The iPad That Was Actually a Mirror: Story of Fail

[ 33 ] November 11, 2012 |

There are times when I wonder how some people don’t fall more just from their sheer stupidity. This is one of those times.

CNET said a woman named Jalonta Freeman was at a gas station in Arlington, Texas, when a dude drove up to her and said he was selling an iPad for $200. A brand new $800 iPad for $200. Yeah. Aight. O_O And when she hesitates, he says he’s in a hurry and he has to go quick. She says aight and gives him money and he speeds away. She opens the box to find:

iPad mirror

A piece of cardboard with a mirror on it. And an iPad sticker.



When I tell you I laughed myself STOOPID? Chile… iSWEATERGAWD I laughed so hard I snorted. This woman just paid $200 for a cardboard box with a mirror on it so she can have something to stare at her own stupidity with.

I have many questions for Jalonta.

1. When someone drives up to you at a gas station tryna sell you something, do you not think they might be a crackhead? I might. Or at least shady as hell.

B. If this salesperson tells you he has to hurry so he doesn’t have time for your brain to stop and think and perform logic and reasoning operations, will you not give slight side-eye?

III. When you decided that this sale was something you wanted to consider, why didn’t you ask to see the iPad on the inside?

4a. When he gave you the box, was it 1 pound? I know iPads are light but I doubt the heft of that mirror could really mirror (HA!) the size of an iPad.


LMAOOO!!! Man, poor Jalonta. She got hoodwinked and bamboozled. But lowkey, I wanna congratulate the man who is currently walking around $200 richer and all he had to do was glue the mirror he broke on some cardboard. Sir, congrats for being clumsy and making money off it. That dishonest thief was making $200 outta cardboard. Literally.

highest of fives gif

When interviewed, Jalonta said “I would never do anybody like that. Get a job.” Ma’am, you would never do anyone like that because you’re not that clever. Also, he has a job. His job is to swindle people who don’t use common sense out of their hard-earned money. It’s not an honest job, but it’s a job nonetheless.

I kinda feel bad for this lady but I’m too busy hiccuping from laughing so hard at that picture of her looking basic as hell to feel guilty. Bless her heart.

The moral of this story is: if something feels too good to be true, it prolly is. Don’t buy iPads from random dudes at gas stations. AppleCare doesn’t cover that! She needs to keep this iPad cardboard mirror as a constant reminder. Her own tangible “Never Forget” memorabilia.

So am I evil for laughing or are y’all guffawing with me?

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  1. Lashawna says:

    Oh my goodness I am literally crying right now. And Luvvie I snorted too when I saw this. I can’t even deal right now. It’s 1:30 in the morning, too loud for me to be laughing this hard and mentally preparing my funeral because I am too done right now from this

  2. Malachi says:

    Bwahaha. Jalonta, ma’am, you could’ve had a nice little Android tablet for $200 but now you must settle for a mirror.

    At least she’ll still have FaceTime…

  3. Chellevea says:

    I told my friend the same thing “He can’t even sell you AppleCare” LOL…But are we not gonna discuss her lens-less glasses frames tho?

  4. Amber says:

    Why did she have to be from my city?? *heavy sigh* please know that nobody else from my city is this stupid

  5. dianthe says:

    guffawing with you – i’m almost ashamed to tell you that Jalonta (who named this child?) lives in my hometown – please let it be noted that all folks from Arlington, Texas are NOT this stoopid.

    even though we already saw the story on the local news, i’m still about to read “The Luvvie Perspective” aloud to my husband – i hope i can make it through without falling out of the chair – we have a pub height table and hardwood floors – if i fall, it will hurt.

  6. Mike Brown says:

    This sounds straight out of the scene from the start of Mo’ Money where they sell a guy a box of cinder blocks saying it’s a TV.

  7. JLMad says:

    But why am I laughing at your numbering system as hard as I’m laughing at this article tho?

  8. ummzeez says:

    them popped out real3D glasses was her first mistake of the morning…

  9. Slim says:

    But…iCant…I mean…Uh… How special is Jalonta to really go REPORT THIS to the news?! Did she think Apple was gon’ say “Oh we feel so sorry you tried to buy an iPad off the street & got GOT, here’s a REAL one” No Ma’am!

    Jalonta, when (YES, I said WHEN) things like this happen to you AGAIN, please go look in your iMirror and say “Do I really want anyone to know I’m this dumb?” Before you go blasting your stupidity all over the 10 o’clock news.

    I’m done, just DEAD and DONE

    • Tiffany says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. If I were Jolanta ( and I would never be) NO ONE would know about this! I would not be all over the new talkin’ bout how I got Got for $200 at a gas station for a mirror. Nope, this would be a personal learning lesson.

  10. CreoleFleur says:

    I’m giving this hoodtastic criminal a litle more credit. He had enough sense to know he had to add something with weight. The fools in Atlanta just use a box with the picture on it. I continue to be amazed at these people who are so willing to publicly expose their level of dumbness. Not a nobody would know I got got – and I damn sure wouldn’t be on TV so people outside my inner circle could laugh at me too.

  11. AMalone says:

    First off, Luvvie, I just love me some you, I tend to lurk most of the time, but I share your hilarity with others all of the time!
    Wow, these scams are going on all over the place! A group of folks here in Memphis TN were hot gluing two black picture frames together with an Apple Sticker. They were charging $100, though…got a lot of people, so many that the news here had to do a story. I’m so mad that people aren’t smarter than that. Apple is not that dang generous!

  12. Marcie says:

    This was too funny. And the picture was classic! Keep’em coming.

  13. crissle says:

    omg crying laughing

  14. Khadijah says:

    my friend Jessica also pointed out “and why is she wearing glasses with no lenses?”

  15. JojoRaze says:

    You know you and Scott gon have to discuss this situ in the podcast? This combines ratchetry with geekdom perfectly!

  16. Annette says:

    See she probably thought it was stolen goods and she was getting a deal hot hot merchandise.

    Boy he knew who to got to for his $200 dollars. I hope she learned her lesson cause the next time it might cost her a lot more.

    Can’t believe she gave her money away so quickly without ever opening it and trying to use it. Not for my $200.00.

  17. Dyma says:

    I’m just mad that the 200 dollars could’ve used for some actual glasses gahtdambit lmao

  18. TeeNikki says:

    Ok, here’s another problem. The news station played her. They had her actually pose for that shot, all the while sniggeling and guffawing behind her back (cuz they had to be behind her for the shot). This is one of those situations where Old Skool Eddie Murphey would’ve turned to look at the camera with the WTF face.

    SN: I miss old skool Eddie Murphy.

    Ok, carry on.

  19. Brad says: – here’s a followup video to the story. Turns out a lady dumb enough to buy electronics from a guy in a parking lot is also dumb enough to give her personal and banking information to a guy on the phone.

  20. Queen Kellie says:

    He may be related to the dude who sells Louis V purses out of a laundry bag.

  21. Jabari says:

    Sirmaam, you just need to go off into the corner and reassess your lifespace!!!! YOU BIG DUMMY!

    Sir who sold her the iPad, #YOUWIN Hustle Man!!

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