New MySpace is Almost Here and I’m Not Here For It

[ 21 ] September 25, 2012 |

A sneak peek of the new MySpace is out and I did a “It’s cute but meh.” Watch the vid below and see for yourself.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

Ummm… it looks like a fancy ass Tumblr that will come in handy for musicians and folks with their bad mixtapes. It’ll be awesome for people who love, well, Tumblr. And Justin Timberlake is a major investor now, and even he’s FAHN grill doesn’t make me wanna revive my MySpace page. Not in the least bit. JT might have brought sexy back but MySpace? He coulda kept that.

See, right now, I’m not here for MySpace. NAWL. The ship has sailed, in my book. It stopped being 2006 so I ain’t got the TAHM. Now I ain’t saying I’ll NEVER do MySpace, because if by chance it gets popular again, I might join. Since I’m impressionable like that. But RIGHT THIS MOMENT, I am not interested in going back to that corner of the interwebs.

I even made a chart to explain why. Because everything is better with charts.

MySpace NAWL

Exactly. That’s how I feel. Also, Chescaleigh makes a great point with this tweet of hers:

Chescaleigh Tweet

Pretty much. MySpace surely did used to be the herpes of the internet and I am Valtrex to it
(-___-). Until it is proven otherwise in this new inception of it.

But um… is Tom gon be folks’ first friend? Because you know he even jumped ship and packed his dereon duffel and fled MySpace talmbout “WELP! TY NA GO!”

The good news is that people can stop tweeting random people their bad music links. With MySpace back, they can just go there! So that’s a little win!

So whatcha think of the New MySpace? Are y’all signing up for it? Tell the truth and shame the Sandra Rose.

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  1. Erin says:

    Tell the truth and shame the Sandra Rose????? Nope. Not foolin witchu! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. Ms. Williams says:

    MySpace will never have my time again for one reason–desperate people. O_o Like, it was like a Red Light District the last time I signed in. People tryin’ to meet me to do um…*ahem* thangs, despite the fact that I had pictures of my boyfriend at the time all up and through. Dunno if it’s like that now, but all the revamping in the world won’t convince the kid to return to the pit of Herpes! Nope Nope!

  3. Curvy Jones says:

    I think the point of the new MySpace is to return it to what it was before people turned it into what Facebook has become. It was always a place for musicians to share music and music lovers to come hear it. People like Dave Navarro have said they miss being able to share music there b/c Facebook makes it nearly impossible. So if it’s not for you, cool. Then it won’t be clogged up and the people that WILL use it CAN use it.

  4. SquarerootZ says:

    Nope. Not here for NewMySpace at all. But JJAMZ – Heartbeat?! Yes. Please & Thank You. Here for that all the live long day. >>

  5. Ryan says:

    Well… can all of our parents and their friends go to the new Myspace now and leave us alone on Facebook???? Please??

  6. Liryc says:

    I heard my students talking about it the other day. They weren’t old enough to be on there during the first wave so they think that this is going to beat out facebook. When I explained that I had myspace those little heavenly mongrels had the audcity to tell me that I’m old and I don’t know what they are talking about. All this is to say, if my students find it fascinating then this is definitely NOT for me!

  7. Jay says:

    “WELP! TY NA GO!” is why I visit every day just in case you posted something new.

  8. Antonio says:

    That chart though!? ROFLMAO.

  9. Helene says:

    I think it’s cute! It’s better than the mess called “Timeline”!I can’t with Facebook anymore.

  10. Cheekie says:

    I’m just mad Justin spending all his time with THIS mess instead of bring sexy re-back with MUSIC. ( ._.)

  11. Sas says:

    Well I love tumblr, and I love music.. so you know, I might check this out. You still crack me up Luvvie talmbout Tom going “Welp!”. I loved that tweet about him leaving. Had me in stitches.

    As much as I love JT’s gorgeous face being all up in that video, making it clear he’s investing in this, I NEED some more music from him. So, yeah, can he get on that instead of moving on to the next project (I predict he’ll try directing or something next)?

  12. HowlingBanshee says:

    See, I got a problem…back in 2009, someone introduced me to this stupid game called Sorority Life…and I’ve been missing it.
    I’ll be damned if I aggravate the hell out of people I care about by sending them invites and stuff…and Facebook is trying to act all strict about adding people you don’t know.
    I was playing on, but that site is broken half the time.
    So, off to Myspace I go, to add a bunch of people I don’t know as friends so I can get my SL game on.
    I know, it’s a stupid addiction. A guilty pleasure. But at least I have the decency to keep friends and family out of it.

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