I Want “The Wire: The Musical” To Happen For Real

[ 5 ] June 5, 2012 |

Ok so I love the TV show The Wire which is no longer on air, but arguably the best TV show ever in history of TV and all things awesome. I watched ALL 5 seasons in 1 month this year and I was hooked from episode 1. It’s EVERYTHING.

Anywho, Funny or Die made a video of the musical with the actors who played Omar (Michael Kenneth Williams), Bubbles (Andre Royo), Kima (Sonja Sohn), DeAngelo Barksdale (Larry Gilliard Jr.), and Snoop (Felisha Pearson).

LMAOOOOO at “Omar’s coming.” Snoop in a dress though? WIN. And Faizon Love as Stringer Bell murked me.

This is awesome. Watch it and get your LIFE. Who else is actually wishing this would be made for real? I would spend good money to go watch The Wire: The Musical in someone’s theater. MAKE IT HAPPEN, DAVID SIMON!

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  1. LB says:

    Yer Mostest Beautifist Awesomelynessis?
    Problem is, do I cry with real tears because of the incredible funny satire?
    Or do I cry because of the awful gut-wrenching truth inherent in the reality?

    Trouble for me anymore is, for as much as I love people, I hate this world pretty badly now.

  2. eb says:

    I could so seeing this happen!

  3. Lalarochelle says:

    iLostit w/ Stringer Bell and the “I’m a littler burner” lmao…and the gay cops….LAWD. I think I would pee my pants if I saw this for real

  4. Dinasty says:

    Damn. You. Luvvie.
    For bringing this into my life. The Wire is my favorite show, too. And now I’ll never look at it the same again.

    Oh man, Faizon Love…let me get outta here before I watch it again and ruin myself.

  5. troitroi says:

    Ok…..now this made my day. Big Worm’s interpreted dance…………I live, girl I live!!

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