Dear Facebook, Stop It with the Changes

[ 16 ] September 21, 2011 |

I was on Facebook last night and refreshed my page. I walked away and came back and saw my newsfeeds were hella different looking. Facebook has earned yet another sternly-worded letter.

Dear Facebook, STOP IT!

You do this EVERY TIME! Every. single. time. You make a huge change, we complain and then get used to it. Then when we settle into that change, you go and do a massive overhaul and have us re-learning your website. And like the robots you’ve turned us all into, we stay and go “Sir, yes sir.” We’re all part of the problem.

Facebook logoY’all just changed how messages appeared like last month. And then offered folks to have FB email addresses. O_O I’ll be dambed if I’m telling folks to email me at [email protected] That ain’t my portion! No thanks. Now you’ve made this big change to newsfeeds and the homepage. The right sidebar now scrolls with instant updates from friends. I don’t even know where to look. This redesign is a site for people with ADD. I’m over here looking like a junkie because my eyes keep running everywhere on the website. WHERE CAN I FOCUS?!?

I really wish I could quit you, Facebook. Times like this, I realize my dependence on this social network. My fan page is there, which has to be connected to a personal page. Years of pictures and comments are there. Friends and acquaintances who I’d like to keep up with but don’t have any other form of contact with them… I admit my dependence and I’m kinda mad about it. I WANT TO LEAVE! But they got me chained up.

You stay doing the most. I know you’re trying to compete with Google+ now. Your envy is showing. Kindly tuck it in. Google+ got you nervous. But these changes are what will chase more folks away. I know you’re #1 and unfuckwitable but ummm… I spend less and less time in Facebook now and this shall continue.

This is why I spend most of my time on Twitter and Tumblr. Well, I hate New Twitter too so that’s a different story for another day. Either way… Stop it. Let us be great and stop doing THE MOST with the least!

I’m bout sick of you and your new features. Tell your developers to go take a nap! Dang!

Yours in Hmphing,

Have you seen the newest Facebook change? Do you like it? Tell a G.

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  1. crlsweetie912 says:

    I agree! I think we need a petition or something, or a STOP EFFING WITH FACEBOOK group!

  2. Krista says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why the heck they thought combining the Top news and Recent news together would be a good idea.

  3. @ms_jones74 says:

    Please oh please look into Fluff Busting Purity (used to be FaceBook Purity but FB had a lil prollum with that name). It is a browser add on that makes all that bull shiggity go away. It’s the only way I can use Facebook. Seeing a LOOOOOOOOOT of people mad this morning. This helps. There is also betterfacebook but I like FBP better.

  4. Leddy says:


    HATE HATE HATE the changes!!

  5. i’m with you. i hardly ever log onto facebook anymore. i just looked at my profile and most of my updates are from tumblr. i have my posts automatically linked to facebook. i frequent tumblr and twitter a lot more than facebook. google plus was ok when it first dropped but i’ve found myself not really checking for that often either.

  6. Anna Renee says:

    I’m just an Old G squirrel, trying to get a nut in a New G world. I’m so not fully used to all that is Facebook that I can’t even get mad with them for changing.

    I FINALLY figured out how to put that dang Facebook likebox in my blog, and now every time someone likes me, I get their picture TWICE!

    And to make it worse, each time I refresh my blog, the pictures shift around! Makes me look like Im trying to have more friends than I do! Shamelessly flaunting the three friends into six! Looking all thirsty!

    But it aint my fault. I had to hide the Facebook Likebox from off my sidebar. :(

  7. emti says:

    I am so not good with change which is probably why I am hardly ever on FB and I only use twitter from my phone.

    Remember that very first change FB did? Like 18 changes ago? Ya, I’m still not over that so…

  8. Cheekie says:

    I haven’t even been to the new-new homepage yet and I’m already bristling at the news I read on Twittuh. Facebook needs to SIMMER sometimes. Just… have a seat. Mayne, I swear they are the Beyonce of social media.

  9. DivaKattGurl says:

    LOL @ Luvvie with no focus! I have been over facebook for years. I even deleted my profile for weeks and nobody cared. I too have a business page linked to my personal but I found away around that…

    I am barely on fb and my life space is happier!

    Trust and believe it!

  10. Helene says:

    AMEN Luvvie! PREACH!!
    Them and Youtube need to STOP! Most of the changes are useless. They try to simplifie things but instead it’s more complicated. When we get use to the new settings, they change it! Eff Facebook and Youtube!

  11. Ashley says:

    *signs name to the bottom of the letter in agreement*

  12. Afrochick says:

    The Huffington Post pretty much nails on how people feels it about this new Facebook mess.


  13. sincerelyalana says:

    I hate all of these Facebook changes and I rarely log in. I think I might log in once or twice a week or whenever I blog and want to share. But I can’t mess with FB. Google+ is just…I always find myself just sitting there staring at the screen, Twitter and Tumblr are the two places I long on to regularly. This new social networking life ain’t for me. As a Capricorn I don’t like change, I like order and consistency. SOMEBODY GIVE ME THIS!

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