Defiance Ruined Everything: Scandal Episode 207 Recap

[ 113 ] November 30, 2012 |

It’s been two weeks since the last Scandal. This episode was much anticipated, especially after I watched the previews with that foreboding music. Shonda an’ ‘em told us it was gonna be explosive and they were not playing with us. I’m still clutching my chest. Let’s jump into “Defiance” and all the tea that came with it.

The Morning After – Aw snap! Senator Davis spent the night at Olivia’s. As they get dressed for work, Edison tells Liv about his past relationships, hoping she’d open up about hers. But all she gives him is inside tea that when something big happens that day at the Senate, he should issue a statement of support. He tells her “Whoever he was, he really hurt you didn’t he?” YOU’ONT KNOW HER LIFE WHEN YOU DO! O_O

Double Trouble Meetup – David meets with James to get him to look into research he’s done on Hollis Doyle rigging votes. James isn’t buying it but David convinces him to take the packet to review it.

Scandal James David

The Pierce Problem – Harold Pierce is Olivia’s newest subject for fixing. His son (Skip) and ex-wife think he’s lost his mind because he’s now with some super young girl who looks like a Baywatch extra (Jenna). Especially since the divorce is only a month old. He quit the multi-billion dollar empire he founded, gave his ex-wife $500 million in settlement, and is now flouncing around with Jenna. But the main problem is Pierce’scompany is going to IPO in three days and they’re worried that if word leaks of his foolishness, the company’s stock will be worth pennies.

Senator Sex Scandal – Olivia’s handling the Senate Majority Leader, who is outing himself for having sex with the 21-year old daughter of his best friend. These men stay messing up over young love pockets. He has to resign his seat, and as he makes his statement, she stands behind him.

Scandal Fitz LivScandal Fitz Liv 2

President Ghost and Cyrus are watching the broadcast on TV. Olivia’s face is only half visible, and out of focus but Fitz is mesmerized.

He’s in shambles over HALF her face. If he sees WHOLE her, he gon be in puddles! The First Lady comes in and he can’t e’em act like he half gives a damb about her. He barely even listens to Cyrus, who tells him there’s a gala they’ll be having for his birthday. And then I HOLLERED when Cy said Stevie Wonder’s gon be singing at the party. OF COURSE, STEVIE GON SING AT A FAKE TV TRIBUTE! O_O Was this Shonda Shade? Because I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Harold Needs Supervision - Harrison goes to a judge to get Harold to be considered incapable of making his own decisions so Skip could be his power of attorney but she asks them to get an independent person to evaluate him. The person sent is escorted out the house, naked and with a shotgun to his back. Welp.

With his shotgun and his young vixen, Harold tells the gladiators that he doesn’t support the IPO so he wants to take it to the press. “And I’m gonna tweet it into the crapper.”  Jenna don taught granddad social media. To avoid that, they cut the satellite wires to his house so he can’t get phone or internet service.

Quinn Gets Curious – All of a sudden, Quinn starts asking Huck questions about gasses that put people out for 10 hours at a time. She tries to play it off by saying she’s researching to see how they can deal with Harold Pierce. You ain’t slick, ma’am! You’re researching your own background and case. Mmhmm.

Babysitting is Boring – Harrison and Abby are posted outside of Harold’s house to make sure he doesn’t leave until after the IPO, and he finds out that David has left her many sappy voicemails and she’s clearly sad about it. While they were in mid-convo, Jenna brings out nachos and margaritas for them. See? Golddiggers can be nice too.

Dinner of Drunken of Defiance – At an intimate dinner with the First Lady, Cyrus, James, Vera (Supreme Court Justice) and a couple of others, President Ghost (who seems tipsy) starts talking about the story of the night he won presidency, and how polls shouldn’t be trusted. Mellie tries to get him to stop but he wasn’t hearing it. Half of the League of Goons were sitting at that dinner table and he doesn’t e’em know a damb thing that was going on. Fitz ends up saying how him and the other candidate were neck-and-neck in Ohio. And then they won Defiance County, and therefore the state and then the presidency.

What this means is: Defiance County, Ohio is where Governor Reston (from episode 5) lost when he said it was by 4,359 votes. That is where Hollis Doyle rigged the machines.

OOPS cat gif

James IMMEDIATELY goes to the file David gives him and realizes that he might be right after all. He’s going down dangerous territory and the League of Goons is NOT gonna like this.

Harrison and Abby’s Fail – Jenna runs out and gives the babysitters a number saying since their phones don’t work, she needs them to call it because Harold is sick. They do as she says and when the “doctor” arrives, Jenna doesn’t let HABBY (Harrison & Abby) in. When they’re finally let in, they’re surprised to see Harold and Jenna are now married and that “doctor” is a Dr. of Theology. WOMP! HABBY had some ‘splaining to do to Olivia on this one for that partial mission fail.

James Is Looking For Trouble - James goes to Defiance County by find out about the voting machines and they tell him there are 150 machines used and stored in a warehouse. He counts all of them but only sees 149. The security dude there tells him there is only one other machine in the county, and it’s in a trophy case at the local high school. LAWD!!! No!

Majority Leader Vote of Confidence – With the Senate Majority Leader seat open, Edison is throwing his name in the ring. Olivia asks Cyrus how likely it is for him to get it and he says not that likely. But if Edison gets it, it’ll mean the Fitz is over Liv.

Scandal Fitz 1 gif

Pics of Liv and Edison get delivered to President Ghost, who is always looking like someone took his last pink starburst. When he sees the coupley pics, he starts to cry. You better emote in the name of love, Ghost! E’em though you’s married. O_o

Harold Has Lost His Mind – Chaos ensues when Skip comes to the Pierce house and Harold shoots him in the arm with his shotgun. That old geezer is a FOOL! Harrison calls Liv for help but she tells him to handle it. Step up your game, Gingham! Huck helps clean Skip’s wounds and Harrison helps the men end the feud by making them sit and talk it through. It turns out they wanted the same thing but approached it differently. Aawwww.

150th Is The Charm - James finds the 150th voting machine in the trophy case and the janitor’s warning of “don’t steal anything” goes unheeded. OOP. He gets the machine working and tests it by voting 5 times in a row for Reston/Howard. But when he printed the machine’s tally, it showed 3 for Grant/Langston and 2 for Reston. He now has proof that the election was rigged. LAWDDDDD!!!

I got my GOOD wig ready for James’ funegro. The one that doesn’t move when you jump on the pews because he might don’t make it once Hollis gets wind of this.

The Pierces Make Up – Harold Pierce calls off the IPO and his wife is left realizing that her wish for him to be crazy isn’t so. And she has to deal with what it means to lose the love of her life at this age. Poor lil tink tink.

Major Win for Edison – Olivia’s boo finds out that he won the Majority Leader seat, and he wonders how. She says she had nothing to do with it, and she realizes President Ghost did it. She finally agrees to escort Edison to Fitz’s 50th birthday gala, which she wasn’t previously going to attend. Could President Ghost really be over her? She thinks so. There’s a catch to this somewhere. I just KNOWED it.

Hollis is HOT – Hollis hears of Edison winning the majority leader seat and shows up to throw a fit to Cyrus. He says “I’m bout ready to bring this whole house of cards down” and storms out. OH. CRAP. This is NOT good because the man seems ruthless.

Quinn’s Got It Figured Out – Quinn approaches Huck with questions, and just as suspected, she’s been trying to piece together how she got to be involved in Lindsey-Quinn gate. Based on FAA and flight records, she figures out she was drugged and flown on a private plane owned by Vera Thornton from Sonoma to DC two years before. WELP! *faints*

Time For the Gala – Edison picks up a STUNNING Olivia from her place and they head to the gala smiling from ear-to-ear and holding hands.

The opposite mood is happening in the President’s car as he rides with the First Lady, looking none too pleased. As their car pulls up to the event, Mellie starts telling him she no longer wants to go to the event. ALL OF A SUDDEN!

Scandal Limo RidesShe starts shaking like a polaroid picture, saying she doesn’t wanna go anymore. “she’s not my mistress anymore. So buck up. You won…” Mellie says “I don’t wanna go” again and he looks at her, and says “We can’t always get what we want, can we?” OOP!

He steps out the car and she follows him. After a couple of steps SHOTS ring out and the President is down.

Scandal Fitz Shot ScandalFitzShot 2

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! President FITZ!!! NOOOOO! I legit threw my shoe at the TV and slid off my couch! WHATTT???!?

Mellie KNEW this was gonna happen. And this must have been what Hollis meant when he said he was gonna bring down the whole house of cards! iCANNOT! I am UNABLE TO CAN. I have the inability to can! OMG!

iSWEATERGAWD, yall better not have killed President Ghost because if you did… I ain’t gon do nothing but still! Alls I know is Olivia is bout to SHAKE THE TABLE to find out what happened to the love of her life! Or she’s gonna crumble because even she might not be able to fix this. I am just… WHOOOOOOO!!! Those last 4 minutes DID ME IN! I just… cannot.



Discuss. I’m spent.

Shourrout to ScandalMoments Tumblr for these Scandal scene pics! Stans and fans, check that Tumblr out!

P.S. If you’re reading this in the morning, come back later on too. I always add more gifs and stuffs! Also, the comments will be awesome so getchu some.

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  1. Funms says:

    The part that slayed me in ‘Harold needs supervision’ was when Harold said ‘..then buy me more characters’. LOL

  2. Della Beaver says:

    OMG…Shonda is a beast! I can’t even talk about it, that ending was a total shock!

  3. I’m out of the country for the next few months and haven’t found any sites to watch the episodes yet!! Your recaps are a God send! THANK YOU!!

  4. Karen O says:

    I had the same thought that the President Ghost’s’ wife knew what was going to happen.

    • Margaret says:

      Yeah she did that why she was trying her best to not let him leave that car. The League of Goons have been talking.

    • Luvvie says:

      She HAD to know! When she was insisting that he not get out the car, it was obvious.

    • Lisalis says:

      I don’t think she knew for sure, but something had her spidey senses tingling!

    • Nonya says:

      Funny enough, as soon as he opened the car door, I just knew he was going to be popped. Confirmed when they briefly showed random dude standing at shooting distance just before the shot went off.

      I say Hollis is behind that mess. League ‘o’ Goons shoulda taken him out especially after his threat to bust everything. Mellie was probably speaking from intuition; don’t think she’d want her baby daddy dead.

  5. Akua says:

    My blood pressure is STILL high from this episode. Shonda did the damn thing. I also find Mellie hella suspect. Whooo next week is gonna be good!!

  6. Toni says:

    When Mellie first seen Ghost after almost 3 weeks she said “i thought you were dead…then said, well a girl can dream” O_o

  7. Kathryn says:

    Questions, questions, questions. Why does Hollis have so much power? Who’s the baby daddy? Why is Olivia getting back with Edison? I believe Edision is a pawn in the game of the goons. Quinn is getting smarting and stronger now. Will James contact David about what he has found? Will James just run the story to all surprise.

    • Luvvie says:

      Hollis is TRULY Head Goon and I also wonder how he became that. Guess we’ll find out. And Edison is really Olivia’s “in between time” boo. You an tell she’s not that into him. He’s the rebound guy but she’s not e’em remotely over President Ghost.

      And I have NO clue what James is gonna do. But he is gonna do something. I’m gon be sad when he dies. :-/

      • He’s head goon because he commissioned the software athat rigged the machines and it was his plan.

        • Yep! He’s head goon because he commissioned the voting machines to be rigged BECAUSE he had money in Pres. Ghost’s campaign BECAUSE he had money in the use of an oil pipeline that Pres. Ghost supported using (and that his opponent apparently didn’t). So basically:

          If Pres Ghost won the election, Hollis Doyle’s pipeline would brin g him MAD dough…

          But Ghost was LOSING the election, so they had to find a way to make him win…

          So to make him win, Doyle hired a tech company to rig the damb machines in Defiance, Ohio.

          Then someone blows up the tech company, and shit hits the damb fan.

          *falls out*

          • Nikki Bee (@nikkib1920) says:

            WELP. And there is your summary of what happened on Scandal so far!!

            I love this show.
            And reading this recap.
            And ya’ll’s comments on it!

  8. Timika H says:

    I knew Mellie was up to something, you always want to be out in public…now you want to stay home. Hmmm! I fell out my bed when the shots rang out, I had to realize it was on tv. Whoo! Scandal always has me talking to myself afterwards.

  9. Lalarochelle says:

    I know James is gonna die. He has to, there’s no way the League of Goons is gonna let this story come out! I damn near woke my husband up screaming at the TV when the shot rang out. I don’t want the President to die…Unless Shonda got some ol’ craziness up her sleeve and it’s all a plot to bring Hollis down and this is the only way they think they can do it without Fitz losing the Presidency.

    I feel like Toni Braxton singing “7 whole days” right now waiting on next Thursday.

  10. RozB says:

    1. Mellie knew what was about to go down. She knew that by pleading to go back home Prez. Ghost would make sure he got out that car.

    2. Olivia decided to go on with Senator Thirst-A-Lot, aka Senator California Raisin (saw this one on Twitter and hollered!). Somehow, he gives me the heebie-jeebies. He whines and begs too much, and just does not bring the segzy and chemistry. Meh.

    3. Quinn better leave Huck alone. He looked irritated.

    4. Bye James. You and Cyrus made a cute couple, and he will make sure you have a proper memorial.

    5. The old dude and his young bride tonguing each other down was so wrong on so many levels. I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that.

    BTW- if you watch Scandal next to Luvvie, you may get hit by a flung shoe or an elbow from her flinging herself off the furniture. It becomes a physical contact sport! LOL! She is committed and I am here for all of it! Thanks, Luvvie!

  11. Shanna says:

    Reading your recaps of the show is the highlight of my workday on Friday. When Fitz go shot I had to rewind my DVR 6 times to believe it was real. Damn near was in tears…Say it ain’t so!

  12. Maven says:

    Shonda and her crew played NO games last night! It gave me EVERYthing. I’m gonna miss James, cause there’s no way he can survive with what he knows. And even though I thought the Pres would get shot based on the promos, I was still devastated. I don’t know if Millie knows. That’s too much even for her, and what would she gain? And I about died when they said Stevie Wonder would perform. The first thing I thought about was Luvvie. Ha! Can’t wait for next week. What are we going to do when they go on winter break? LAWD!

  13. MzD says:

    My wig was SNATCHED! I gonna watch that episode again with closed captioning and expert commentary because that was too much to take in and digest in one episode

  14. Shun says:

    I wouldn’t put this shooting past Cyrus! Cyrus is ruthless and will do anything elevate his status. I don’t think it’s Mellie because that little drama was way too obvious. It could possibly be Hollis though. Hollis don’t care about NOTHIN’!lol

    Shout out to the brotha security guard: “I make 9.30 an hour, i have four kids and 2 of them are in college. I’on care!” LOL I was *dead* when he said that!

  15. niecy says:

    that cat gif just killed me. omg lol

  16. YeahTam says:

    Is there a rehab for Scandal watchers because my bags are packed and I am ready to check in!!!

    Great recap always Luvvie!!

    Nice knowing you James. When he was at the school tapping on the window I was in my house screaming “Run James it aint worth it!”. I pray that James doesn’t die but I might as well starch and iron my choir robe to take part in the mass choir at the funeral when Hollis finds out what James knows..

    Mellie – I can’t wait to find out more of her connection. If she did indeed know that the President was going to be shot then I hope she catches Olivia’s wrath. (Olivia has way too much going on.) If she really had a change of heart she should have faked sick before they left for the party.

    Cyrus had a tracking device installed into James’ phone I am sure of it. Cyrus is nobody’s fool.

    Hollis – no one man should have all this power. I bet he is the real father of Mellie’s baby. Either that or the real father of the baby is someone that hasn’t been introduced yet.

    Bill Cosby’s brother AKA known as Senator Davis – I suspect that it is him that Olivia is on the floor crying over while sniffing and holding a shirt in next week’s episode.

    But when those gun shots rang out…. / I think I woke up the whole neighborhood screaming at my TV.

    I might as well watch next week’s episode while laying on the floor because I will end up on the floor by the end of it all anyway.

    • keisha brown says:

      Cyrus had a tracking device installed into James’ phone I am sure of it. Cyrus is nobody’s fool.

      exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! i refuse!!

    • Lisalis says:

      Please post the Scandal rehab center address ASAP!

      Yassss! Why did it take like three scenes for James to get into the freaking high school?! All that looking in the window…into his own destruction.

      7 mo’ days

  17. Marianna says:

    Oh. My. Damn. Last night’s ep blew my mind!

    I really hope nothing happens to James :( I don’t think Cy will kill his own hubby and Olivia is friends with him too, so don’t see her gunning for him either. But everyone else on the Goon squad? smh

    I don’t really care about David, and Olivia is already too invested in Quinn to let anything happen to her now.

    Really hope Fitz is ok. I think its too easy that Mellie knew about him getting shot. Plus what would she gain by that? On the other hand, it was weird the way she wanted to leave the event and go home.

    And with everything we found out about the elections, I still say, like I did before:

    I don’t think they rigged the election. Or at least Olivia didn’t. I think it was Hollis because he was a campaign contributor wasn’t he? Like a super PAC? So I can see him having done all this on his own. But when the others (Olivia) found out it was too late to do anything. Their guy was President. So they decided to help him (Hollis) cover it up after he screwed it up by killing Quinn’s bf.

  18. Toni says:

    didn’t the recap say something about being shot 4 times? I thought I only heard one shot. or am I making this up in my own dayum head.

  19. O_O says:

    Are we sure Olivias new bo is not wearing a mask? He is the oddest whitest looking black man I have ever seen. I wish they’d have cast Someone as Fitz or Columbus fine, that would make their connection more plausible.

  20. janelfelice says:

    Before I even read this article, peep how President Ghost referred to Olivia as his mistress when talking to Millie. Before, he was adamant about Livie being more than that!

    • janelfelice says:

      As always, your reviews give me everything I need in life. I almost got fired looking at the Wolverine gif. Am I the only one that thinks Mellie had nothing to do with the shooting? She’s not in love with Fitz, but she doesn’t hate him that much. I think her pregnant woman intuition was just kicking in. I love this show. However, I don’t know if my heart can take the drama!

  21. Bre says:


    I’m not e’em gon lie, the first thing I did at the end of last nights episode was hit up your blog, hoping I could see you post in real time. LOL

    Okay so I had the same thought that Mellie knew what was going on, but my man insists that she “just had a bad feeling” wtf ever!!! I think Hollis had one of his goons take care of him…I was watching the dinner scene and as soon as Fitz said the word “Defiance” I said OOP! But they can’t silence the President can they? Apparently they can. iDied.

  22. Sparkle T says:

    You know who’s been absent this season? The VP, Mrs. Sally Langston. I wonder how she fits into all this. After all if Pres. Ghost dies, she’d be given the presidency by default.

  23. Bridgette says:

    As soon as David handed that briefcase to James, I thought to myself “They both gon die.” SMH. And I like James, too.

    And Quinn better settle down, has she forgot who Huck, is? She better not go into deep waters she can’t swim in.

    I enjoy reading your post and the comments as always.

  24. Just Jane says:

    Let me preface my commentary by first letting you, Luvvie, know that I LUV and adore you here and on the twitta. I’m here for EVERYTHANG you got! You slay and I’d consider that challenging to do without audio or facial expression. Let’s just go down the line shall we?

    1. I’m still in love with your original phrase of “League of Goons”

    2. “President Ghost, who is always looking like someone took his last pink starburst” and “iCANNOT! I am UNABLE TO CAN.” You’re so clever and hilarious at the same time!

    3. I’m not convinced that Mellie knew about the shooting. This hypothesis came after a second viewing. I think that women, especially expectant mothers, have a keen sense of intuition. Plus, it’d be too easy for her to know. Just a thought…

    4. I’ve got to say how much I appreciate the name “Defiance” as the name of the county in Ohio.

    Defiance – open or bold resistance to or disregard for authority, opposition, or power.

    I see what you did there Shonda and writers!!

    5. James is gon die y’all! And someone tweeted that the PhD candidates that he was chatting with were gonna die too! Thought that was fairly hilar.

    6. Why does my presha go up at the end of every episode? I literally could not sleep after!!! My adrenaline was through the roof! I love this show sooo!

    Anywho, catch y’all next week! Jane OUT!

    • Lisalis says:

      Jane, I agree. I have already starting to use, “I am unable to can” in normal everyday parlance.

    • Luvvie says:

      I will call them nothing but the League of Goons. And hmmm about Mellie’s intuition. I don’t know. It’s possible. She just seemed so jittery that it feels like she knew something. And good point on it being too easy for her to know. Shonda’s team surely does like to do the opposite of what we think.

      I really love the name “Defiance” too. It had bout 5 meanings in this episode.

  25. Lisalis says:

    Dear Luvvie, please change your first name to “Awesomely” because this Scandal recap is the.bomb.diggety.

    Between you and your crazy commenters, I am guffawing loudly at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places.

    Then the uninitiated want to know what’s so funny and well…I just can’t. To the blog with all them!

    Y’all are mighty quick buying the memorial lilies for Jame’s funeral. I think they’re gonna figure out a way to get Hollis’ all powerful patooty.

    Remember, this Olivia Pope we’re talking ’bout. Once she hears her ex-boo got shot, she’s going to pull out the big game. Her and Cyrus gonna plot on ol’ boy ’til he drops.

    • Luvvie says:

      LOL name changes are ‘spensive. But hehehehe. My commenters are everything. Y’all don’t know how to act and I’m here for all of it.

      See? James knows something the League of Goons (all of them) don’t want anyone to know. Even if they handle Hollis, they still gon have James and his nosy self there. Something’s gon have to give.

      • MrsCamp says:

        James is definently gonna die. The actor that plays him has a full time gig as a writer on Grey’s. They only needed him for a minute. It was nice knowing you Jamie boy!!

  26. Luvvie I’ve always look forward to your amazing Scandal recaps. (Thank you for your shout-out!) Defiance is truly the game changer this season. My money is on Mellie, Hollis, Charlie and I’m dishing out candle vigil for James and Quinn for digging through dirty little secrets. This show – I can’t even put into words the emotions it continues to bring out. I legit screamed too at that final moment. -Chioma

  27. I LOVE your Scandal recaps!

    Charlie did say in Spies Like Us that he’s staying in town. I cannot begin to – I can’t! He has to be the gunman…hired by who or rather whom? Last season Charlie was hired by Cyrus to take out Amanda Tanner. I pray for Charlie’s soul when Cyrus and Olivia get on him.

  28. Ranity says:

    James has reason to be tight as all get out. Why? Because now that he has discovered what David has been trying to convince him of, The assassination or assassination attempt on President Fitzgerald Grant (read John Fitzgerald Kennedy) will overshadow anything he may want to publish.

    Also, in a previous episode Cyrus told James “never speak Defiance in my presence again” in a very irritated serious tone so…yeah League of Goons. here they come.

    • Luvvie says:

      Good points! And yes, I definitely saw the JFK-ness. Also, i see what you did there, Shonda. She musta been planning this assassination attempt since the moment she named him that. I love Shonda Rhimes’ brain. Paws.

      And James story is all but dead in the water now. if he writes about how a president who is lying in the hospital cheated his way into the white house, he might don’t make it for real. I CANNOT WAIT.

      • Ranity says:

        Also Justice Myrna is loosely based on Justice Ruth Bader-Ginaberg currently serving in the Supreme Court. Ginsberg has also battled cancer most of her latter career.

        • RozB says:

          You make some great points! I am glad I saved all the episodes in my DVR – I can go back and start tying in some of the rapid dialog and fussing to what is going on now.

  29. MsOdessa says:

    I think Hollis is responsible! I do believe (in my head) that when he went to go talk to Cyrus about what he was fittin ta do, Cyrus was misunderstanding exactly what it was the Hollis was upset about. I think Hollis has had someone watching James the WHOLE time and was just waiting for the moment when James stuck his entire hand in the cookie jar before he struck the President through the heart. Also. If Cyrus had just given James a damn baby, we wouldn’t all be going through any of this. So distraught.

  30. nichole says:

    I just wanted to tell Edison that you don’t need to know everything. Just be glad you are back in Olivia’s bed.

    I don’t believe Hollis is behind the President being shot. We haven’t seen the VP in a while and she is ruthless. Not to mention the Governor who lost the election by 4,359. We know he’s ruthless.

    TV shows are preparing to go on their winter break which means we have at least 2-3 December Scandals left before the holidays and it will be back on January. Shonda always leaves viewers panting on the sidelines like hungry zombies.

  31. Mrs. Hamilton says:

    i love this blog and i love this show and i’m so glad to have found somewhere to talk about it!!!! i swear every week after scandal i need a drink! i literally cannot stop talking to myself after last night’s episode… i dreamed about fitz being shot… i woke up this morning like, “awww nawww, say it ain’t so!!!!”

    1) quinn ain’t slick, she needs to calm down. huck is like dude from that movie taken, lol- “I have a particular set of skills…”

    2)i wanted liv to tell senator claymation (rotflmao to whoever said that), “I don’t have to answer to you! do you know who i am? I make people disappear and i’m f****** the POTUS! So shut up and put yo tie on, raisin head!” I don’t think they’re supposed to have any chemistry. i think shonda wants us to itch a little when we look at him. and ps- liv, get some curtains, cuz you gon’ make fitz have a heart attack if he has to look at another pic of you cuddled up to that raisin’s taco meat… just sayin…

    3) mellie doesn’t know… she doesn’t hate fitz that much… and WHERE are their other kids??

    4) cannot WAIT to see hollis and cyrus head to head!!!! “an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”

    5) Charlie TOTALLY did it. Or Billy’s crazy ass… no one knows for sure if he’s dead.

    6) Seven whole days??? WHY LAWD? WHY????

  32. Boo Radley says:

    I don’t know…I know Hollis is lead goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin? Cyrus is WAY scarier to me. I think Cyrus is going for Hollis’ head in EPIC measure if he tries to off his boo-honey. Not that James won’t be dealt with. I just can’t figure it all! Smithers, fetch mah salts!

  33. Sherlan says:

    Luvvie, thanks for sharing – loved it as usual – not to mention the hilarious comments.

    Senator need to stop asking about who Olivia was with – “it ain’t any of your business” – plus you wouldn’t understand.

    James – your husband will not like it that you snooping – he stops at nothing – even using fake tears in oval office to get his way.

    Shooting the President could be some whole other scandal we don’t know about yet – nothing is what it seems on this damn show, but I have a few suspects Billy, Charlie, Hollis (who knows?)

    I’ve been asking for weeks; is Billy dead, is he dead? Charlie went into the elevator with him but we don’t he’s dead for sure; Charlie he didn’t get paid to disappear Billy (only Amanda Tanner). I think Billy made his own deal with Charlie (get rid of Fitz so Sally can be the President – we know how much he hates Fitz.

    Next suspect is Hollis; he’s been antsy since he’s not getting his way at the white house. But it was too soon after he argued with Cy for him to arrange a hit for the night on the prez party.

    I’d hate to think Millie could be so stone cold to kill the man she had kids for – even though she threatened to do it. Why she acted so suspicious in the Limo – who knows – woman’s intuition (my ass).

    Cyrus has too much invested in Fitz being President to want him dead – that’s his baby.

    Fitz loves Olivia – he could not get enough of watching HALF of her on the TV while Cy was trying to talk to him; he zoned out completely(that relationship is not over) – wanna bet that Fitz unfortunately getting shot brings them back together – he will not die (Fitz and Olivia is the show) – bye bye mr. senator – Olivia is not all in with you.

    I can’t wait for next week to see the flashback of them together in the months after the election. I’ll be watching ole episodes till then.

  34. paintgurl says:

    I loved this episode!!! I think Mellie ordered the POTUS shot and she had that other spy (charlie??) do it….it seems like Mellie is tired of being the first lady and wants to be the first woman president. Because last season she didn’t really seem to care that Fitz was with Olivia..(IMO).

    I think the senator is just something for Liv to do, he seems too twinkie-ish to me.

  35. Nikki Bee (@nikkib1920) says:

    1. My jaw dropped at the end of this episode!!
    2. Why is Quinn so nosy now?
    3. Does Harrison have a crush on Abby?
    4. Is Eddison playing Olivia?
    5. WTH is going on in Defiance?!
    6. Most importantly, WhoTF SHOT FITZ? (nice #amish to JR Ewing, RIP Larry Hagman)
    7. I just wanted to end with seven.

  36. sadiqua says:

    Olivia Pope….why you no send Huck an early Christmas bonus and let him have his Dexter with Hollis? AAALLLL you gotta do is blink twice and his creepy scary loveable ass WILL HANDLE THAT. LIKE A BOSS.

  37. LondonDiva says:

    I’m bout to start making my Christmas t-shirts with the slogan “Dont F**k With Huck”. Point blank period. Because Quinn clearly wants to learn that the hard way!!!

    Defiance snatched all the tracks off my head this week and Luvvies fab recap resnatched them, requiring an emergency trip to my stylist for fresh thread!!!!!!!! LAWDY!!!!!

    I’m a huge conspiracy theorists so here’s this: I don’t think Fitzgerald is the only one shot. I think CaliRaisanBoy caught an L also. Remember there were FOUR SHOTS FIRED. Hmmmmmmmmm????? Who else got hit… CHARLIE( yes, remember the mysterious I’m in town PHONECALL??!?!?!)

    I cosign, agree and sustain everyones comments on here, I am here for the foolery & shenanigans of #SCANDAL, I am HERE For IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Stephanie says:

    There are so many quotables in the blog post and comments alone! *dies a thousand times*

    But guys, I really don’t think Puck will touch Quinn as long as she’s their client. Olivia won’t let anything happen to her, for now. If Puck wanted to peel Quinn’s muffin cap back blue, he could have done it there and then!

  39. Stephanie says:

    i mean Huck…lmao.

  40. April says:

    Why did I picture Luvvie lying on the couch fanning herself after writing this blog? I definitely think Mellie had something to do with the shooting or either she knew something bad was going to happen tonight. I just need to know the address of whomever over at ABC I need to mail my bill for these blood pressure meds I’m sure I’m going to now need because of this episode.

    P.S. That cat liketa took me out!

  41. Whitty says:

    Me and my friend came up with the idea that the League of Goons had this planned all along for if the rigging came out.
    Cyrus and Millie had it planned out and used the spy that huck tortured to shoot him. Remember at the end of the episode when all the spies were together everyone went home except him and he’s worked for Cyrus before.
    I think the plan was to hurt the president not kill him. This news coverage will drown out the news of a rigged election. What news station will (patriotically) play rigged election news when the president has been shot?

    • Luvvie says:

      OOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *strokes chin* *strokes chin again* This is a REALLY good point! WOWWW! Hmmm… Girl. You so smart! This is a possibility.

      • Caribbelle says:

        This really has me thinking. I don’t know if you noticed but I feel that Cyrus’ character was modeled after Rep. Barney Frank. They kinda look alike, and are brash the same way.

  42. So Flyy says:

    So I had to come back to the Unoffical Scandal Form aka Rehab, to say I was re-watching the last episode on and someone was commenting on the epi about who may have shot President Ghost… and was like “Don’t forget about Amanda Tanner’s dad”…

    that blew my mind… oh the possibilities.

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