The 20 Dumbest Celebrity Tweets of 2011

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So, as I promised after Part 1 & 2 of the 50 Dumbest Tweets of 2011, here’s the final list of the year: 20 Dumbest Celebrity Tweets. Some celebrities have really cheapened their stardom by acting out constantly on Twitter. Every time a celebrity tweets, a publicist quits his/her job and goes to work at Wal-Mart because it’s easier. The lack of vetting has made some of our favorite famous people look like the average non-spelling and non-logical fool.

But I had to do this list separately, honestly because of Tyrese. I like the man. He’s all chocolate, and looks like a tall drink of Coca-Cola (;-)). And “Baby Boy” is an urban classic. Ask BET to vouch for that, since they play it at least once a week, and I watch it. But the man isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. However, he doesn’t know it, and he takes himself very seriously to the point of hilarity. In the past year, folks have submitted so many Tyrese tweets to that I had to give him his own hashtag. And this has also led to him blocking me on Twitter. Yes, really.

Soooo yes, Tyrese is half of this list but it’s for reasons. Trust me. So here goes:

20 Dumbest Celebrity Tweets of 2011


Shoutout to DJ Pandora on Station WV-Internets! O___O


And y’all wonder why Kim’s brother can’t get no job. He’s too busy spending time attempting self-fellatio. 


“Highgean.” Soooo people just don’t respect that red squiggly line AT ALL. 


I just… I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TRYNA TELL US, TY! Especially the last sentence. “That ghetto hot sauce will stay forest” has me scratching my head like I got lice.


Who is Justin Beaver??


Not “anorexic” but “anoronix.” Now Metta… *deep sigh*


Someone come get Omarion out the paint. He’ont believe in lesbians b/c when they get around him, they change. INTO WHAT? Bow Wow? Have a seat, sir. \_


“Hell Mary.” Oh. (-_-)


Drake is up there acting like Aaliyah’s his holy mentor and guardian. Lemme find out that God made Aaliyah Drake’s Heavenly Sister. Apparently, while he’s on stage rapping like a diabetic sloth, Baby Girl’s cheering him on. I don’t think so. Wheel Chair Jimmy might wanna go have a seat cuz… NAWL!


Yeah! Go get a “PAPS MER!” O_______________o




Rumor is that this “aurthur’s” book “Manology” is a best-seller. iWeep.

13. Charlie, take us to your leader.


But wait… O_o


“Session finally.” Raheem, that’s “season finale.” Lawd…


Child BARRON hips. Mike ain’t e’em about that life. Him and Tyrese should have a sleepover.


What was Rosa parting? And a gift TO gab? This is why Murphy Lee can’t have nice things.


Snitching on yourself. Oh ok.


Crytinyte. I just wanna cry tonight. Tyrese, what are you saying to us??? 


This is about as deep as a drool spot. 

Bonus tweet from our favorite:


Oh Jody…

I was going to do 25 but I got tired, and you can’t blame me. After sifting through these 1,000+ proofs of the demise of good grammar, my eyes are cussing me out! And my soul is weary.

So I hope you’ve all enjoyed these lists. Same time next year for dumbest tweets of 2012? YES, LAWD! In the meantime, get your fix by visiting Dumbest Tweets regularly because it’s updated daily. If you see any tweets that make you *facepalm*, submit them on the DumbestTweets Submit page.

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Getchu a piece! And:

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  1. Nichole says:

    Storefront preacher Tyrese is the most annoying person on Twitter. Do us a favor and delete your account for 2012! Just disappear!

    What happened to Draya’s tweet? Remember when she didn’t know who Steve Jobs was but she sent that tweet from her iPhone! Bless her heart!

  2. Michelle says:

    Ty-ty is the Ethel to your Lucy…match made in comedy heaven!

  3. Mikimu says:

    #7 made me howl…..hysterical!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Tyrese blocked you on Twitter? LOL! And the one about Italy…iCan’t.

  5. Luxurylatte says:

    Tyrese is literally that old “In Living Color” skit come to life. You know, the one where Damon was in jail, playing the ejumacated bruthaman speaking out on da ethtrinicities of the Man’s plan? Smh…. -_-

  6. sincerelyalana says:

    I am crying right now! Tyrese is just…I want someone to take his Twitter account from him, however, I’d miss it. Ghetto hot sauce? Sir, WHAT?

  7. naturalista88 says:

    This is why I don’t get all stan like w/celebrities; less of a disappointment when I find out how dumb & senseless they are.

  8. Cyncere says:

    I have never laughed and cried this much…I’ve read all of the 2011 posts and I’m floored…some of this stuff is unbelievable and you cannot blame it on typos..OMG…tooo funnny!!!

  9. RChelle says:

    I swear I love your sense of humor…too funny!! Poor Tyrese

  10. Niki says:

    A diabetic sloth though?? Loooooool!

    • Dinasty2.0 says:

      I can’t eem much lie. That kilt it for me. Cause all I saw was that gif of Drake of bouncing around like some spazzed out joker face.

  11. Dinasty2.0 says:

    I think I absolutely HOLLERED on each and every one. I most certainly have tears in my eyes.

    Because I remember when most of these hit the interwebs. And the others I hate I wasn’t around for.

    If I were a publicist, not one of my clients would be allowed to manage their own social networks. Not one. Twitter needs a new slogan, exposing niggas for shits and giggles daily.

    SN: Wouldn’t it be funny if Beyonce actually decided to start tweeting, and she started spouting off random ratchetness like these fools up here? Creole soups for the soul ‘nshit. That would be so tragic. Hilarious as hell, but tragic.

    • Flyy says:

      NOT “Creole soups for the soul ‘nshit”


      I like to believe in my heart of hearts that if Bey hit the innawebs she’d be just as educated and ratched as we… pointing out the shenenigans of her colleagues in the most wig snatchingest way possible.

  12. Kamie says:

    LMFAO!!! What??? Tyrese and Mike Epps……. We need to know what you are smoking! Lol! And what the hell was Charlie saying? #notwinning

  13. Dion says:

    Telling him not to move to Italy because he can’t speak French yeaaaa and then saying c’mon son lol

  14. Sub-rosa says:

    I really want to believe that some of this mess is attributable to auto-correct.

  15. BRO.. When I tell you I donkey brayed out loud… My cat in the corner looking at me like this REGGIN +.+.

    iQUIT Black Ty.

  16. No hate allowed, I ice the crowd, with cool rhymes that burst so loud. See Ghetto Hot Sauce all pimped out real nice, More movie features than twice, One For The Money! Starring Katherine Heigl ! Sheryl Sheppard…duh!

  17. See, Poet – Valdez Thompson is the creator of me as well as his other Book, titled, “Mind Coffee”…See he kinda chill and discrete so he writes behind verbal poet sheets, His talents awake and never put to sleep. He was a Stand In for Ving Rhames, and in a scene he played a Vings soldier in a movie titled,” Mafia” and said during filming we gonna Ghetto hot Sauce… can see for your self if Pam Grier who touched Valdez’s thigh with one comical line could talk Producer Ryan Combs and Ving to work out some legal things. At any rate at least the poet, author, and actor Valdez Thompson got to spit some Ghetto Hot Sauce to Actress Persia White in the limo before it was too late. She loved the rhymes and said so herself, “ANYTHING ELSE?”

  18. Elle says:

    Oh my lord…this is SO FUNNY. They need to do better next year.

  19. John says:

    Man, oh man. This list is hilarious especially the highgean one…lol. Just wow.

  20. Kim says:

    Tyrese STAYS losing! And he don’t even realize it. I’d feel bad for him, but he’s just so flagrant with his ignorance.

  21. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    Man! I laughed so frickin hard that snot came out of my nose. Lord some celebrities are stupid. See this is the reason right here why I am not on twitter.

  22. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    I know I’m late to the party(new to the blog) but this foolishness right here, makes me want to join Twitter.

  23. Big Willie says:

    Tyrese mentioned the name of title of an author who has been making a buzz in Hollywood and across the world! His book “Mind Coffee” is hot on! Get it on my cell phone Kindle app for just $2.99! Thank you, Author Valdez Thompson! I can’t wait to read your other book titled GHETTO HOT SAUCE! YOUR A BOSS OF C.E.O!

  24. Big Willie says:


  25. Ian Graimes says:

    Follow @Tyretzschean for a mashup of Tyrese and Nietzsche.

  26. Shonda Giddins says:

    LOL! I needed this laugh!

  27. WashYourMouth says:

    Not celebrities, but you might get a few chuckles from the #CaribanaPetPeeves tweets.

  28. Unbelievable... says:

    This here killed me softly. .. these tweets are the main reasons that folks should never idolize celebrities. .. some of them are dumber than the average bear. ..lmao! Thanks for sharing Luvvie!

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