Mr. Clean is Scared of Puppies

[ 40 ] October 25, 2011 |

There’s a new show on Animal Planet called “My Extreme Animal Phobia” and it sounds scary and awesome at the same time. They showed an episode where this big dude with face tattoos is scared of puppies. He basically looks like Mr. Clean meets Mike Tyson. All macho and everything. BUT puppies are his kryptonite and it’s kinda maybe possibly hilarious.

Watch this clip I got from

SNAP! The way he hauled ass at the sight of that adorable pitbull puppy made me holler. I mean I cackled. He was not having any pieces of that puppy. How is tatted up Mr. Clean just turning into a puddle at that little doggie?

Meanwhile, the puppy’s looking at him like “He aight? Why’s he so sad?”

Don’t get me wrong. Pitbulls scare me when they’re adults. And have those huge teeth. And just look like they are ready to bite off your pinky toe. But this little one? Nawl. And the power he has over the big dude is just amazing. Those were REAL tears. I’m glad he overcame it a little though.

I feel bad for laughing. I feel TERRIBLE, in fact because I know a lot of phobias have deep psychological reasons behind them. But seeing this grown man with a TATTOO on his face, and muscles CRY because he was in the presence of a small dog had me laughing harder than I was supposed to.

Don’t mind me. I’m the same one who created an island of paralysis on my couch the night I saw one tiny roach in my apartment two week ago. At least he’s afraid of something that could technically bite him. I’m petrified of something I can kill with one very determined stomp (or 2. You know roaches are thugs. They never die at first hit).

But yeah, I’m terrible. This isn’t funny. Except it really is.

Am I a bad person? Did you laugh too?

Ok I’ma go repent. And shourrout to Asante for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. RozB says:

    Umm…I would cackle my azz off at him, ‘cept I am afraid of clowns and mimes. Got approached by a mime at the mall, and told him I would punch the crap out of him if he didn’t go away, and he made a miming motion like he was scared and did the rope pull thing like he was being dragged away. The crowd thought that was funny as Hell, and me? I left that mall so damn fast…

    John Wayne Gacy and the movie It solidified my fears.

    • Luvvie says:

      I think most folks are now afraid of clowns. Movies like poltergeist ruined them for society. I don’t find anything bout clowns funny.

    • BE says:

      I am scared of clowns and any of those life size characters. don’t have me on the streets of NY or Vegas with elmo and his crew. i Will freak out. i broke down in tears when my manager came to work as a wolf for Halloween. don’t judge me. Lolol

      • Tiny T says:

        Aww bless your heart.. and that very buff, bald man scared of puppies. Forgive me, but the visual of your manager showing up in a wolf #alphet and scaring the bejeezus out of you, made me LOL and I’m sorry. I really am. But I’m an honest girl and I got a chuckle out of your pain. Shame on me.

  2. bklynbajan says:

    I guess we’ll be bad together because I laughed too!

  3. Anna Renee says:

    I admit that I cackled loudly numerous times! But not at the man, but at the irony of it all.

    Each time there was a closeup of that puppy’s adorable innocent face, I howled, because he DID look like he was saying
    “Why he sad?” “Can I give him some puppy love?”


  4. Glenyse says:

    I couldn’t cackle at him after watching the whole vid. Phobias are real. I couldn’t travel out of the US for most of my adult life due to a real serious fear of flying. Everybody has something, and most folks aren’t strong enough to admit it to anyone.

  5. Urbansista says:

    Why did I want the puppy to wild out and bite a chunk off his arm? I admit – I did giggle… a lot.

  6. Sub-rosa says:

    That was awkward…he was faking…I didn’t see nay-not-one tear or snot bubble.

  7. Bwaaaaaaaaa!! That man look like he got all types of bodies on him and been to jail and possibly tossed some salad…YET he is scared of a puppy? NOt a full grown dog (which I get)..but a PUPPY?


  8. max says:

    I didn’t laugh at the dude because unlike you people, I have a soul but I did laugh at how damn melodramatic the host chick is. “Now you can reclaim your life Marvin”. Oh for real? Being afraid of puppies is stopping him from living his life? And the puppy is 40 years of demons? Really? Relax lady.

  9. RozB says:

    The psychologist helping him? She is one of the regular psychologists on the show Hoarders. So…she specializes in really, really messed up folks. :/

  10. Krista says:

    I probably shouldn’t laugh at this– mostly because I have serious phobias myself.
    He looks so tough though…

  11. adwoa says:

    this dog is SO CUTE i can’t even deal. (i loooove pit bulls.) it sort of sucks for him that he’s scared of something cuddly though – pretty much no one hates on my fear of spiders, which i appreciate. #sociallyacceptablephobias

  12. Valerye says:

    So….I’m my school library cracking up. I couldn’t help it. The image of this big burly guy w/ a tattoo ON HIS FACE scared of a puppy…. When the psychologist asked if the dog could come closer, and he was like “mmmmmmm” and held his hand out….lawd jeejus. Too funny.

  13. minacakes says:

    HAHAHAHAAHA!!! I actually laughed out loud…several times. A PUPPY DOE?? And the lady talking about doing this for his family? Dude is crying! I’d understand a DOG…but ONE puppy chillin on a leash staring at the wind? 40 yrs? NAWL!!!

  14. I giggled at this but I knew this was coming from real pain …when he was 5 he saw a neighbor get mauled by a pit bull…. over a thousand stitches!!

    That’s insane!!!

  15. African Mami says:

    Jesus wept and so did I with tears of laughter!

  16. Ambar says:

    You gotta watch the video right after. You see why he is afraid and he is ONLY afraid of pit bulls. Not dogs or puppies. He actually owns two dogs but they are a different breed. It actually makes sense as to why he is afraid since he saw his neighbor attacked by one as a young boy. To be honest most people (I bet even some on here) are afraid of large dogs, especially adult pit bulls.

  17. Jillybean says:

    I have a huge pitbull and he is the biggest baby on the planet. He is bossed around by my 15lb puggle and if he hears another dog barking on t.v. he hides behind the couch. We got a new refridgerator and it took a week of pleading, treating and laughing at him to get him to come into the kitchen again.

    They get a bad rap because of bad owners, but my dog and all the other pitties I know are big lovable idiots.

  18. Dawn Jones says:

    Sorry to get on a soapbox, but I keep seeing comments on “Scary pitbulls”

    Pit Bulls are the Chows of the ‘00s, the Rottweiler’s of the 90s, the Dobermans of the 80s and the German Shepherds of the 70s. You have been trained by the hype to be scared of them.

    I was never exposed to one until I started volunteering at shelters. These often abused, neglected, starved dogs are the biggest lovers and just so happy for any attention. Unfortunately, because people talk about how scary they are, they are next to impossible to adopt and therefore are euthanized at an over 90% rate in our animal shelters these days.

    “Beyond the Myth” is available for to watch on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. It’s an excellent documentary.

    • Tiff Tiff says:

      I tend to disagree. A so called lovable, “ain’t never bit nobody” live in house family oriented pit bull bit me upon first sight and entering the home. I had a dog so my dog’s smell was all over me. But still, friendly or not, they are aggressive as hayle and I was not here for that back then.

  19. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    That puppy was so sweet. Pitbulls are only mean if they’re abused. We used to have one… he was the BIGGEST BABY ON THE PLANET. Guard dog? HAH! That’s a good one.
    That said, I feel bad for dude. I did laugh tho. A little bit.
    I’m sorry, God.

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! And this is why you shouldn’t judge books by covers. But I must say, that’s how I act with any kind of bug, especially roaches…especially waterbugs. EW.

  21. BE says:

    Lmao….I watched the one with lady and the fear of cats. I thought that white cat was a stuffed animal!!! Then that ish blinked!!! Gosh I shouldn’t be laughing cos I have the dumbest fears ever. Clowns, human size characters e.g Elmo, Cookie Monster, chucke cheese and vacuums. I am cool if I am the one vacuuming but if its someone else…..nahh….I will evacuate the building.

  22. Tiffany A says:

    Imma just say that the therapist from Hoarders is making that PAPER!!!!

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