what happened” in order for my sanity to remain intact so… She’s at a relatives house, went in a drawer, found the condoms and one of the older kids thought it would be funny to put them on her and take a picture…yeah I need for THAT to have happened…please?

  27. Serenity says:

    Another use for magnums…. Multitasking like a mugg!

  28. Steph English says:

    Well…at least we know the condoms are strong.

  29. Erin C says:

    Her circulation though? iCain’t!

  30. bluewanderamuse says:

    i cant

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