Whose Babyhair is This?

[ 16 ] September 23, 2011 |

This was tweeted to me the other night and I sat in front of my computer looking like O_________O. Then I facepalmed and shook my head.

Baby Hair

But why???


Lemme get this straight. This young sir got an old toothbrush, his finest jar of brown gel and GOT TO WORK in a mirror to accomplish baby hair that wasn’t destined for his scalp. Oh.

He really did intently brush hair one inch beyond his edges forward. Then he took the tip of the comp and swept it on his forehead so his baby hair could lay perfectly right, like a busted ocean wave.

Well it’s clear that all he wanted for Christmas was hair that laid just so soft across his forehead so instead of waiting for Santa, this go-getter took it in his own hands. But people need to understand that lack of babyhair doesn’t make them less human.

I promise it really ain’t this serious. Some of us weren’t put on this Earth to have baby hair past month 3. I know my tougher than Nigerian hair steeze. Only time I have baby hair is if I tie my night scarf REAL tight, wake up with some wisps on my forehead. But if I’ont protect that babyhair, I lose it in the shower. AND I AM OKAY WITH THIS!

Oh and I see how half his hair is straight and half curly. This is what we call the S-Curl syndrome. He ain’t use the activator right after he got that perm. Nor did he roll his hair into the curls alla way.

*sigh* I guess.

Anywho, I wanna know. Whose babyhair is this???

Super sidenote: Check out my letter to Troy Davis on Clutch Magazine Online! Dear Troy Davis, We Failed You. If you like it, comment or like or tweet. Either way, getchu a piece.

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  1. LMAO! He must be from the “Rozonda”Chilli”Thomas school of Baby Hair Slickin’” My god..

  2. Sierra says:

    but those earrings…that hair…them edges…that chain…

  3. MissMaryMack says:

    …… #wayment why are we so sure this is a young man? *hmmmm*

  4. Kay says:

    Lawd, po baby has Chili Syndrome around his edges and mid 1980s Luther Vandross Syndrome on his head…..Imma need for my people to back away from the process isle at the beauty supply…

  5. Cheekie says:

    The fact that his baby hair is body-rolling across his hairline is just…

    And them straggly straight ends poking out? I cannot deal!

  6. “like a busted ocean wave.”

    Please vacate my e-life. Kthanksbye.

  7. K to the... says:

    I think this is a “stud” who who is in the process of growing out her relaxer who has pics of Ginuwine from Right On! magazines posted on her wall as her motivation.

  8. Drea823 says:

    WTF??? All the air has left my body. Need. Oxygen. Now!!

  9. Bpurpleb says:

    Lmbo at pics of Ginuwine from Right On! On her wall as motivation.

  10. Stephanie says:

    LMAOOOOO, Lawd I needed that laugh!!

    “Only time I have baby hair is if I tie my night scarf REAL tight, wake up with some wisps on my forehead.” Luvvie, I thought I was the only one! LOOOL!

  11. the joy says:

    but there is alot of forehead there though… i mean, maybe that was the goal? camouflage? that dont make it right, but im saying.

    also, lmao yall are hilarzz.

  12. Mahoganymiss says:

    Lol noope not a stud..this is a BOY…and his fb name is PrettyEyes somethin or the other..his whole crew is a tragedy

  13. I blame Mindless Behavior (the boy band, for those of you who lack little cousins) for this mess

  14. DiaShoni says:

    I mean…my 5 year old has baby hair. It…um…it doesn’t look like that, though…

  15. Kimberly says:

    That’s child’s hair is laidt like chaos and confusion.

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