Norma Stitz and the World’s Biggest Boobs. 102 ZZZ of Too Much

[ 69 ] June 22, 2011 |

I was reading Necole Bitchie’s site when I saw her post on the World’s Biggest Boobs. I clicked on it and what did I see??? Norma Stitz (I see what she did there) and her Mammoth Mammaries.

Norma Stitz. World's Biggest Boobs

GAHT.DAMB. Those look heavy #dinnamug.

Just O_______________o

This woman is apparently in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Largest Natural Breasts” and has held this title for the last 12 years. Her bra size is 102 ZZZ.

*repeats* 102 ZZZs.

According to

She started wearing her first bra at age 9 and they have grown extremely larger over the years, however she is proud of her boobies and would never consider a breast reduction.

Chile… how do you not consider a boob reduction when your tits are sleeping on your thighs as a 102 ZZZ??? See what I did there? You see it. That woman’s titties aren’t in a bra, but in a giant slingshot. Her back must be in the shape of a C. Spine curvature ain’t no game but must you conjure it up with those mammaries? That ain’t healthy. At all!

According to Wikipedia, back in 1999 when Norma’s boobs were a 48V, they weighed 28 lbs each. Now that they’re ZZZs, they’re prolly at like 50 lbs each. I’ma need her chest not to weigh the same as a 12 year old.

Gahtdamb! When you gotta use a hammock as your brassiere, you might wanna consider a breast reduction. Even if she ain’t got the money, we can ChipIn or something in her name. I’m saying. I’m concerned for her health and I have a couple questions.

How did they grow to be so ginormous? How does she sleep? Does she gingerly throw them to the right as she lays on the left side of the bed? Does she use them as 2 blankets? How convenient is the southside slippery slide? If she’s on top, does she just move them to their respective sides? Has she ever accidentally hit herself in the face with one of them?

I am curious and concerned. Her shoulders MUST hurt as she carries the weight of the world on her front side. Even Atlas shrugged. Norma might wanna do the same. Cicely Tyson ain’t sew the first bra ever for Eve (after she ate the fruit) for folks to be walking around with satchels for bras. She AINT. I’m over here like O___________o.

I bet one of her nipples is LITERALLY the size of her head. Gaht.DAMB. DAWG. iCan’t e’em deal with that. Talk amongst yourselves.

What do y’all think of Norma Stitz and her world’s biggest boobs? If your boobs grew to be this big, would you get a breast reduction or rent a wheelbarrow to carry them around.

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  1. amy says:

    Umm…this is not good. Nope. I am willing to start the “trim those suckas quick” collection NOW.

  2. Margaret says:

    Ok I cant even take you with this one here. But I soooooooooooo totally agree with you.

    Me and some plastic surgeon would be homies for real cause that just aint right. Lawd!

  3. blackladyblue says:

    I couldn’t do it, I’d have the reduction so fast. It’s hard enough trying to not sleep on your hair wrong, imagine the breasteses falling off the bed if you move too far…
    Why does the left one look like it has a bullet wound in it?

  4. Luxurylatte says:

    SMH. She can’t even sleep on her back with those things, they’d come loose and choke her to death. Just a glance makes my back hurt. Sista girl, why… WHY would one keep those strapped to her chest?

    Can you imagine that at the bed store hollering she need a sleep number bed? Or a Sealy Posterpedic? What type of job that don’t involve baby oil, a midget or a number 4 with sweet tea can this woman earn a paycheck? Girl I would have been cut them off and donated the extra to the Kardashian Fat Transfer Technical Academy of the Arts.

    • Luvvie says:

      LAWD!!! Death by boob asphyxiation would be sooooo tragic. How does she sleep with them for real? hahahahaha @ her tryna get abed. They must come w/ extra reinforcements.

      • Luxurylatte says:

        They have their own Sankofa pillows. She gets the left side of the bed, they take the right.

        Wait. She has nude pics? Is she one a’dem women that model for those joke postcards you see for sale at Spencers Gifts or the Adult Book Store? I just…

  5. Tracy says:

    I’m just surprised that there isn’t a “Teenie” style negro posed up with his head in between them.

  6. Shantrice says:

    iDie after every sentence of this blog post. But her boobs can’t be good for her or anyone else’s health. Thank God for my lifetime membership of the itty bitty titty committee!

  7. Kay says:

    Luv Bug, we quit….I can’t with this heffa right now…

  8. Ashley says:

    Okay, if each boob weighs 35lbs each they literally weigh 64lbs more than my ENTIRE body. yeah, you read that right.

    when was the last time she saw a doctor? Because I can’t imagine a doctor NOT suggesting a reduction. Damn her wanting to keep them, her doctor should’ve ran off the list of health hazards caused by those things. The doctor should’ve demanded a reduction, hell give her the reduction for free

    Where is her family and why don’t they persuade her to get one? Does she have kids? a mama, sister, grandma, somebody?

    and lol to whomever said they’re shocked there’s not some midget man with his head in between them

  9. PurpleAfroPuffs says:

    I know she is some mans hot fantasy but damn she would kill em. I can imagine that conversation at the Pearly Gates.
    Angel: How’d you die?
    Man: Well there was this woman…..


  10. NovemberRose says:

    Jumping Jacks= a concussion. Is that “meat” in between there the beginning of a third one?

  11. Sha Sha says:

    LMAOOOOO @ a giant slingshot!!! Those things are forces to be reckoned with! She need some serious counseling if she thinks this is cute in any shape or form. This just ain’t right ya’ll…

  12. JG says:

    What I want to know is, where are her stretch marks? It seems like they should be all over her breasts. Also, I wonder what size her mammory glands are. If she got pregnant, how many children could she feed?

  13. emti says:

    we’re going to need bro franklin to do an offering dance…this child of God needs help

  14. JROC says:

    Wowww…and I thought I was strugglin with my DD’s thinkin I just been dammed to carry these things round all my life. Now I feel shamed for complaining about my cups that I tought ranneth over…but now…I mean I just don’t know how to feel. **blank stare**

  15. legitimate_soul says:

    Ame I the only one that peeped that her last name rhymes with t.itz? Okay. *going to have a seat*

    • Luvvie says:

      HA!!! I did not notice. And I feel foolish for not.

      Oh wait. Norma Stitz. Norma’s Tits. Wayment. I see what she did there. That’s why she goes by that name. Well color me enlightened. O__o

  16. Reggie says:

    I like ( @ )( @ ) and all that, but damn!!! Those can’t be comfortable to lug around in anything other than a wheelbarrow.

    Sister girl definitely needs a reduction.

    I should have included her in my Mammorial Day post a couple of weeks back.

  17. QueenBee says:

    #lawdhammercy I just cant even…thats just awful -_-

  18. md_KG says:

    LOL!! iCan’t with this post and the comments. Too funny. I’m assuming she doesn’t travel cos she’ll go bankrupt paying for those things as excess luggage…what with these airlines charging for everything these days…lol.

  19. adwoa says:

    WAYMENT: wikipedia also says that each. breast. weighs. 56. pounds.


    her breasts. together. weigh more than some adults. and if she weighs 295 (thanks, wikipedia) and they weigh 112 – that is 28% of her body weight devoted to mammaries! and she can only have sex lying on her side!!!

    but there is also this article, which is kind of touching in a bizarreeeee way:

  20. Tee says:

    Just saw her “NUDE” photos on line…….Lawd why has tho forsaken meeeeee. Not a pretty thang

  21. Bayleigh says:

    I won’t even complain about 36 DDD. My back don’t even hurt no more.

    • MsZ says:

      I will also stop complaing about my 38DD. Thank you Lord for stopping them at that! I just dont know what to say. *walks away shaking head*

  22. Pepper Glisson says:

    Oh my girl, OUCH, I wish you all the luck with those things. Mine are a very full 38F and imagining them being any bigger is wow! You really really have my sympathies. My guess is that you have adapted to their size over the years and that all things natural to everyone else is natural to you. You are not some freak… You just have some big ole titties! God Bless ya!

  23. b says:

    i feel like “norma stitz has big tits” was a thing when she was in 6th grade…

    anyway, homie has a website on which she is not only holding a gallon of milk on her breasts, but also pouring said milk over her breasts and saying “unnn, my milkshake brings you ALL to my site.” i know the black leprechaun is hiding under her breasts, but she doesn’t need to feed him publicly…

  24. TS says:

    She got a hammock for each titty O_o

  25. Ayana says:

    Often, I am so happy to have discovered your page. You do not disappoint…even in throwbacks! “Even Atlas shrugged” Com-mah-dee!!!

  26. HowlingBanshee says:

    Aw! I remember seeing her years ago on TV with her husband. And then I read in the article on that he passed away. :’(
    It looks like they had a beautiful relationship.

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