Come Hang With Me In DC and Chicago

[ 9 ] March 18, 2011 |

So in the next week, I’m gonna be kicking it and I want to meet some of my readers. TWO locales, TWO chances to see the fool person behind the cartoon.

I’m currently in DC for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. *cartwheels on Pennsylvania Avenue* *does the wop on the Washington Monument* I’ll be here until Sunday morning. But on Saturday evening, I’ll be having dinner and drinks with folks. And I’d like my DMV area folks to come out and kick it with me. Leave a comment with your email address on this post and I’ll end you an evite with time and place.


Next week, I’m having a fundraiser for my nonprofit organization The Red Pump Project in Chicago. This is our annual “Rock the RED” fashion show. We’ll be kicking it in some fierce red pumps for a good cause.

You know you wanna come hang. SHOMMON!

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  1. Lady Erin says:

    Now you know better than to come to these parts and not provide any advance notice. And you gonna try to show us up and do the wop? Oh no you don’t! LOL! Send me the details on where you gonna be at …please.

  2. professlch says:

    If I can stand uncloaking? I will soooo be there, Luvvie!!! I’m sure it’ll be a great time!

  3. You’re in DC? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz tell me you are getting into some f*ckery with Panama Jackson

  4. LaWanda says:

    Would love to catch up in DC.

  5. Lite Bread says:

    Yer Mostest High Awesomelinesses,
    If I showed up to Rock with you in red shoes (can I bust out the Freddy Jackson an’ the “Rock Me …” uh … eva-mind)you’d know daum well by then I WAS Stalkin’.


    (PS: I like NYC better)

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