Kreayshawn Sold 3,900 Albums and It Went Toilet Paper

[ 62 ] September 27, 2012 |

Some of y’all are probably saying “Who is Kreayshawn?” and my response is “Exactly.”

She’s a white girl from the Bay area who thinks she can rap and got on YouTube to show her skills. Of course, she was terrible at it and did the most with the least. She wasn’t terrible because she was white. Nope. She was terrible because she made it her schtick, but without any of the self-awareness and the talent to back it up.


She made sure to be a caricature and exactly what you’d think she would be. Her song “Gucci, Gucci” was a mess and then some but it brought her mad attention and soon, some people were talmbout her. I’m mad to those people for bringing her to me.

Ever since I learned of who Kreayshawn was though, I’ve done my best to ignore the hell out of her. I figured she’d go away soon, but two years later, the fool is still here, and on Twitter with a verified checkmark.

Ennehweighs, she released an album last week (I had no idea) and apparently it didn’t do so well. How bad was it? WELLS, Kreayshawn’s album sold 3,900 copies.

Lemme repeat.

3,900 copies.

DAMN gif

Word on the street is that she set the record for worst sales in the history of a major record label’s album releases.

If that ain’t a FAIL, I’m not sure what is. I mean, on the bright side, she did sell more than Chingy did 2 years ago when he sold 693 albums and went credit score. Yes. She did better than that. Kreay sold 3,900 and went toilet paper. But not the fancy 2-ply. This is the 1-ply that gives your yansh paper cuts.

Her album went blunt butter knife and I’d be sad for her if she had talent. But when your work goes tofu, you might wanna sit back and re-assess whether you should be in that industry. No reason for your album to go unsharpened pencil and you’re still confident about your abilities. NAWL.

Oh and she got the nerve to be on the Twitters all defensive and whatnot. She’s talmbout how she doesn’t care. Ma’am! How are you not gon care that you sold LESS albums than the number of people you are following on Twitter? GIRL STAWP!

But lemme leave Kreayshawn alone though. Like everyone left her album at the store. OOP! (-___-)

What else did Kreayshawn’s album go? It surely wasn’t e’em copper. Clown in the comments like y’all love to do!

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  1. F_Mlicious says:

    Welp! There’s always cosmetology school

    • Ella says:

      Pwhahahahaha, yeah I can’t stand her, she is too pressed to say that she is different, and that song Gucci Gucci wasn’t needed, she is trying to hard. I dont care if she is from the hood or not, she can’t relate to a thing forreal. She started off the bat talking way too much trash and not being able to back it up, if you ask me if all went down when she started up with rick ross haha, she better realize she gotta watch it, we already have a snonflake Eminem pretty much has the rude crap, but we love it on lock.

    • Luvvie says:

      Or not. I wom’t trust that chile w/ MY coiffure!

  2. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Did you say Chingy went CREDIT SCORE?! LUVVIE, why can’t I quit you LOLOLOL!

  3. the78msj says:

    I wanna know who in the hell even bought those 3900 albums I mean what the hell who is riding around bumping kremecorn in they ride? Is there nothing else to listen to like the sound of farts amplified? those 3900 people need to be shot with tacks.

  4. QueenBee says:

    BAAAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG I do love the way you tell a story woman!!

  5. AnnT says:

    Her album went:
    JitterBug phone
    Spalding Basketball Shoes
    Peanut Shells
    Coolio’s Hair Line
    $1.37 Wal-mart Gift Card

  6. MoxieSauce says:

    How your album gonna go rented rims and act like you don’t care? Whatebs Kreysorry. Your 15way minutes had expired.

  7. DiSnazzio says:

    Not with that picture accompanying her resume. Even cosmetology school would make her take remedial combing classes first.

    Luvvie, your blog is everything that is right and good in the world. Tofu, even. Credit score, even. Yansh, even!

  8. Sadiqua says:

    I’m thinking those albums were accidentally purchased when some illiterate folks tried to buy Kreyawns for back-to-school.

  9. TwinkerBelle says:

    Her album went double toothpick

  10. Trina says:

    Who? Anywho, her album went empty food stamp book. You know that book you mom pulls out thinking there was one more brown brotha in there but comes up with nothing. I mean you werent happy that you had to carry that mug to the store but still there was candy to be had and now there is nothing. Yep like that.

  11. Moe says:

    Her album went quadruple aluminum.

  12. Moe says:

    But wait! Have you read her Wikipedia page???!!!

    She lives in L.A……with her cat. *crying*

  13. J. Shari says:

    Her album went Mitt Romney…nobody got time for that!

  14. L. Nicole says:

    From her Wikipedia page: #DEAD “She then took a job at IKEA and the GED work program Job Corps, while selling Bammer Weed and working a short-lived stint as a “Craigslist pimp”.

  15. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    Stolen from a friend… her album went child support back payments.

  16. Shica says:

    Her album went:

    used baby wipes
    empty whopper wrapper
    communion wafer
    dried out sharpie
    dollar tree shoe polish

  17. Kake says:

    Her album went plastic spinners on a minivan.

  18. Ophelia says:

    I thought I was *dead* at the actual article, but the comments sections has me in serious jeopardy of needing some of that 1-ply right quick! Noooo!

    Credit score?
    Coolio’s hairline?
    Communion wafer?

    I’m flatlined over hear. Y’all owe me an insurance co-pay, damn it.

  19. Shica says:

    Her album went:
    used q-tip
    stripper sweat
    rick ross tittay gravy
    tussy deodorant
    dollar menu
    AOL cd
    fortune cookie wrapper

  20. Lady E says:

    In honor of Luvie’s post from the other day her album went Replacement Ref

  21. bicthandinthatorder says:

    Her album went fantasia and antwaun cook’s relationship

  22. MsNishaJay says:

    Her album went down the drain like six weeks old fish grease O_o.

  23. Somebroad says:

    This was too, too funny. YouTube is apparently not where to hunt for talent. Don’t believe me? Check her out
    She is wrong on so many levels

  24. naturalista88 says:

    Her album managed to go double wood chips and may go triple sawdust.

  25. 901NIKKI says:

    “Deawoo”*blink….blink* DEAWOO??? GOOD DAY, SIR. ________________________________________________ BWWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cheekie says:

    Kreayshawn’s album went chitlin remnants.

  27. Maude says:

    Pitchfork gave her album a 3. A 3!!!! LULZ.

  28. Lea says:

    I stopped watching the MTV awars as of last year because they nominated her for something.

  29. Elle Monee says:

    Album went:
    Soul Plane

    AOL sold more free start up CD-ROMs than she sold albums

  30. She needs to go on tour with Chingy and Soulja Boy (his album went triple dirt.) Kind of like Watch the Throne, but Watch the Food Stamp Line. Free Credit Report could sponsor it. This could make literally dozens of dollars

  31. If she is so irrelevant… Uh… Why are you writing about her?

  32. Tish says:

    These comments are too much *dead*

    I sadly had to go YouTube this crap…and I’m sorry I did.

    She went 2x dumpster liquid

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