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[ 6 ] March 28, 2012 |

My peoples! So usually, I go on a blogging hiatus once a year to be lazy recharge and refresh. Now is that time. As you’ve probably noticed, in the past 2 weeks I’ve only blogged like 5 times, so I already unofficially kinda started being a blog bum. But my hiatus means I probably won’t be posting anything new for the next month. However, if I’m driven to do it, you might see a surprise post. If something so ratchet happens that a rant in my spirit tells me to, I shall. The people who’ve subscribed will get it in their inbox or their Google Reader, so get like them! :-D

But yes, in the meantime, you can still find me around the interwebs, acting up and showing out. Where shall I be? Wells, I’ll be:

* Writing for (my “Keeping it Reality” column)
* Tweeting and trying to avoid getting blocked by more celebrities
* on Facebook causing ruckus
* on making sure I’m snatching the wigs of the underbelly of Twitter
* on MustLuvvShoes talmbout, well, shoes.
* Pinning stuff on Pinterest

You know I’ll be around these webs. And I shall come back in May REST to go!

Are you gon miss me? I’ma miss you, doe. Feel free to write me love letters. Or send me edible arrangements. I like presents. Oh you not sending me nothing? Aight then. (-____-)

Blog ya later!

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  1. LB says:

    Yer Mostest Awesomeleynessis,
    Do enjoy!
    I’ll miss ya girl. See ya on the drive back then.

  2. Krista says:

    -Grabs your ankles-
    NAAAAWL :( I ain’t ready for this!

  3. Starle says:

    I’m so going to miss you! I guess i’ll see you on twitter!

  4. Bpurpleb001 says:

    I make sure I log on Twitter every Monday evening for your wig snatching BBW comments.

    I’ll see you there.

  5. DeAngelus says:

    I been patiently awaiting. It’s May 1st. Im just saying…

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