“Hoodies and Heels” Party for Trayvon Martin??? I Hate People.

[ 54 ] March 23, 2012 |

I called it. I CALLED IT. The other night, I was on Twitter talmbout how I don’t want to see folks have a club party in honor of Trayvon Martin. I KNEW these raggelly club promoters would use this to try to bring folks to come drop down and get their eagle on at their terrible parties.

Lo and behold, look what someone showed me:

Hoodies and Heels Party for Trayvon

“Hoodies and Heels” party for justice for Trayvon. I want to fight somebody. I knew one of your cousins was gonna go and do this. I KNEW folks were gonna take this hoodies symbolism and do hoodrat things with it. You greedy opportunists! You crass and couthless classless wonders!

How is a night at the club supposed to bring justice for Trayvon? Me doing the wop to the latest in Top Urban 40 music is not gonna put Zimmerman in cuffs. What is WRONG with folks? I mean, my goodness. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Folks be having MLK night at the club too so…

This party will probably be attended by Dereon and Jordan heel enthusiasts too. Ugh.

And as if it wasn’t bad enough, they go and use Trayvon’s pic for the flyer. Haysoos be a trickle of tact for this troop of trifling thieves (alliteration FTW!).

The bottom is talmbout “All profits will go to the family of #TrayvonMartin. THE DEVIL IS A LIE. I bet not one dime of this will go to that family. Somebody would have to show me some notarized receipts because these people need more people. And if they did want to do a fundraiser for Trayvon so bad, does it have to be in a place that requires a bouncer? They couldn’t have no picnic or church bazaar? Oh ok.

I’m not ok with this. Can yall tell your people to chill a little bit? Just a little? And if you go to this party, shame on you. I wish shabbiness on the hoodies of all these DJs and promoters. A TERRIBLE mess.

Everyone involved with this needs to have s gahtdamb SEAT. \_____ <— lounge chair {\_ _ _/} <— sofa |___| <— park bench. Pick a seat. ANY. SEAT. Just SADDOWN.

Sometimes, my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk. Word to Zora Neale.

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  1. MLK's Dream Wasn't to End Up On Your Club Flyers | Awesomely Luvvie | January 10, 2013
  1. Not NANN..NARY or NICHT….dime is going to the family. Porch Monkeys make me SICK, yo!

  2. But you didn’t comment about the “red bottoms” off to the left. :-\ What these clowns fail to recognize is this is someone’s SON… not a party theme! Neither Jesus nor Trayvon died for this. UGH!

  3. kay says:

    So basically, not nan dime will be seen by his parents…It says, free till 12am..You know every hood rat, sewer rat & project Pat gonna be in there before 12 and drinking up ALL the liquor….*rolls eyes & sucks teef*

  4. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    OH Lord! This is just not right. These people need to be shot for this

  5. Erin says:

    “This party will probably be attended by Dereon and Jordan heel enthusiasts too. Ugh.”

    Luvvie!!! I didn’t wanna laugh! This is serious!

  6. Rawjek says:

    But this is the kinds of bullshit fuckery we do not need. Who in their right fucking mind would do this? I swear the “Special Invited Guest” Needs to be the KKK and George Zimmerman, so he can shoot each and everyone of you “IGNANT MUHFUCCAS”

  7. alwaysabgirl says:

    This is so disrespectful and misguided I can’t begin to wrap my brain about how this would be appropriate in anyone’s mind. It just makes me want to cry.

  8. Ms. Williams says:

    There are no words. None. Just crickets. What the heck is wrong with people?! As my coach used to say–”IS YOUR BRAIN BROKEN? OXYGEN LOW? MUST BE!” Don’t put this boy’s name on it. Don’t put his parents in it like you’re gonna give them dime one. I just can’t believe people would go that low for a club theme. All the Black leaders are rolling in their graves. All the living leaders just tripped on a crack and fell.

  9. naturalista88 says:

    So I guess sitting in VIP drinking on some pink Moscato supposed to bring justice for Trayvon & his family *rolls eyes*.

  10. jdaprophet says:

    watch these leeches have this event and a video of a fight breaking out in the parking lot pops up on wshh smgdh yall mama taught you better than that

  11. Itshaboidino says:

    Here is the phone# to this low life club, give them a call and let them know we will not stand for this foolishness..

  12. mochazina says:

    what’s really sad is that in their small minds this really is a viable means of honoring Trayvon.

  13. Shaking the hell out of my head…I can’t believe this! I’ve seen it all. We know this, all of those proceeds aren’t going to anybody but the promoters pockets.

  14. DurtyMo says:

    Let me go ahead and post this on YKYDAW…smh…

  15. BrandonFG says:

    I was irritated enough when some of the Occupy assholes tried to hijack the protests in NYC and Chicago. They made it seem like they were down for the cause, but turned it into another “We are the 99″ rallies. Despicable and selfish.

    This though? This is just Trifling with a capital “T”, and falls into the category of anyone who hosts “I Have a Dream” club nights to capitalize on MLK Day. Get that garbage all the way outta here!

  16. Kaycee says:

    Its new age slavery mentality. The white man or the man with money to pay the club owner to disrespect his own people at cost. This theory has worked to sell out our own for years.So, do be surprised, its expected. This young is an example of the truth about our culture. Broken families, no jobs, no proper education and only good for entertainment. And we only come together when someone dies. When I looked at all the people who showed for Ms. Hustons honor. I shook my head. Just think if all those people came together to help her with her struggle with drug abuse.She would be alive today. There is power in numbers. That’s how we got a black president. Luvvie you called, before it happend! You know you live in a generation of the zombies,no mind of their own. You know the media has be heavy on zombie movies,TV, shows and books. Indirectly mocking us and the message is WE DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE! If we don’t fight for our own we are killing our own future to exsist! Wake up and be aware its going to get worse before it gets better!

  17. BoMeezy says:


  18. Carla says:

    “How is a night at the club supposed to bring justice for Trayvon?”

    The same way at night at a fashion show brings about HIV/AIDS awareness…

  19. And in typical hoodrat fashion watch a damn fight break out and shots ring in the air which takes us further awayfrom the cause

  20. Barbara says:

    I think they should give a portion of the bar receipts to the family. I agree with Carla it still a way to educate.

  21. angela says:

    What profits? Everybody in and drink free before 12…. If you are raising money, shouldn’t you be charging? The line is gonna be around the corner by 10 wit people tryna get in free. #haveaseat

  22. Luvologist says:


    No words. Just ((smh)).

    “How is a night at the club supposed to bring justice for Trayvon?”

    It probably won’t. There will probably be gunshots and bloodshed.


  23. CaliGirlED says:

    This is some bullsh*t!!!

    Besides, how are you going to advertise free drinks, women 18+ years of age and a featured picture of a minor? You have 4 DJs, free entry and free drinks before 12am. Hell ain’t nobody making any money! Who made these flyers Cole (Martin)??? This has to be a damn misprint!

  24. MJ says:

    People, people, people. My peeps. Whomever you are… don’t deface the memory of this young man by trying to gain profit utilizing his name. If I were his parents, I’d sue over mess like this. You need to think twice about this ghetto mess. This is the lowest I’ve seen us stoop. Stop the madness.

    • Msladee says:

      “If I were his parents, I’d sue over mess like this”

      For all the hell they caught when it was announced that they wanted to own the rights to their son’s name, I’m sure this is the exact mess their lawyer foresaw.

  25. Luxurylatte says:


    How in the hell do some of you see this as a positive thing? No one that night is about to be educated on a damn thing other than how to twerk to skeet skeet music while getting tipsy on some Cooks champagne. This is a travesty!

    So basically, we are gonna use the murder of a young black teenager to party and bs? The young man on the flyer was 17, but only 21+ men get in, so we are also going to encourage a bunch of grown ass men to show up so they can take advantage of and get served by some 18+ young ones? Coontastic.

    The F outta here with that…

  26. Jay says:

    If people wanna truly donate, the family’s lawyer released an official link on a conference call yday and there’s a specific link w/ all the $$$ going directly to the family to help w/ lawyer fees, helping them fly to the different sponsored rallies, etc


  27. bb says:

    Let me get this straight: This family has lost a child. They’ve had to endure the most painful experience any parent will ever have to live through. They will never get to see him graduate from high school. They will never move him into a dorm room, or watch him accept his degree, see him get married, or hold his first child. On top of all of this the murder of their child was grossly mishandled by a police department that has a history of misconduct when the victim is a person of color. They’re also in a media storm where full on victim blaming by jack asses like geraldo are telling them it’s their child’s fault because he’s a nigger in a hoodie and he should have known that’s going to scare people. Yet somehow all of the pain this family has endured and continues to endure is going to be mitigated by a bunch of tragic sweaty negros in a dirty little club in Orlando (btw, I’m from Orlando and I’ve been to the Roxy. It’s not fit for a dog to shit in) grinding to lil’ wayne or some such other ignant rapper talking about how he fucks ho’s all day and smokest the loudest of weed? Please let me know if I’M MISSING something, but this is the most horrid, vapid, and selfish reaction to this tragedy. There are complex racial and social issues on display for the world to see and all you gaunch ass motherfuckers can think about is going to club Roxy? Y’all ain’t shit!

    • Isis says:

      Get em!!!!
      My sentiments exactly.
      This fuckery…I just can’t. How disrespectful to this young mans memory and his grieving family. Ain’t nobody gonna be educated about nothing but slow grinding and body shots smh. Some of us make us look soo bad. *lowers head in shame*

    • IfYouEverComeBack says:

      *stands up and applauds you for this. Exactly This tragedy is not an opportunity for people to make money.

  28. Lafa says:

    I’m sitting here wondering if the people on this thread go out and party at all….and I do mean at all. Yes, kicking it for your b-day/graduation/new job/promotion/unemployment/new blog/failed blog counts. I have no idea who this promoter is nor the type of crowd he brings out. I also have no idea if he/she will ACTUALLY give any money the the family or lawyer.

    I do know that when something like this we should all do what we can to help. Even better we should use our skill and resources to help. For some of us that means donating directly, or organizing a rally, or writing blogs and sad to say some of us are party promoters.

    The fact of the matter is that people are going to find somewhere to kick it on March 23rd regardless…it IS a FRIDAY. Worse case scenario this promoter is bringing more attention to the issue. As crazy as it sounds some of the alleged Dereon wearing, Jordan Heel rocking heffas might not have even heard about the shooting until they saw the flyer. So in that case the promoter helped the cause..any donated money is a bonus.

    I’m just saying.

    Full Disclaimer: I am an ex promoter…but it was only in college.

    • stephanie82 says:

      Are you f’in kidding me?! You support this low life mess?! Those hoodrats won’t donate NOTHING because they’re probably gonna get drunk before they go so they won’t have to buy the watered down drinks. Im pretty sure there will be a fight since black ppl can’t get together without fighting and shooting. This “promoter” could’ve set up a rally or picnic. Not club party disrespecting this lil boy and his family. This is crazy and i bet your mad you didn’t think of this first. Wow this is why black ppl are looked down on. Ughhh….

    • BG says:

      Anyone whose first exposure to this infuriating tragedy is a club flyer, is truly dumber than I thought.

      Bottom line, someone is capitalizing off the incident with a club party, and that’s wrong, not to mention ignorant. Let’s not even pretend there’s an underlying good cause here. Yeah, the DJ’s going to say “RIP Trayvon” as he starts the next Weezy track. Yeah, that’s the way to remember him!

  29. Zandria says:

    There is really nothing for me to add, except to say I cannot and will not stand behind this foolishness…people will try to capitalize on anything and everything, and these people know damn well not nary dime is going to Trayvon’s family! I swear…

  30. April Crews says:

    So very upsetting. As a fellow blogger, THANK YOU for writing about this. It is a travesty. And they should be sued using his photo. And props to Zora Neale – she was so on point.

  31. Kween says:

    They mightus whale had just called it Hoodrats in Heels…

    I really am considering renouncing my Blackness…matter of fact, I’m awaiting my people’s return to Earf to retrieve me. I’ve gathered enough data for now…

  32. janel says:

    Luvvie, you need to sit your bougie ass ALL THE WAY DOWN. I’m reading this on my phone, but I’ll get on my computer later and write a more eloquent response. But this attitude is exactly the kind we don’t need, and the mentality that justifies the persecution of “those Blacks”. Its highly insensitive of you and I do not appreciate it.

    • Bougie poster says:

      You mad? No one cares about what you do not appreciate. Get over yourself then get a clue.

      How is it bougie to protest a party that has nothing to do with promoting justice and has everything to do with shaking your ass to Top 40 rap music? This event was a thinly-veiled attempt to profit on this tragedy. If it’s bougie to be against that, then I’ll be the first in line. But I’m sure others are already standing there. You want to donate proceeds, there’s other events you can hold. A Friday night club party is not one of them. Again, I guess I’ll just be bougie and say that this club party is absolutely shameful.

      Please save your “eloquent response”, if it’s going to be more of what you just said. In fact, why don’t you take your own advice and sit ALL THE WAY DOWN yourself?

    • CaliGirlED says:

      You are one of the 50-11 thousand reasons why we have yet to overcome!

  33. Marsha S. Haneiph says:

    This is wrong on hundred million different levels. o_____O

  34. femmelounge says:

    i was shocked when i saw the picture! it just doesn’t sound right.

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