Lil B the Based Has a Message for You

[ 9 ] November 14, 2011 |

Last night, I logged on to Twitter before bed, against my own better judgment. I saw that “GOT AIDS” was a worldwide trending topic, and once again, against my own instincts, I clicked. What I found was this:

BTW, NSFW because of lyrics. Use headphones or something.

*blank stare*

katt Blank Stare gif

Sooo… Ummm… Well… It’s a positive message. That’s the good part. He is really letting folks know about an important issue that affects us (HIV/AIDS). So good for him.

I’m not really sure what else to think. But my spirit is saying that this is worthy of roast. Partly because homeboy clearly wants us to think of him as Tupac re-incarnate with him putting half his face on this. And noted on his YouTube page is that his mixtape is called “Based Velli.” SIR!

And this part: “On top of that i got herpes. when she gave me aids my life ended early if i dont got cash to pay. Magic Johnson the only one that’s still alive…”

Oh. I don’t e’em have time to tell him to sit.

Everybody can’t be a rapper.

And I’m mad at Twitter for introducing me to this.

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  1. naturalista88 says:

    So… I guess his heart was in the right place, but I can’t get jiggy w/this sh*t. Plus, Twitter is probably the reason why we’re trillions of dollars in the hole, so I can’t get jiggy w/that sh*t either.

  2. Krista says:

    I can’t even pretend to take anyone that refers to himself as “Based God” seriously.

  3. DreaLeeanne says:

    Good message but, I mean…really? Really? *logs off*

  4. Wow…explicit good message…He ain no Tupac though…

  5. Chanel T says:

    That’s the ugliest gotdamn “cd” cover i’ve ever seen in my life. Why would he do that to Pac?

  6. larenee10 says:

    But, Katt’s blank stare #doe. It had me weak. I felt guilty and I wasn’t even involved.

  7. Let me record my new song “I Got An Earache” and “I Got Deafness” in response to this f*ckery

  8. JMarguerite says:

    He has such an odd way of getting his messages out and the fact that HE CAN’T RAP, makes it worse and sound stupid. I cut it off after a minute. ICant with someone who calls himself “Based god,” and his mixtape was called “I’m Gay.” #smh I guess his followers got the message…

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