Dear Caroline Wozniacki, Mocking Serena’s Body? You TRIED It

[ 62 ] December 11, 2012 |

I tell ya. People are getting too big for their britches nowadays and they clearly need to be snatched back into their lanes. This latest sternly-worded letter was earned by Caroline Wozniacki, tennis player and consummate loser.

Dear Caroline Wozniacki,

Girl, you REALLY tried it. You tried it so hard that your failure is embarrassing. How DARE you have the unmitigated gall and the ginormous proverbial balls to mock Serena Williams’ body on the tennis court. HOW DARE YOU? You stuffed your bra and bottoms to imitate ‘Rena, who has wiped the tennis court with your tears on more than one occasion and I am here to tell you that you’re an asshole.

Caroline Wozniacki

This is atrocious and I’m appalled. APPALLED. You really stepped on the court like this to laugh at someone’s physique. When did the tennis court become the set of Saturday Night Live? Furthermore, who told you this would be cute? Lemme guess. You were just having a good time. You and the rest of the people who laughed along with you.

You’re classless for this. And it shows nothing less than your envy. This is a bitch move, ma’am. If you want to imitate Serena, then how about you start winning tennis championships and making that court your throne to rule? How about you break all sorts of tennis records? How about you walk in a room and turn every head because your presence is just that amazing?

Instead, you wanna stuff paper into your underwear to point and laugh at a peer. Nay. A SUPERIOR. Because before I even saw this picture, I had no idea who you were. And that must be your problem. Your mediocre ass needed attention since your tennis skills weren’t bringing you enough.

And yes, this reeks of racism. My girl Bassey says she feels like this has a Sarah Baartman/Venus Hottentot feel to it and I agree. You’re mocking Serena for having curves. You could only DREAM of having the body you’re laughing at, instead of the Spongebob Squarepants one you’re rolling around with. From a FELLOW SKINNY girl to another, please know you’re out of line for this. Serena is a brickhouse and you’re a boring shack. WOMP.

AND I BET you wouldn’t have done this if Serena was in the building. You might have gotten dragged by your eyebrows. You were only woman enough to do this in her absence. Punk shit, Caroline.

You are a hater. Nothing but a big ol’ hater!

haters gon hate gif

You owe Serena Williams an apology. And if you want the body she has, go pay for it. Instead of playing bald-headed ass games. Are you 12??? I bet you still enjoy when boys throw spitballs at you to show their interest. You immature, ignorant haterbish. Green is a terrible color on you.

Get your life.


Folks are talmbout Caroline and Serena are friends so ha ha ha. HA HA HELL! My friends don’t make fun of my body on a grand stage like this. WOMP.

Also, folks are saying this is what they do a lot at exhibition matches. So we shouldn’t be mad. Oh so it’s a tradition? AWESOME! That means it’s perfect like ALL traditions are, right? O___O

So whatcha’ll think of Caroline and her boolsheet?

Also read: Serena Williams’ Body is NOT A Costume by Jessica of Speaker’s Corner in the ATX. 

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  1. That Dude says:

    Caroline who?

    *whispers* Serena…Callllllllll meeeee

  2. Kina says:

    Girl, she trying to compensate for her lack of curvaliciousness. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but this fool needs to sit her azz down.

  3. When will there be a time when black bodies are not the source of scrutiny and ridicule. Ugh..that bitch needs to get her muthaf*CKING LIFE…. she WISHES she had a donk that makes grown men cry and straight women gay…….

    ..and I hope if she and Serena meet in a tourney soon..she wipes the floor with her racket..THEN proceeds to sit on her and fart in her face. (LOL)

  4. KMN says:

    She should get reprimanded by the tennis commission or association for this mess here…Someone on another blog/forum said if Serena can get chastised for Cwalking across the court then this heathen needs to be scolded just as bad for imitating a Legend…


  5. So Flyy says:

    “If you want to imitate Serena, then how about you start winning tennis championships…”


    aaaaaaanndddddd GOODNIGHT folks.

  6. Laura says:

    ireallyjustabsolutelyCan’t. Is this what we’re doing instead of good sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponents these days?

    Can’t wait to see Ms. Wozniacki try to walk this one back.

  7. KMN says:

    Doesn’t she share the same last name of Kim from RHOA? If so I can understand the hate coming from her DNA…heffa


  8. Msz_O says:


    oh & THAT GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GoldenLady says:

    “If you want to imitate Serena, then how about you start winning tennis championships and making that court your throne to rule? How about you break all sorts of tennis records?”

    She’s better at stuffing her bra than playing tennis. She stuck with what she knew.

  10. CaliGirlED says:

    Crazy how people keep saying they’re friends, it was all in good humor. Like I said on fb, BS!!! With friends like that…That’s the kind of joking you do in private, with your friends, not in front of an audience of people (who are not peers of your friend) laughing at said friend.

    And to those who say it was humorous, not racist and we need to lighten up, like I also said on fb, When you have been mocked as a race for centuries by those who have historically oppressed you, then you say what Black people need to do. There is nothing humorous about having an audience of people who look nothing like you laughing at you. If that was indeed harmless humor, it would have served to be funny in a private group setting among friends, INCLUDING the one being made fun of. There is a difference between humor and mocking. Humor is funny, mocking is hurtful.

    If Serena popped that a$$ they would swear she was wrong!

  11. Shade says:

    “Serena is a brickhouse and you’re a boring shack.” LMAO!

  12. MissMe says:

    I was told that Serena was present (and laughing) when this went down and that everyone was making fun of each other and were engaging in different antics during this particular exhibition (Serena did the samba, other players were flirting with the crowd, etc). I honestly don’t believe she meant harm, Serena has been known for her physique since the beginning, other than her wins it’s whats most talked about, I don’t necessarily believe that she is out of line. This of course is my own opinion, if Serena isn’t mad then I certainly have no reason to be…

    • MissMe says:

      Let me be clear though, because I don’t think she meant harm does not mean that I don’t think what she did was ignorant. It was very much so, she didn’t think about the consequences CLEARLY, I just don’t think people should be acting like this girl is a card carrying klan member.

      • tonirags says:

        I agree with most of what you’ve said here. I think too much is being made of this. They are friends, Serena was there, these tennis players act the fool at these exhibitions all the time in an effort to entertain the crowd. You should probably use the word ‘imitate’ instead of ‘mock’ and ‘ridicule’ or ‘racist’ shouldn’t even enter the conversation. Please note that Caroline was probably the only other female tennis player (outside of Venus) to visit Serena in hospital when she was ill. I can see how given our history, her actions may have been cringe worthy, but it doesn’t deserve the outcry it’s receiving.

  13. Sadiqua says:

    When does Serena play this heffa again? I need to have this match on my DVR if I can’t watch it live. Caroline don’t want it with her, and she MUST forget where the Williams gals are from. I dont think the Dutch roll like Cali folks.

  14. MCJ (@_Roxie_) says:

    *chirp chirp*
    This chick is crickets to me
    I ain’t never heard of her.

  15. Siddy says:


  16. Imani P says:

    Lmao…read this bitch real quick with her irrelevant ass.

  17. Beth Meyers says:

    I can’t get past how unattractive this chica is, like someone froze her looks accounts and she didn’t have the funds recoup her losses.

  18. rich says:

    i would hit it!

  19. RozB says:

    I suppose when you have a body built for Braille, it must be hard to actually not know what it is like to be able to make grown men cry (looking at Common).

    I can see Serena now…”Haha HELL! Let’s see the joke when I serve this ball dead in your pre-teen looking flat ass!” BAM!

    I ain’t got time for folks who try all kinds of racist shade and then say they were only “playin’” GTFOH!!!! Friends or not, you know your boundaries and you don’t push them if you have respect for the other person.

  20. unwrittenwizard says:

    now is she really supposed to be imitating Serena? All we have in this article is what the poster has said, as far as I can see it is nothing more than speculation on the part of the author, show me where there is hard evidence that that is what she is doing, instead of showing yourself as some sort of hysterical idiot.

      • Usually In Poor Taste says:

        Welpy McWelperton!

      • Shar says:

        I LOVE Luvvie. Swea I do!

      • Unwrittenwizard says:

        Not being beligerent at all, just pointing out fundamental flaws in your article, its good jurnalistic practice and standard precedure to provide evidence that what you say is true, the video provided doesn’t do that so that’s twice you’ve failed, what’s needed is for Wozniacki to come out and say what and why she was doing it, if she was poking fun at Serena it still doesn’t make it racist, the only reason this is being viewed as such is because people such as yourself want it to be so. If Wozniacki was black or Serena was white you wouldn’t even give this the time of day. Where were you when Roddick took the mickey out of Serena?

        • Sparkle T says:

          Now I usually don’t do this, but that is the second time you came out of your troll habitat to insult Luvvie and I’m not here for that. Maybe you should check the dictionary, a 3rd grade grammar book, an old episode of School House Rock, ANY OTHER GAHT DAMB reference to the English language before you come on HER website trying to CHECK her. Now go back to your cave with the rest of the big haired bejeweled trolls and don’t step foot back over these parts.

    • RozB says:

      Umm…you should really do a thorough read before posting. That way, you don’t have to know what it tastes like to eat crow. But for now, please have alla da seats. Over there. ===>

  21. Erin says:

    This is ridiculous. More is being made of this than is necessary. Players make fun of each other all the time at these exhibitions. The only ones “offended” are the ones who don’t follow tennis at all, like I assume the author of this doesn’t. Serena is not exempt when it comes to being impersonated. At some point, all popular players have been. This is nothing new for the TENNIS COMMUNITY. It’s like if a white girl does anything it’s racist. All this finger-pointing does nothing but perpetuate it and keep racism alive. I bet the majority of you all didn’t even know who Caroline Wozniacki was or that she and Serena were a part of a traveling tour in South America with Roger Federer, did you? Please. Quit with the holier than thou act ASAP.

    • ab says:

      shut up dear.
      I’ve been following tennis since the days of Steffi Graf and Navratilova.
      You illiterate racist wannabe, its RACIST. you are defending it. you are being racist at this point in time.

      If you don’t like it… go sit in a little corner and cry.
      You are keeping racism alive and you know what? your little guilt trip might work with your friends or your parents but for most of us here… we ain’t given no damns. NONE.

      seats…. over there. go it in a corner and reflect on your life.
      cos we don’t care about you or your ignorance.

  22. Daria says:

    WHO are these people saying Serena was there SHE WAS NOT AT THAT GAME I watched they never showed her. She played the exhibition but wasn’t present for that poor display and I can’t see Serena laughing at this; even if she did I’M STILL OFFENDED. No all tennis players don’t do this: Serena, Venus, Vika, Maria just to name a few have never mocked anyone. They have fun yes, dancing and acting silly but never making fun of others body parts. The first to do this was Andy Roddick he and ‘Rena really are friends since 8 yrs old. I gave him a side eye as well but he then pretended to PLAY like Serena serving,grunting, staring at the judges, ect. then THIS HEFFA did this a time before I didn’t like it then still don’t.Then Djokovic (a male player) did it and now THIS HEFFA again. only stuffing their underwear not the way she plays just the curves part.. UGH!! see the pattern?? the only player they make fun of is SERENA not even Venus because Vee is shaped like they are long/lean no curves. It’s always Serena always her curves. If this was in good fun why didn’t she make fun of her opponent?? that she lost to at least she was there and they could have made fun of each other back and forth but this…

  23. daria says:

    and for folks saying they’re friends they as friendly as you are with your coworkers you grab coffee with or talk to while you heat up your lunch, but you don’t hang out with them after work or weekends. She is friendly with all of the women on tour and most of the guys she been doing this over a decade. This girl don’t know ‘Rena like that!! They don’t hang out just friendly on twitter and in the locker room on tour ect. Even if they are why make a joke at the expense of your ‘friend’ its in poor taste. I am an avid tennis watcher & I never see the white girls making fun of the other white girls. I need receipts of Serena doing this to another woman on tour or even a player doing this to another player that isn’t Serena. You will find lately it’s always Serena.

  24. MimiLuvs says:

    I consider this to be a case of “You can’t win for losing”.

  25. Remember in the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video where Beyonce’s dusting her 50′leven Grammys? Serena needs to do the same

  26. TeeNikki says:

    She reminds me off those losers in that twerkin fail video. It’s mocking/hating, because it’s known far and wide that there is a clear disparity between Black booty and White booty. Black women bemoan their butt not being big enough, White women bemoan a nonexistent butt to be too big. It’s classic. But, given the tennis exhibition spirit (or whatever), the poor girl imitated her in the only way she could, cuz Lawd knows she can’t imitate her tennis skill.

  27. starle says:

    I am not a member of the ‘tennis community’. When I saw this girl doing that it made me a little ill and sad. Sometimes white folks don’t know the difference between funny and super racist. They just need to be told. Most of the time they will be surprised, but then get it and learn something.
    SO LEARN SOMETHING from this mess!

  28. shadgg02 says:

    well, maybe Serena should imitate Caroline’s body…. oh wait, nope….. well, what about her matches…..nope, not that either…..

    well, hell! I guess Serena is winning all the way around.

  29. OutHereTrynaF(x) says:

    *Sigh* Caroline W. looks all types of foolish for this, and I do think this was extremely childish. If they are indeed friends there’s a time and place for this type of thing. However, I disagree with this being racist. Since when are big breasts and big booties EXCLUSIVE to Black women. For all the women I know with those features, I know just as many or more with small to medium sized ones. And I dont know about elsewhere but here in the Midwest there are plenty of corn-fed big booty white women.

    I think we as Black women have bought into the hype of this ‘big booty’ stuff. Like we’re lacking as a Black woman if we don’t have one? I honestly think we have our young girls out here desperate to have that feature (hence all of these butt injection fails) OR they feel somewhat attractive without it. We dont OWN curves. Some of us have them, some of us dont. So yes, Caroline was stupid. Doing something racist, nah… I dont think so.

  30. tinfoil hattie says:

    Fighting racism with sexism. Surely there’s a better way.

    • xyz says:

      Tinfoil Hattie,
      What Caroline did was racist AND sexist! Stop with the ‘All Blacks Are Men’ trope; you are a racist asshole.

  31. J. Lionel says:

    Now I’m plagued by thoughts of being “..dragged by your eyebrows”…*cue flatline tone*

  32. mathew says:

    i;m an asian, and i respect all races. i love tennis but this caroline, has no grandlam, she became no.1 because evryone is injured, including serena,sharapova,kim. And she join a lot of matches compare to other players. thats why she beacame no., but she is still slamless. haha, and her game is boring.

    caroline, just imitate serena’s groundstrokes and her hard hitting ball plus her service, may u can win a grandslam. hahaha

    or maybe just play in outer space, with your moonball style (that is a pathetic tyle)

    and u can’t play real tennis, fugly caro!

  33. Sniffer says:

    I can smell angry, ugly, fat bitch from far away. You mad.

  34. Jason says:

    When did she ever say she was making fun of Serena? I took it as her making fun of how many male fans of female tennis see the sport. It’s a game, but mostly just tits and ass.

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