Spades Question. Did They Renege?

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So last year, I wrote a post talmbout how Spades is not a game. SPADES IS LIFE! That card game is serious business, and unless you’re ready to talk shit, get cussed out and possibly lose valued relationships over it, don’t sit down at that table. YOU AIN’T READY YET!!!

Ennehweighs, someone found my post on Spades and decided to ask me this question that was plaguing them. I decided to post it here, because a lot of Spades enthusiasts read my blog.

“I gotta question from a game of spades that was played the other night. We weren’t sure on what to do and me and my partner had to walk away heated.

We had a boston, called the boston and it was lookin like thats how it was gonna happen.

Sidenote added by Luvvie to explain: A “boston” is when you bid in Spades that you’ll win all the hands of the game. Risky but worth hella points if you accomplish it. And if you don’t, you also lose hella points.

The two we were playing against was a spades vet and a newbie. about 7 or 8 books in I lead with clubs, knowing my partner is already cutting them. Spades vet plays suit, my partner cuts with a 4 of spades, newbie cuts with a 10 of spades… there goes the boston. clubs dont lead for the rest of the hand. last book newbie throws a 9 of clubs.

so what’s the rules on that one? we had the game if she didn’t pull that.

We’ve looked around and nobody has ever heard of this scenario cause nobody we know reneges. I found your blog on spades is life so I figure you got some words on it and I’d appreciate hearin it.

Thanks for writing in, Alex!

Long story short: you and your partner were right. The newbie RENEGED DINNAMUG!!! The fact that she cut your partner’s 4 of spades with a 10 of spades when you led with a club (and she had a club in her hand) was RENEGING! SHE HAD TO PLAY THAT CLUB! Any other suit is reneging.

I’da been TOO pissed once the newbie played a club last. I’da took any books they won and THEN flipped the table over. Shoo…

Anyway, fellow spades enthusiasts and veterans. Am I right? Should Alex been pissed? Would they have run a TRUE Boston if that newbie ain’t renege so horribly? Would y’all have dropkicked this person? CUZ YOU KNOW RENEGING IS NOT A GAME!!!

Edit: Seems that the consensus is that the newbie who reneged is lucky he/she still got all eyebrows intact. These woulda been SOME SNATCHING on that day. That reneging was CLEARLY outta pocket. The table shoulda been punted.

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  1. B_Keps says:

    they walked away? they didn’t throw hands with the newbie? it was obvious reneging. reneggers. this is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. aStatesman says:

    I have never commented before….but THIS!! I had to comment. First let me say, nobody sitting at that table was a “vet”. Any true spades vet would have flipped the table and pulled out a switch blade at the slightest glimpse of that 9 of clubs. That was Reneging 101. See…this is why you dont let kids play at the grown-up spades table. @Alex, you and your friends need to go back to playing Go Fish, before somebody ends up with busted kneecaps.

    • Luvvie says:

      TRUE STORY!!! You’re right. There shoulda AT LEAST been some table flipping going on. TRUE veterans woulda raised all types of hell.

      LMAOOO @ you telling Alex to go play “go fish.”

  3. RENEGE!!!!!!!

    Tables would have been flipped, drinks thrown, and somebody was walking away with a black eye…

    Just saying.

  4. DJ says:

    OF COURSE they reneged. The question is if they won any other books. If that was there one and only book, I’d say the Boston, and the game was theirs depending on house rules. HOWEVER, that newbie would have to get up out of whoever’s house that was after an egregious affront like that. They may never have picked up a card again. My blood is over here boiling for the writer.

    For future reference, my mame made her rules and posted them over the spades table, maybe Alex should do the same.

    • Luvvie says:

      If you gotta post the rules to the game on the table, all of you are already losing. Who got time to read rules when sht-talking is on the menu? Nawl. You gotta come to the table already knowing said rules otherwise keep it moving. Or else…

  5. max says:

    I don’t play Spades but I’m a veteran at Euchre (white people spades) and All Fours (Trini spades) and in both of those games that would definitely be considered renegging and someone would have been shanked.

  6. NeicyRox says:

    Of course she reneged. That’s the very rule of reneging; she played off a suit (with a spade, no less) probably because she felt played because they had them in a Catch-n-Run (You play what you know your partner is gonna cut) and was trying to be cute.
    IDK how they play where they are but we would have still won because if you renege down here (Louisiana) we take 3 of yo’ books. BOOM! Being a newbie means nothing at that spade table. Either take that negative from your points or try to make board, but shuld you renege you can never-t-ever-t play with my people again–it’s too much at stake!

  7. NeicyRox says:

    *should. whoops!

  8. LuvMeNaturally says:

    hi fives* aStatesman. That was my exat thought. Either the reneger was a vet (tryna slip that cheat in by throwing the club off at the end thinking they wouldn’t notice) or neither team was a vet. Me and my partner would never walk away on our Boston/Yoke/Yard and somebody reneged????? WTF???? Alex y’all IS NOT vets…there would have been some riots up in that piece!

    Reneging…this is a serious offense punishable by getting knocked upside your head with a fif (yes fif) of w/e dark liquor is being served that night.

    • Luvvie says:

      “Reneging…this is a serious offense punishable by getting knocked upside your head with a fif (yes fif) of w/e dark liquor is being served that night.”

      This is very valid.

  9. mytruths says:

    Bwahahahahaha @ christianSoul

    Uh, yeah, Alex’nem had that! Somebody should’ve been stabbed. Ok, not stabbed but it’s that serious…

  10. NikG says:

    Definitely reneged; textbook definition of reneged. And the other commenters are right – there are no newbies in spades. You either play right or sit off to the side and watch.

  11. Serenity says:

    She deserves an ass whipping for that. If you can’t play, don’t sit down

  12. She Hate Me says:

    Luvvie… you already know. My grandmother didn’t raise no spade playing wannabe.

    First off, CALLING a Boston and pulling it off in my part of the Southern States is an automatic game over for the other team. Maybe the “newbie” was trying to avoid that, which leads to…

    Second, throwing that 9 of clubs as your LAST book? That “newbie” wasn’t so new. They KNEW they reneged, and was trying to let several hands pass before they threw it out, hoping wouldn’t nobody catch on.

    *in my Della Reese voice* Now I gotta cut ya. *pulls out switchblade*

    Finally, honest mistake (side eye on that) or not, that person got to get up from my table. You can’t play in my house no more. EVER. In all of the spade games I have ever played, I have only called a Boston 4 times in my life. I pulled it off 3 of those times. You’re not going to take that away from me by cheating. The other deck is over there, go play solitaire… because you’ll never get another spades partner, not as long as I can run my mouth.

  13. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    Textbook renege which would have been followed by a textbook ass whuppin.

    You DO NOT bring that garbage to my spades table.

    No ma’am.

  14. ladyfresh85 says:

    O GOD…………………..

    u see shit like that will get u fucked up! That vet was better than me. Yeah i would’ve walked away, but i sure would come back with a gun, started shootin at the newbie’s foot & tell that bitch “start riverdancing!”

    I just got pissed after reading that!!!

  15. Cheekie says:

    Luvvie! Just like Spades, you KNOW dayum well blood pressuh is a staple in the Black fam! Mine is off the charts just reading this story. They reneged AND ruint a boston (which, my grandma actually called this “skunking” someone… country)?!!! Double whammy.

    I want to go to Ikea and flip tables, yo…

  16. RoxyWTF says:

    Last year my boyfriend (his first time playing spades)reneged so badly I almost broke up with him. I warned him “Whatever you do, don’t renege!”

    I even explained to him in explicit details what it means and how bad it is.

    So when he did it, my girl and her boo took our books and talked so much shit…

    I still give him crap to this day and he refuses to play any card games that doesn’t involve wizards or dragons. o_O

    • brookwater says:

      Whooo chile! My husband of 15 years will still not be my partner in spades because he reneged the first time we played together. The only reason I did not jump across the table on him was the fact that he had about 6 inches and 100 lbs on me. He said I scared him so bad it scarred him for life. I still clown him about it. Yeah spades is not a game and ol girl/boy most def reneged.

  17. stratosphere says:

    chile, please. that ain’ nuthin’ BUT reneging. where i’m from, not only will they not live that down ever in popular lore, but it will become part of their “vital stats” in their bio in the minds of others–even if only secretly.

  18. alex says:

    Haha, It was definetly Reneggin. thanks for the insight all. guess our rules left that loophole cause the way we been playing was add three books to the bid of the team who renegged. takin them books from em now.

  19. crlsweetie912 says:

    Yes, the newbie is a renigger…and would have been sleeping with the fishes (next to Hoffa) and would have NOT been allowed in Big Mamma’s house for Sweet Potato pie at Thanksgiving and Chrimmus!

  20. Bukky says:

    Yes she renigged! Yes she deserves to be cussed all the way out and I hope they burn in Spades hell! (in my Samuel L. Jackson voice)

    Reading the story had me having flashbacks to when I had just moved to WI and my newbie of a partner (and new friend) renigged. Scarred me for life and pretty much ruined my relationship with her. I now only play with folks whom I’ve known longer than 5 years and I personally know their character. It’s THAT serious.
    FUGG a newbie…

    And 4 years later I’m STILL pissed! I need to go watch something happy to calm myself down.

  21. DiaShoni says:

    All I know is, I would have gotten knocked out of my chair for doing that, so I’m going to have to say yes, she did.

  22. syko9000 says:

    In my Spades playing world if someone reneges (and doesn’t correct it before that trick is flipped) then that person’s team loses and they can be physically beaten. It’s written in my house rules, “Any intentional offense automatically forfeits the game. Anyone who intentionally violates any rule is an ass and may be physically beaten by the other players.” Either way, I found this article because I’m looking for actual scoring rules for when reneging happens. I’ve written an iPhone app that keeps score during a Spades game and I’d like to support as many rules as possible. Do you just end the game or do you score it in someway and continue?

  23. Tony Walker says:

    I’m surprised yall talking about playing at the grown folks table with “Spades” $%&*_+$#!!! Come talk to me when you have graduated to “Bidwhist” where I’m a Whistologist. Don’t even start me talking about Double Deck Pinochle, yall should have matured by now. SMH!

  24. I have a Question I played spades today at my brothers House they talked all kind of shit everybody that seat at the table me and my man whipped them I think that made them feel some type of way my last game was against my sister n law she was getting beat bad so when one of the games ended I thought the last book was ours even though we where still ahead she told me by me touching there book to see if it was ours we reneged never heard this shit in my life she took Three of our books we argued so much I didn’t even want to play anymore what u think about that nobody through off on suits are nothing just tripping

  25. Marie says:

    Ok so here is the question today I was playing spades n someone from the other team threw out a hart instead of a diamond my partner then threw out then he decides to say he had a diamond took his card back up n threw out the diamond. Last I check that was a renege am i wrong?!? N the difference of this renege was a shot n a game winner!!!!

  26. Mrchameleon says:


  27. Chelle Bell says:

    I would have subtracted the 4 plus the extra three books…and that’s not even a question as to whether that was reneging…woulda been AAAALLLL types of cussing and carrying on

  28. Brick says:

    Awww hellll nawww. They would owe me money for pulling a stunt like that even if we were not playing for money! How often do you bid a Boston? Then to have some clown mess it up. Disgraceful!

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