I Took New Headshots So Help Me Pick One!

[ 90 ] June 7, 2012 |

Since I speak at conferences pretty often, both on social media topics and to represent The Red Pump Project, I’m asked for my headshot a lot. But the one I always use is one from January 2010. And it’s obvious that it’s old because my locs are still 1-inch comb coils. So every time I use it now, my friends make it a point to roast and shade me talmbout “Ma’am, that pic is old.” I was basically shamed into doing a new shoot for my headshots, which I finally did last week.

I enlisted the help of one of my favorite makeup artists, Bisi Essien of Crystal-Eyez Makeup Artistry to make my look good. She’s the one who’s done my makeup for the last 2 Red Pump fashion shows and she can BEAT A FACE! I tells ya.

And to take the pics, I had to go with my photographer extraordinaire, Chuck Olu-Alabi of ChuckStr Photos. He’s also Afrobella‘s go-to photographer. And he works magic with his camera. Afrobella also needed to do a shoot, and so did my cousin and fashionista/model Rolake of The Mahogany Miss so he did a 3-in 1.

Yesterday, Chuck got the pics back to me and I did a holy ghost stomp! HE. WERKED. IT. So much so that I have so many options for a headshot and I now don’t know which to pick. Which is where you come in. Help me pick my new headshot! I uploaded an album of pics to FB already so the folks there have helped me narrow them down to 8 shots they think look best. Here they are:

Headshots pics

View more presentations from Luvvie A

So in the comments, please vote on which one (or 2) you think should be my new professional headshots out of the ones numbered.

Below are my favorite shots from the shoot that aren’t really headshots, but I can probably use them for something else.

Much love to my dream team, Bisi And Chuck for making a sister look as good as she wants to look! The Nigerian Conglomerate DOES THIS!

Oh and my absolute favorite picture from the shoot? The one me, Afrobella and Rolake took together:

Edit: I took out one of the images so some folks are seeing 7 headshots, others 8. The one that I removed is one that has me in the white shirt, smiling but not showing teeth.

It’s ok. Anywho, your feedback is extremely helpful! Thank you!

P.S. I will need security with me next time I rock these shoes, I see. LOL

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  1. Kate says:

    1 and 7 are my faves. Looking HAWT girl!!

  2. DeAngelus says:

    Number 6. I like that one.

  3. miss t-lee says:

    I like 3 and 5. :) Work!!!

  4. DiJah says:


    My vote is for 7

  5. whatupdoe says:

    2 (ESPECIALLY for when you are listed in programs, booklets, flyers, etc.) and 7 (maybe larger posters or something).

  6. Alicia says:

    I NEED those red pants in my life, do you remember the brand?

  7. Marcia J. says:

    #3 and #7 are my faves. If I had to choose I would go with #3.

  8. Jennae says:

    3 and 5 are my faves. 3 looks the most like a professional, speaker-quality headshot, but 5 is just fly!

  9. Lalarochelle says:

    I like #3 and your eyebrows are DOIN IT!!!!

  10. Reign Of April says:

    #8, but crop it so there’s more face. And when we meet, I’m taking the shoes you’re wearing with the denim jacket.

  11. Ms. Smart says:

    Sebin. Translation: 7

  12. Ashley says:

    I like 1, 7, and 5

  13. Kourtney says:

    Luvvie, you are sooo doggone stunning and fly!!! My vote is for 7 or 1. :-)

  14. Addie says:

    6 or 7. Nice shots!

  15. Tracie Mae says:

    Favorite is #7. 2nd Favorite is #6.

  16. JuneMo41 says:

    I’m loving 1 and 7….beautiful!

  17. Melanie says:

    I like #1 or #3

  18. Truth Be Told says:

    #3 and #7. If I had to absolutely choose one, I go with #7!

  19. Aliyah says:

    New reader here. love your blog! :O) beautiful pics; 5 & 7 are my faves.

  20. HBSQ1 says:

    5 & 7 – PROfessional.

  21. Amber J says:

    Love all the headshots! #4 and #7 are definitely my faves.

  22. yonna says:

    6 is my favorite, with 4 and 8 following close behind. It shows you as being relatable, yet still professional, and an expert in your field.

    IMO, 7 is a very serious photo, and could be used for serious subject matter panel work only. It is a beautiful photo, but for most of the work I’ve seen from you, it seems a little harsh. 1 makes you look a lot younger, playful even, which may not be what you’re trying to bring.

  23. African Mami says:


    BUT to be quite honest, the pic where you are rocking RED PANTS, and ANIMAL PRINT shoes, HOTDAMN!!!!!!That shot will have a Nigerian broda risking his life swimming across the Atlantic to get yo number, iLUV it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Helly says:

    I like 1 and 6 the best, which is funny, because they represent the two “opposite” ends of spectrum of facial expressions– one a big smile, the other no smile, and all the rest are normal smiles in between. If I had to narrow it down to just one choice, I’d probably lean towards #1, simply because the lighting in #6 looks washed out. But I’m sure that can be adjusted!

  25. chicka1 says:

    1 or 5

  26. AJ says:

    #2 is AWESOME! But I’d pick #7 for any professional speaking gig. I can see your eyes and even though you’re casually dressed you look professional, relaxed and trust-worthy.

    If you ever get published, use #2 on the cover. ;)

  27. TC says:

    Number 3!!! You look very approachable and professional in this one. Number 5 is also fly but more casual.

  28. mak says:

    3 and 6… lovely pics

  29. Akua says:

    My vote is for 5 or 7.

  30. June says:

    1, 4, or 7

  31. Vonecia C. says:

    I love 2 and 7!

  32. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    5 or 7. All are lovely.

  33. Stace says:

    1 or 4, either has you smiling and is an really good close up

  34. JenJ says:

    I vote 6 or 5!

  35. Rebekah says:

    5,6 &7 but if i have to pick just one #5

  36. Tdixonspeaks says:

    Coming out of lurkmode to post. I like 7, 5 then 3. Great pics! Now I’m have to fix my brain to see you in longer locs!

  37. suns4i6e says:

    Definitely #7

  38. Nichole says:

    My favs are #4 for more business profiles and #7 for more entertainment, relaxed and fun profiles.

  39. Traci says:

    My favorites in order were 4, 8 and 3

  40. LB says:

    Yer Mostest Photogenic Awesomelynessis,
    Uh … ALL of ‘em! You’re just like your name, “Luvvie”.
    But … #3 and #7 are super.
    And the red pants full length one.

    (And WHO is Rolake?! She ROCK’S! Whew … I’s gonna pass out!)

  41. kimcoles says:

    one four six

  42. jenm says:

    5 all day long

  43. Marcie says:

    I like pics 3 and 6.

  44. Elle says:

    Pics 1 or 3 for a program and 7 if a larger photo is needed. Looking good girl!

  45. Starita34 says:

    4 or 6

    P.S. I love pics! Thanks for sharing!!

  46. candigirl in dc says:

    3, 5 , 7 … awesome pics!!

  47. Cheekie says:

    It was difficult to pick one, but I gotta go with 5! I LOVE 7 tho because of our bawse skyline but in a headshot of course, it shouldn’t be too much going on but YOU. Work!

    GREAT photos. I’ve noticed Chuck is QUITE the talent.

  48. For These Reasons says:

    Note: I see seven pics. So:

    I like 7, 6, and 5 (in that order).

    7 looks like the person I see laughing and writing — making life plain and simple.

    6 would be for serious panel-type projects

    5 is a great shot. period. (in the event you’d like to have something to swap with #7)

  49. Rai says:

    My favs are #7 and #1….although they are all very beautiful! “Gon’ ‘head den” :)

  50. TawannaS says:

    I LOVE 1,2 & 6!

  51. kisha S. says:

    I like picture number 1 the best.

  52. Akuada says:

    Love pic #3!!!

  53. larenee10 says:

    I love # 7!

  54. Alia says:

    I see 7 photos. I like #5 and #7.

  55. RozB says:

    I love 5! And I just think the full-length shot with the city in the background is just gaw-jussss! (Ummm…can you let a sister know where she can get those shoes?)

    BTW, Luvvie, your cheekbones are err-thang!!!

  56. Day says:

    I never comment on blogs, however, the second one in the slideshow made me smile as soon as I looked at it…and it, strangely enough, was the last one I looked at. So count my vote!

  57. CaspercutieSTL says:

    Goregeous! I love #5 the most.

  58. Jen says:

    I love #5 and #7.

  59. Jojo says:

    4 or 7 are my faves!!

  60. Bri says:

    6 and 7

    I LOVE the full length red pants…your cousin did THAT!

  61. T.C. says:

    you know i can’t commit.
    I would say 3, 6, 7….with 3 & 7 being my favs, I would say 7 has the edge due to the back drop of the city,your city…
    ps gimme them shoes, pps love all the pics and you killin em in the full length pics

  62. donell says:

    as a graphic designer – i would use shot #3 every time. it’s perfect. but my ab fave is the one at the top of this post. could have a lot of fun with that as the main image in a promo piece.

    buterumuhhhhh – am i the only guy fan u have? im just noticing there seems to be a plethora of females up in here! this ain’t make me a latent homosexu-AL does it?? not that theres anything wrong with that.

  63. Jacqui says:

    Your pictures were stunning. I liked the following starting with the one that I liked the most #3, #7, and #1.

    #3 just screams to me – I am professional, accomplished, and I am going to impart knowledge unto you that you wish your mama and ‘em had told you years ago. Sit down now and be impressed by me. (All this while still being approachable, loveable, and sisterly.)

  64. Angie says:

    5 and 6. You look philosophical and transcendent as you are. Classy and beautiful :)

  65. No shade to your photographers and glam squad, but your cartoon avatar is the most realistic headshot of you :-)

  66. curlybeanLA says:

    Love #7!

  67. glamazini says:

    1, 7, or crop the 1st “non head shot” pict down to make it a headshot.

  68. mochazina says:

    then maybe 5 or 2. :-)

  69. camille says:

    Number 1 for blogging conferences, Number 1 full shot because it’s just extra in all the right ways. Go luvvie

  70. femmfatale8 says:

    Please use number 1, you look fabulous and joyful!

  71. Kell says:

    6 or 7, depending on the panel. 6 is for the insightful, semi-serious, “If y’alls check don’t clear you will be hearing from my attorney” type event; 7 is for the fun, “I’m ’bout to clown everyone in here with a bad hairhat and drag makeup on” type event. Just my humble opinion though. :-)

  72. LambdaLady3 says:

    I like 6 & 7!

  73. Cassandra says:

    I like 1 and 6. You are a beautiful woman.

  74. Marc says:

    My favorite is 7. You look so natural in that one.

  75. 9jaSis says:

    You look glam!

    My vote: #6 its close up enough, you radiate warmth, and the way the sun strikes your facial features is errythang.
    #3 for when a second pic is needed.

    For future pics tho: your eye makeup colours should be white eyeliner to “open” up your eyes, followed by light (not harsh), warm shade like yellow/amber on lower eyelids, then cooler hue like purple/turqoise/blue (depending on look/outfit for that day) that finishes with lighter shade of chosen cool colour on top underneath eyebrows.

    PPS -Nice wedges; I’ve got a pair in another ankara print!

  76. Fifi says:

    1, 5 and 7 are my picks, but you look fab in all of them!

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