Hitting High Notes is Hard. See This Girl’s Struggle

[ 32 ] January 11, 2012 |

I bet y’all thought I was talking about *insert singer’s name here* right? Nope! I wasn’t even being shadeful. I’m talmbout a little girl who tried singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and when she keeps failing, she starts hollering. Literally. Put some headphones on if you’re around people and see this foolery.

Girl. GIRL. Ma’am…

I don’t like to talk about other folks’ children (o_o) but where are her parents??? Did they not hear her squealing like a banshee every 10 seconds? And she was dropping F-bombs like it was her ABCs. Yet no one came to check on her or nothing. This tells me that it’s a regular occurrence in their household. Homegirl does this ALLATAHM. If I heard someone doing this in MY home, I’d think a cat clawed out their eyes or something. I would be alarmed. But not her kinfolk. They must be used to it.

And ummm… what made her think she could sing like Whitney, anyway?  I promise that some self-awareness can begin at a young age. What’s hilarious is how PISSED she’s getting that she can’t hit those high notes. Mini Ma’am, maybe, just MAYBE singing isn’t your portion, and you need to just sit and be content in it. And her parents oughta encourage her to take on other things. Like knitting. Or going outside to play.

All that hollering. Goes to show that the high note struggle is REAL out here.

Bless her heart.

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  1. Amber says:

    Pure. Hilarity. And yes, girlfriend is in that house screaming and cursing up a storm on the regular. There is not one concerned adult in that house or parent poking their head into that room. And how does a 3rd grader record and post a YouTube video?? Adult supervision is CLEARLY a foreign concept in that house, and I promise I’ma feel sorry for this child just as soon as I stop laughing…

  2. SanTara says:

    Who is she talking to? She’s mad at us? “Don’t…”. LMAO!! This poor child was Blair Witch project, the musical. Deep in the pit of my laughter, I’m saddened.

  3. Saitonne says:

    hahahaha lmaoo
    I got a confession though I may have been that child without all the cursing. Singing my heart’s out when I was home alone :) lmaoo and missing the high notes but she’s hilarious.
    I ain’t no Whitney but at least I keep it restricted to the shower.

  4. Ms. Williams says:

    O_o LOL! when she screamed the first time, I screamed too. I can’t even lie. She scared my afro STRAIGHT! Oh my goodness, I can’t take it!

  5. JR says:

    lol Why is she screaming so much? Dangggg.

  6. …LMAO! Like taking the glasses off was gonna make you sing better. Poor lil tink-tink. LMAO!

  7. tlewisisdope says:

    I literally hollered from the first 3 seconds. This is so tragic it’s funny. Poor lil thing.

  8. NicoleLisa says:

    See…I can’t. I need to compose myself. I’m supposed to working and all (smh, I know).
    But I really want to know who she was talking to. Did she record this while video chatting with a friend or something? Anyways, all that screaming Lord, my child couldn’t be screaming like that and I don’t come check on her. She must’ve been home alone. Smh again.

  9. JMarguerite says:

    I fell OUT when she said “and I…OH FUCK” That was the end of it for me. I laughed the rest of the video. Her eyes went crazy and errethang. This is just..where are her parents?

  10. RozB says:

    She is screaming like she has Tourettes! My co-worker asked who was barking!

    She needs to go play outside for real!

  11. Evelyn says:

    Singer to singer… Babygirl, you practice, THEN you record… smh

  12. Miss P. says:

    I am emotionally distressed by this video. I got a very strong “Chuckies Child” vibe. Please excuse me while I curl up into the foetal position.

  13. 1) I was CRYING at 0:13

    2) But on a serious note – parents need to buy laptops with no cameras. I’ve seen kids post some isht on YouTube that will come and bite them in the azz at age 13 at school…or age 23 trying to get a job

  14. TeeNikki says:

    Ok, nobody asked the obvious……if the thang was that bad, WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS RATCHET did you post it??? That’s what I kept thinking the whole time. She talmbout Ok, I can do this. Naw chick, ya cain’t.

    And yall know that it prevalent in a lot of…..extra light skinneded homes for kids to talk back and cuss at their parents and the worst they get is a stern look, or a “Timmy, now don’t do that”. I’d show it to my kids at school, but she had to go and muddy the waters with the doodoo balls comin outta her mouth.

    And kids purposefully make videos of the fighting and all kinds of foolishness to put on youtube. Most fresh laptops come with a built in camera, but parents need to disable it and password protect the stuff. And stop buying them expensive phones with cameras and some mo’ stuff. I have 3rd graders with phones as good as mine.

  15. That Dude says:

    Girl… Girl. GURL. No miss ma’am. I couldn’t even get through it w/all that screaming. And then she’s acting like it’s OUR fault?! Cuz we’re making you nervous, so you can’t hit the note? Lil girl, I could give you a ladder & a bat, and you still couldn’t hit that note right….

  16. CaliGirlED says:

    That is hilarious!!! She might want to stick Miley ‘nem!

  17. Bpurpleb001 says:

    When she covered the camera though…then uncovered it when she thought she was finally gone do it. LMBO

  18. cyndi says:

    Iiiiiii wiiilllllll aalwaysssss lovve youououou aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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