It’s My Birthday! And I Come Bearing Gift!

[ 50 ] January 5, 2012 |

Yes, gift. Just one.

So, today is my 27th birthday and I’m thankful for seeing this day and being able to celebrate it. Countless blessings around me and I can’t help but smile. I don’t have much planned, but I am tempted to do hoodrat things with my friends in the name of LUVVIE DAY.

But let me get to it. I wanted to give my blog readers a chance to win something on my birthday. Sorel Footwear, maker of awesome and cute winter boots sent me these Tofino boots that are everything I ever wanted! Warm, cute and red! One of the boots is for me, and the other is for one of you. But here’s the thing: they’re size 7.5.

Here’s me wearing mine last week:

Me in Sorels

You too can getchu a piece of these. To win, leave a comment about what you’re getting me for my birthday. The answer that makes me cackle the most will win these boots. Size 7.5.

But yeah. YAYYYYYY it’s my birthday! *does the cabbage patch*

P.S. Thanks to Sorel for the boots.

Update: Winner is ICEBTS!

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  1. Jojo says:

    Happy Birthday!!! It’s My Birthday too!! Ayyyyy Capricorn!

  2. Tameeka Time says:

    I’m going to get Luvvie a big ole’ framed
    photo of Tyrese.

  3. msevahoney says:

    Happy Birthday to the Goddess of Goon! *leyomi drops* I dont wear a size 7.5 but I will share my homemade 4 layer red velvet birthday cake that I will get for my bday tomorrow!

  4. Kelley says:

    Happy Birthday! I got you a copy of “Tyrese on Twitter”… It is everything ridiculous he has ever tweeted…

  5. Tanya says:

    @alonzolerone password?

  6. Laurie says:

    Happy Birthday Luvvie!!!! As your gift I’d make Red Velvet Cake Pops for you as they’re easy to carry around. But the kicker would be I’d make some Rice cake pops too…hahaha You could have a plain rice pop, Spanish rice pop, rice & peas pop, rice & gravy pop, jasmine rice pop… Ah I’ll even throw in a rice pudding cake pop!! All on a stick! No fork or plate needed! Have a blessed day & an awesome birthday!

  7. Kyrie says:

    I would get you a Lazy Boy off the clearance floor at Art Van where you can sit and sip tea and watch as you tell others to have a seat…on the floor

  8. emma says:

    i’ve been eyeing these boots for weeks! in red specifically. i wear an 8.5 tho :(

  9. Joy says:

    I will get Tyrese & Mike Epps to sing all of the tweeter post to you while you are served flaming minyon or flay ming young (your choice) & a seizure salad!

    Afterwards, Tyrese will take you in his miracle whip colored benz (mayonnaise is GAWDY) to the club where your crush velvet stalker is so later you can see what it’s like to live in luxury instead of the bush!

  10. Goldie B says:

    GO LUVIE IT’s ya birthday!!!! HAPPY EARTHDAY!!!! In the spirit of ratchness I would get u a red shirt to go with ur red boots and some khaki pants so we could go to Target and change prices, play with the PA system and other hood rat things. Then I would treat u to red velvet fried chicken, red velvet cake and to top it off toast Luvie Day with a Red velvet- tini LOL all while paying Amish to ur blog by tweeting, roasting and slaying all that would be ratchet. Oh and I would buy u a red cape cause ur my Internet she- ro and I’d be ur sidekick in the pursuit of drop kicking, slave slapping and moonwalking all over that fool that posted ur blog on YouTube as his own. # Lettuceprayiwintheboots…… Have an AWESOME BIRTHDAY!

  11. Q says:

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Patrice says:


  13. TanyaJ says:

    I would send Tyrese over…have him cover himself in Red Velvet cake…while he drinks your bath water grr…yes not girl but grr out of your favorite RED pumps! Oh and did I mention you get to eat the Red Velvet cake….from all over his bawwwwwwwwwwww-dy <—-POW!

  14. happy birthday luvvie. :)

  15. Tameika says:

    Happy Birthday Luvvie! Imma get you a big ole bowl of rice with a side of red velvet cake and some sense because you are truly a mess. A lovely mess that keeps me torn up in laughter. All the best to you!

  16. Kay says:

    Happy Birthday lil sis……”Pants” says happy birthday too…enjoy ur day…damn u is getting OLD!!!!!!

  17. Mikimu says:

    Girl, my gift was sooooo, erm, *no words* I had to email it to you….let me know whatchu think??? Have a wonderfully awesome day! Luv the boots :0)

  18. TMaryMack says:

    Happy birthday Luvvie!!!!! Hope you get all Red Velvet Everything :) The boots are too small for me, but I hope you enjoy your birthday!

  19. GloBug says:

    l l l l

    Happy Birthday Luvvie! If u use ur imagination the object above looks like a gift, n yes its for u! Lol. U better not be judging me. This is an original design called a “Ratchet Box.” Aaalll the ratchetness you’ve encountered is to go n this box, n ur welcome 2 add as much to it as ur little heart desires. I’ve taken the liberty of getting u started, as I have placed Tyrese’s entire Twitter account, Kim K.’s ass AND her marriage certificate, Justin Beiber’s facial hair AND his paternity test inside…ENJOY!

  20. GloBug says:

    *I promise it looked like a box as I was typing. The correct spacing must’ve gotten lost n the interwebs somewhere.

  21. mr_rayiii says:

    Happy Cake Day Luvvie!!!

    Since the Repubs will clearly stop at nothing to dethrone our Prez imma send you enough pee to pass three drug #tesses. We both know that if they get in office you gon have to “give up the golden” if you want to receive yo #benalphets (welfare, busfare, food stamps, child care, and #amish)

  22. JG says:

    You’ll be receiving a booty transplant from Serena. I already got her to sign the donor card.

    You’re welcome.

  23. JG says:

    BTW, it will be a live transplant. So the minute it’s on, you’ll already be halfway through a twerk.

  24. Brownngirl says:

    Happy birthday, Luvvie! I have a plus-size foot, so a 7.5 can only dangle from my rear-view mirror. I hope you have a great day full of blessings & ratchetness!

  25. blogoratti says:

    Have a memorable birthday. Cheers!

  26. Capricorn says:

    Happy Birfday to you, Luvvie!!

    *does secret Capricorn handshake*

    *throws red shoe glitter*

    *Bro. Franklin’s in your honor*

  27. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    Yo feets are entirely too tiny for me. The boots are fly though.

    I just wanted to wish you a happy born day. You share it with a special lady… my MOMMY!!!

    Go Capricorns!

  28. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday! I’d give you a man servant by the name of Tyrese Gibson…who will feed you all the red velvet cupcakes…cake…and pancakes your heart can stand…while you read him about the Jesus, Tupac pic his ass posted!

  29. naturalista88 says:

    Happy birthday, may it be filled w/everything that is red velvet.

  30. styleosophy says:

    Luvvie, don’t enter me in the contest, I’m in sunny Flo-ri-da….I just wanted to wish happy birthday and I hope you get your hoodrat on!

  31. Cheekie says:

    Hmmm, my feet are too big at 8.5 (#CinderellaWorldProblems) but I can certainly try for these for Mama Cheeks. That’s her (lilliputian) size!

    For your birthday, I shall formerly punish ol’ dude that stole your Intellectual Property by sending him a Tyrese Wisdom-o-gram every single day for the rest of his apology sweater life.

  32. Dee Cee says:

    Happy Birthday Luvvie!!! Enjoy to the fullest!

  33. Gloworm says:

    Hey happy how bout an imaginary poor-quailty bootleg dvd copy of baby boy for your viewing ehem..pleasure?? Lol! I love ur posts have a GREAT day && many many more :)

    “IT WAS SOME LITTLE N****S” <—-in my anti-climatic jody voice..

  34. lj says:

    Happy Birthday fellow Cappy! I would get you a autographed copy of Tyrese & Rev Run’s new books. :)

  35. CaspercutieSTL says:

    Happy Birthday, Luvvie!

  36. RozB says:

    Happy Burfday Luvvie, but why you gots to have teensy-assed feets?

    Ain’t mad at ya – any bigger and they would look like clown feet on your petite self!

    Have a happy day and everything that comes with it. Maybe I’ll hear about how somebody stole on @alzerone for stealing content! As Bernie Mac would say: “Bus’ him in the head til the white meat shows!”

  37. icebts says:

    For your very special day you must have a special gift. I’m getting you a 7 layer Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake delivered by an Iota with a birthday card signed by Tyrese, Lil Duval and Terry McMillan.

    Enjoy…and Happy Birthday Luvvie!

  38. Atiya says:

    Guuuuurl for your bert-day I wish you much happiness and legeverdy. And may you party like a rock star a a sequence alphet! By the way, you are getting a serious @$$ side eye for only having these boots in a 7.5!!! Can a sistah get a receipt! lol

  39. Krista says:

    If I wasnt a size 9 I’d enter :(
    But anywho, happy birthday your luvvilyness! (See what I did there?)

  40. TeeNikki says:

    Luvvie Dove, these bamas are up in here trippin, talmbout they feets is too big. WHATEVA!! I wears a 12.5, and I’d rock the mess outta those 7.5s. See, the key is ball your feets up JUST right, so you can get all of yo toeses in there. My secret is to tuck the pinkie toe up under the other toes, which clears about 3 inches by isself. ORRRRRRRRRRRRR, I could holla at that chick that made the Fauxboutins to see iffn she can make them into peep toe boots. Then I can get those gel tips on my toeses with the lime green and orange crackle polish French’s manicure. I seent this girl on the train wif the eagle claw curve tips, talmbout “Now I can REALLY drop down and get my eagle on!!!” I think I’ma ask for those. You’ont think it’ll be too cold for that do you????? I’m jus sayin, I can make it work. Or just have my daughter wear them :-D

    Now, for you, I’d treat you to a new ‘do. I think this would be BIZANGIN!!! AND it’d go with your charity work!!!!

    Then have Fee Lai Ming-Yong hook these up ova at tha spot!!


  41. kristal says:

    i’ma get you a dereon duffle with a matching jacket and you definitely deserve an airbrushed tshirt with tyrese’s 10 best tweets on it!!! your alphet will be the hottest thing in the streets!!! your self of steam will be boosted x10 shawty!!

  42. Happy Birthday you little azz feet having heifer! *stomps size 10s off into the corner*

  43. Marcie says:

    Happy Birthday, Luvvie! My gift to you would be a pic of us at Blogging While Brown in L.A. since Scott Hanselman said we look alike. We don’t. But we’re adorable. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  44. lexi says:

    Forgive my late response but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUVVIE!!! I’d definitely cook you some red velvet fried chicken and get you some red velvet donuts lol and we can eat them while we do everthing deemed ratchetness lol!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!OH AND A RED FOREVER LAZY LOL

  45. N. Nicholes says:

    I’m going to get you a red corset, so you can bosomtastic like the a certain young lady that walked into a lounge that I was in last week Friday. Apparently boobs up to your neck is the way to go, in Chicago, in freezing cold.

    Happy Belated birthday lady!

  46. Tea says:

    I think I may have missed the giveaway (as I clearly missed your birthday). Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you have a fabulous year.

    Now for your gift, it’s simple. I’d give you two damns. One to keep and one to give.

  47. HWBC says:

    u poor poor pathetic…. person?? i feel so sad for you… you have NOTHING better to do with your Friday night then to sit in a dark, cold and lonely room writing things that you would never EVER be bold enough to say out loud to a black person… you’re not even strong enough to say these things out loud to YOURSELF while you sit in this dark lonely room… i’m truly sad that you don’t know by now… that everyone… including your sad and pathetic self is an immigrant… unless of course, you’re a native american… and if you are… then carry on with your foolishness… AND WHY in the world are you speaking for wealthy white people? you’re obviously in a different class! A wealthy white person would be somewhere living life on a friday night! Not posting retarded shit on someone’s blog?!? A black person REALLY REALLY hurt your feelings as a child… i dig it… i know it hurts…. but, my friend its time to MOVE on! Find a companion! Leave the keyboard killing and gigabyte gang banging behind and LIVE life! Now after you read this…. take a long warm shower…. i know its been a while… don’t forget to use a wash rag! and when you’re done, come back on-line… collect yourself…. go to Ebay and do yourself and the rest of the world a favor…. buy yourself a life. : ) I won’t charge you anything for this therapy session… but next time, I’m going to bill you for my services….. You’re welcome.

  48. hWBC says:

    So Sorry that Luvie has to read foolishness like this on such a positive post…. what a loser… u need some jergens, some alone time with PALMela and then a long nap… release the anger buddy…


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