As I HOWLED! But I Feel Bad. Still… HA!

[ 17 ] October 5, 2011 |

Someone submitted this to last night and I laughed so hard that I probably woke up my neighbors.

Dave dead

Here lies Luvvie...

There is nothing funny about death but *howls like a wolf at the full moon*

Whoever @KingLewie is ain’t about that life AT ALL!! I feel so bad for laughing SO HARD at this. But I laughed so hard tears fell.

I’ma start telling folks “Nah I’m lying. But follow me on Twitter tho @Luvvieig” anytime I wanna take something back.

“Luvvie, you going to the event?”
“Ok good. See you there!”
“Nah I’m messing with you. Follow me on Twitter tho.”

Chile… I love King Lewie a lil bit and I’ont e’em know who he is. I might need to follow him now because he is clearly ratchet as hell. Well, possibly TOO ratchet but he currently has a fan for this. Yes, this was an asshole move but I’ll be dambed if I didn’t holler like a senseless fool. I feel bad. I am part of the problem.

And poor Dave’s friend. :-(

Am I wrong for laughing? Who else *yell laughed* before they could catch themselves?


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  1. amymay117 says:

    *raises hand sheepishly*
    I yell laughed, Miz Luvvie… It was me.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Whaaaat? That’s just stupid, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

    • LB says:

      I keeps seein’ that “Peace, Love and Chocolate” signature thingy.
      Well … it’s like this. I did it in reverse.
      I went Chocolate first.
      But she certainly didn’t bring me Peace.
      An’ she never did Love me.
      Did I do it wrong?

      L “Ain’t Got No Cents” B

  3. JusMe says:

    I laughed ( ._.)
    Then I went to share it on fb.
    Then I deleted it before anyone could really see it.
    I was ashamed.
    But entertained.
    Oh the moral conflicts that reside within me.

  4. NicoleLisa says:

    I sure did “yell laugh”. I re-tweeted it too but with a :’( after it though because it was sad. How can something be sad and funny at the same time is beyond me!

  5. MsKim says:

    LMAO!!!! No you ain’t the only one that laughed that was funny.

  6. yeah that was wrong but i definitely laughed. i wonder who did the screen capture. dave’s friend? or @kinglewie?

  7. JusMe says:


  8. RoxyWTF says:

    I laughed incredibly loud then hung my head in shame. :(

  9. AQualityMess says:

    But let’s talk about the fact that I just followed him…

  10. Oh my god that’s awful and hilarious all rolled into one!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I went to his twitter page (I know), and he would be from my old stomping ground of Jackson, MS. They breed ratchet down there.

  12. @kinglewie says:

    Look at what doing a Google search of your twitter name gets you! While I’ll admit It was an asshole move, I just got tired of people calling my phone looking for Dave. I took a (kinda) verbal lashing from Dave’s friend via text message shortly after I put the screen shot up… I ain’t shit tho! LOL

  13. nptexas says:

    I definitely laughed. But so much sick stuff makes me laugh…why else would I follow Luvvie?

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