Halloween Costumes Fail Too Often

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It’s Halloween and I’m one of those who doesn’t really DO Halloween. This isn’t because of religious reasons or political stuff or the others. I don’t stand on a soapbox or anything. I just don’t give a damb about putting on costumes. That’s it. That is all. But I know some folks love it and I’m not hating on that. Do you. Live it up.

In fact, I LOVE seeing the pics of people’s costumes. I’ve seen some dope ones and they make me cackle so keep those coming!

I do have ONE bone to pick with Halloween and it’s with the people who use it as an excuse to be the most racist jackasses ever. October 31st is like Blackface free for all. It’s the day that folks get to live out their colored fantasies, painting their faces to match the skintone of some other ethnicity with reckless abandon. THAT part of Halloween tapdances the hell out my nerves.

halloween costume blackface

SEE THIS ISH??? That is someone’s white mama going as a “black person.” O________________________O I am so over it, I’m cloud-chilling. OVER. IT.

Every year, pictures circulate of costumes that are so offensive, you wonder how someone with an ounce of brain could think it’s ok.

You know what, just watch Chescaleigh’s dope video about this. She says it ALL and it’s hilarious.


And if you wanna cuss, search “blackface” in Instagram. Don’t do it.

Forget the costumes though. The best thing about Halloween is the day after candy sale. I am READY FOR IT!

Have you seen any crazy costumes?

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  1. milaxx says:

    This is not racist or ratchet, but my pet peeve is dressing up animals. See humans can decide to do this foolery f their own free will. Your pets have no choice. Every dressed up pet pic I see, the dogs look miserable and the cats look pissed.

    So later when you wondering why that shoe got chewed remember payback is a trip.

  2. Forgetmilaxx says:

    It isn’t racism? Oh, and you became a literary authority on the defining and interpretation of offensive materials? I don’t know you and I am glad about that fact. It was one of few facts that I could be positive about after reading what you vomited. Of all the generic imaginary characters, these geniuses decide to go as a stereotype of another ethnicity and you think it is all good? I’ve wasted my time….on you…and I regret that fact.

  3. K.I.M. says:

    @Forgetmilaxx, I believe milaxx was saying that what bothered him/her about Halloween was people dressing their pets in costume, which was neither racist nor ratchet but annoying nonetheless. You went in, Forgetmilaxx.

  4. Rissa says:

    That stays irking my nerves. I love Halloween but when people decide to go in Blackface…ugh. Or just as “Ghetto _____”. Have several seats and sip on this bleach.

    As for good costumes: I didn’t really see anything great this year. And of course no one got that I was Lana Kane but I figured that. There was one guy who had on a “Livestrong” t-shirt and hat and had fake syringes taped to the insides of his arms I honestly cackled and immediately felt bad. And tonight there was a little girl who had a sign that said “This is my favorite holiday because I finally get to eat!” and I about hit the floor!

  5. Serenity says:

    I’m an associate in an office where 75% of the patient pool is Black. We have a staff of of 6. and 2 of them are white. We are required to dress on Halloween and I don’t mind because I celebrate anyway. I came as Lt Uhura from Star Trek. The newest white chick who happens to be 60 yo, said of my costume to a Black patient, “I’m so glad she is someone I could recognize. I thought she was gonna come in here as Harriet Tubman or something.” OMG…. that patient cursed her the eff off. None of the staff came to her aid because that was WRONG. I wanted to feel bad for her but couldn’t. The old woman was in tears when I left, yet I was smiling….

  6. Rai says:

    But I know you all have seen that costume of the woman dressed as Whitney Houston. I know you’re thinking: she’s an icon. Everyone loved her. Of course people could be expected to dress like her. But, no. Someone decided to represent Ms. Whitney Houston in her post-mortem state complete with a bath tub and all. I just….. People can be so insensitive. I’m not going to post the pic out of respect for the late diva, but if you are so inclined to see the foolishness you can search “whitney houston costume” in twitter. smh.

  7. For the first time, I gotta give Miley Cyrus some credit. She did a great Nicki Minaj costume – no blackface, no fake tan http://www.celebitchy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/miley2.jpg

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