Dear Diary, It’s Been 30 Days of Writing…

[ 43 ] October 31, 2012 |

On October 1, I decided to join my gal Nicole Blades in the 30 Day Writing Challenge but I figured I’d quit by October 10. It’s October 31 and I’ve blogged everyday for 30 days straight, something I’ve never done before.


I did that GIF

In my 9 years of blogging, I’ve never posted for 30 days straight. In fact, some weeks, I’d only post twice. But this #30WriteNow challenge changed that. In October, I post 37 times. THIRTY SEVEN! I thought by day 20, I’d be blogging about the white walls in my house but nay. I kept having random things to talk about. It also helps that this blog focuses on pop culture. There is ALWAYS foolery afoot somewhere so that made topics easy to find. ALWAYS.

Furthermore, another reason why I’ve kept myself to 3 times a week blogging for most of the time I’ve been at it is because I thought folks would get sick of my content. Apparently, I was wrong. The more foolery I wrote, the more y’all read. And that made me grin with joy. It means you like me. You REALLY like me. Word to Sally Fields. I wrote on weekends (which I typically never do) and in the mornings and at night and it made no difference. You all read.

And to prove it, my blog’s traffic has doubled in the past month. DOUBLED. That’s soooo dope. Y’all kept reading and then sharing it with others and then before I know it, my site’s pageviews is off the chain (for me, anyway).

So yes, it was an amazing challenge and I’m so glad I did it. I’m tempted to keep it going, now that I know I can. But we shall see.

Thanks for sticking with me and for sharing my posts. You are appreciated.

How’d I do in this 30 day challenge?

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  1. M. says:

    Major congratulations, Luvvie! And know that you’re appreciated as well :)

    PS: Say a prayer for those of us about to embark on National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a. write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. Lord have mercy.

  2. CONGRATS LUVVIE!! I was doing the Harlem Shake when I did the 30 day writing challenge with Aliya. You feel so good when it ends, because that accomplishment is big!

  3. Maggie says:

    Ma’am I’m a serious lurker(2+ years) and I’m ALL THE WAY HERE for your posts eer’ day! This blog fills me with my ratchet quotient for the day as well as make my coworkers think I’m crazy from my cacklin!! #winwinformoi

  4. stacyaustralia says:

    Shout out to you!! Each time I’ve tried to do a 30 day writing challenge I always ended around day 5. Congrats again!!

  5. Sabrina says:

    No fair! This month was ripe with nonsense! I loved the whole month.

  6. K says:

    The daily posts were great – I LOVED the gifs & the daily “wall slides”!

  7. MzPk7 says:

    Congrats Luvvie! iLove all the posts! iCackle at all your gifs. iShare your posts because I am entertained by the foolishness and want to spread the joy! (See what I did there? lol) Your blog has been added to the list of blogs I check everyday. I live for the Scandal recaps too! Keep writing chica!

  8. dmaclee says:

    Luvvie, my mom was just recently told that her cancer is back. Your post kept me laughing which some days kept me from crying. Gotta hug your neck and buy you a drink next time you are in DC.

  9. Trina says:

    So Im not a snitch or nothin (pops gum) but um I dont see a post for the 30th just two for the 29th. I was waiting all day too. (Beyonce pats weave) Because you say things I’m thinking I feel its only right to forgive you. Love you. I dont want a sternly written letter. I’ont want beef you made UPS cry Im good.

  10. Fifi says:

    You did amazingly luvvie, child by day 3 I hung up my damb pen. You’re an inspiration!

  11. Sisi_Atl says:

    Many claps for you Luvvie! I live for the foolery you shared everyday.

  12. TeeNikki says:

    Luvvie, your tomfoolery wins the innawebs for October!!! You made me cackle, spit, guffaw, chuckle, snicker, choke, die, quit you, and almost wake up my kids at least 3 times. Keep it going!! I was madder dinnamugg during your hiatus a few months ago. You bring the ratchet without the raunchy!!!!


  13. Nique says:

    Congrats Luvvie. I really enjoyed the ratchetness everyday. I hope you keep it up. I live for you and Kay from Foolishness and Fuckery without y’all I’d incomplete. Lol. Can you write a stern letter to Jackie Christie from BBWLA?

    • Luvvie says:

      Girl Kay from Foolishness and Fuckery is the homie. She’s so damb DUMB all her life. I love her for it. And Jackie Christie is a fool! That woman needs holy water. To drink and bathe in.

  14. *dougies in this post* That means, of course, that we’ll be expectin this more often. *scolding mom look*

  15. Patrick says:

    Congrats on a whole month!! Your blog has me hollerin, cacklin, screamin…usually at the most inopportune times (i.e. at work) and I thank you for it. 30 days fulla Luvvie? It’s like Chrimmuh came early! You’re rad. :D

  16. Mizwest says:

    I just discovered your blog last month, and I <3 it!!!

  17. DeekieMack says:


    I am a So Serious Lurker. I been rollin’ w/ your website in my Bookmarks since early 2011. You’s my girl. Now, this 30-day challenge?! OFF THE HOOK!

    I swear I done laughed and I done laughed! I shared at least two posts a week on my FB and had all my friends clowning together on your foolishness. The struggle ponytail being my fave!

    Anywho, I’m sending you encouragement to keep it going, and a golden bowl of white rice in appreciation. Love you Luvvie! Can’t wait for what’s next!

  18. StillSuga says:

    The 30 day challenge was wonderful (for us the readers!). I’ve added you to my “daily blog check” list, since you were posting so often. You never disappoint, evah! Here’s hoping you keep in frequent!

  19. SILENT TALKA says:

    LOOONG time lurker (2.5 years), fellow AF (african)
    I loved, loved, loved this challenge! my favorite post was the Target. My husband doesnt understan the magnetic pull of Target. I showed him that post and he was like -____-.

    Thanks for giving us the daily ratchet!

  20. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    Well congrats Miss Luvvie! *Throws Red Velvet confetti* I have truly enjoyed everyday of ratchetness, you did awesome and of course we were all for it. You ave also inspired me to start the 30 day writing challenge(perhaps it shall help my epic writers block). Now if I can just stop procrastinating and focus on it. lol

  21. Miss Hope says:

    Just last week I gave someone a big shout out for introducing me to this blog. I have only been reading for a month or so now, but I been thoroughly entertained and damb near lost my job endless times during October reading this ratchetry. You should keep writing everyday! I promise I won’t hold you responsible if I get fired for cackling! :D

  22. Ms. Niecy says:

    Glad you kept up with the challenge!! I was looking for those posts in my FB news feed cause I knew they would be my highlight of the day

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