This McDonald’s Ad Parody is Hilarity!

[ 41 ] August 18, 2011 |

Ok so y’all know how McDonald’s always has Black folks shucking and jiving in their commercials? Yeah… you know. Like the only way they know how to market to us colored folks is to include someone singing while eating one of their kill you slowly foods. Because you know we can only relate to dancing and singing. MMHMM. We’re always so doggone enthused to be blessed with McD’s. O___O

Well, this dude on YouTube decided to create a parody of their commercials and iDIED.

Disclaimer: if you’re at work, put in headphones. Or wait til you get home. Thank me later.

“HEY GGGGUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL… I got this muhfuckin biscuit, chicken on a biscuit sandwich bitch, all up in yo muhfucking face bitch. Don’t you wish you had a bite? Bitch you can’t have a bite. *booty claps*”

Bury me a Big Mac with a side of fries. *DEAD AND GONE*

LMAO!!! DID YOU SEE HER BOOTY CLAPPING??? This is TOO funny for words! And I’ve watched it no less than 5 times.

I kinda imagined that ol’ girl was Fantasia though. Iunno why.

But yes. McDonald’s needs to do better. For real. Just cuz we’re considered “urban” doesn’t mean they gotta market to us like hoodrats.

Did y’all holler at this too? Tell me I ain’t the only one who almost fell out my chair.

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  1. Shana says:

    I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at a youtube video. I saw it five times yesterday, and five times today, and it still has crying.

    “Ba dap ba dap ba! I am lovin’ that shit, bitch”

  2. Silk! says:

    1:08….I’m dead already.

  3. Cheekie says:

    LOL just saw this yesterday and I was DONE at the booty clap. DONE, I say.

  4. LuvMeNaturally says:

    Oh what y’all ain’t seen this commercial on fox already??? Made me go out and get a chicken….biscuit…..san-wich….biiiii………..LOOL

  5. OMG what fuckery!!! Heelarious! Is that really a dude in the dark? He really not trying to be called out!! Hiding in the dark and shit LMAO

    Thanks Luvvie!

  6. MissMaryMack says:

    *SADNESS* the vidjo won’t pull up at work, and I can’t find it on youtube ): what’s the youtube name?

  7. sincerelyalana says:

    I have been laughing at this for the past two days.


    I died!


    I can’t take this anymore.

    *falls out laughing*

  8. lexi says:


  9. Elle says:

    Luvvie, I’m pretty sure it’s a girl who created this.

  10. Max says:

    Oh goddamn! Tears everywhere. That shit is heelarious! It’s good biz I don’t have a job or I’d be in a cube trying not to scare whitey with my loud guffawing.

    • Luvvie says:

      AINT YOU CRY?!? This ish was too funny for LIFE!

      • ABG says:

        OMG!!! I am literally crying!! I cannot stop laughing. Why Luvvie do you do this to people?!! Yea right, “you be minding yo bizness!” You know, ppl could lose their jobs watching this tomfoolery – oh, but you do put a disclaimer out there first. :-) OMG, that was FUNNY – still tears in my eyes. And the ba da ba ba ba at the end, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

  11. Dele says:


  12. B_Keps says:

    Luvvie I SCREAMED when I saw this yesterday!!!

    *BOOTY FLOPS* mc nigga mc chicken biscuit chicken fried crunchy critchy crunchy chicken sandwich bitch! BIIIIIITCH!!!

    i’ve always hated mcdonalds commercials. but this may be my favorite parody since shawt bus shawty.

  13. Ironically..I was eating McDonald’s and just spit it out! DEAR GOD SAVE ME!! The way she saying B*TCH so hard! OMG!!! LMAOOO! “Bad-da-ba-da-da..I’m loving that sh*t, BITCH!” lMAOOOO!

  14. LV says:

    Bury me in my Paisley print 19 piece suit with the matching Open toe Gator boots…

    Im gonna see yall at the Crossroads bruh..

    The booty clapping slayed me Bin Laden.

  15. RE says:

    *wades in the water* I watch this at least once a day, along with the Hood Ass Dora video on YouTube

  16. JJ27 says:

    Ok. I fail as a mother! I go on a 3 mile jog with my daughter in her jogging stroller and make homemade baby food from the finest fruits and veggies from wholefoods. I play baby Einstein videos for her and give her an unlimited amount of hugs and kisses.


    I just played this video while we were about to have nap time and when the chicken biscuit song came on…my baby starts cracking up laughing and dancing like the orange hoodrat in the video. Did I cut it off? No. So inappropriate. I was to busy trying to revive my life because I was on the floor dying! Whew! Thank toddler Jesus this chile ain’t no what was being said. That was real wretched of me

  17. K says:


    This is hilarious and I’m going to be going around saying don’t you wish you had some?’ in that orange hoodrat’s voice.

  18. Parody? I coulda SWORE this commercial was on BET during the “Search for the Next Video H0″ reality show

  19. Ky says:

    I got this mothafuckin chicken biscuit sandwich, chicken on a biscuit, sandwich BITCH, all up in yo mothafuckin faace, all up in yo face, bitch, dontchu wish you had a bite, BITCH you cant have a bite of my Mc. Mothafuckin chicken biscuit san-wiiiich chicken biscuiiit, Mc Nigga Mc Chicken biscuit chicken fried chruncy critchy chunchy chicken sandwich biiiiitch BIIIITCH

  20. Mojo Jojo says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! This was toooooo funny!!

  21. Tampicotg says:

    It’s over a month later and can I say I still come back to this page at LEAST once a week to play it; I bookmarked this page? And everytime me and my bestie look at our booties in a mirror we go “Chicken Biscuit Sandwich bish, bish” and try to make it clap…everytime!

  22. BlaQadence says:

    Why did this spoof come into fruition?!?!?!?!

    It was pulled, but still whyyyyyy was it even co-signed to go into production?

  23. Albani says:

    LMFAO! I loved this video! But yes, I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out by now or not, that IS a girl indeed, her voice is just deep. Her names’ Bricklin. I’m subscrubed to her now ^_^

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