Whose Wendy’s Tattoo is This?

[ 16 ] January 26, 2012 |

So I saw this pic and was like O_O

Wendy's Tattoo

This is a tattoo.

This is why some people can’t have nice things. Unless you consider obesity and the diabeetus nice. One day, you decide that you want to get a permanent mark on your body. You don’t go with the usual cheesy stuff like the name of your mom. Or the girl you’re in love with now but are gonna break up with next week. Or a barbed wire. You know, the usual corny stuff. Nawl.

This fool went and got WENDY’S logo. A chain restaurant’s insignia is on someone’s body. Ain’t no frosty that damb good. NO MA’AM. NO GIRL. I don’t even understand. Is he/she tryna pay homage to their favorite restaurant? What is their motivation?

Y’all gotta talk to your cousins more often. WHOSE TATTOO IS THIS???

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  1. Natasha says:

    Not this early in the morning…I can’t!!!! Ain’t NO burger or fries that good. You don’t see me tatting a piece of my grandma’s fried chicken with a hot roll on my left thigh…this is crazy!!!

    • Natasha says:

      And why does “Wendy” look like she’s gonna be auditioning for a role in the next “Planet of the Apes”… IJS That “artist needs to be force-fed a pound of cold greasy fries.

  2. *playing devil’s advocate*

    what if her name is wendy tho?

  3. luxurylatte says:

    The only reason such foolery would be acceptable if it was Dave (the creator and CEO… who has passed away) or his daughter Wendy’s husband. Cause otherwise this is rachet and tattoo artists that encourage these bad decisions need their papers pulled.

    We need a 7 day waiting period on tattoos like guns.

  4. Brett Minor says:

    I used to own a tattoo shop and we always questioned people on these types of tattoos. Anything to do with pop culture caused us to make them think about it. Just because you love a band or TV show today does not mean that it will have the same place in your heart 20 years from now. We even pressed them when it came to putting someone’s name on their body, unless it was their parent or their child. However, in the end, it is their body, they have money and we are there to provide that service.

    The only times we flat refused were Satanic symbols, gang insignia and anything on the face.

  5. JusMe says:

    I’m gonna assume it was some kind of (ridiculous) contest or something. I’ve seen companies have them asking loyal customers to tattoo their logo to “advertise” and they get some kind of (incompensatable, yes I just made that up) prize. Otherwise, that’s just fat.

  6. naturalista88 says:

    My morning has officially been made *lol*.

  7. olabombshell says:

    There is no excuse for this, not even if you own a franchise or if you met the love of your life there or if perhaps you had an orgasmic frosty. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Just stop it, NOW! Hide yo kids & hide yo wife cause this fast food nation is failing, miserably.

  8. I wanted to tattoo my company logo on me cuz its dope but I thought better of it… + it would hurt :/

  9. naturalista88 says:

    This just reminded me of a question one of my FB friends posted (paraphrasing): “Who think it would hurt to get a tattoo under your armpit?” o_O followed by -_- is how I looked @ my computer screen…

  10. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    Like seriously, really. I knew that people really love Wendy’s but I did not know that it was that deep. wow!

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