Best Family Feud Answer Ever: Pork WHAT?

[ 52 ] December 6, 2012 |

I haven’t watched Family Feud in years, but I might need to watch because I forgot the foolery that happens on that show. This clip was brought to my attention a couple of months ago. Steve Harvey asks the question “Name something that follows the word ‘pork’” and foolishness ensues.

First of all, LMAO at the woman screaming Pork LAWN and having to spell the “Loin” part. And she spelled it “L-I-O-N.” *facepalm* Ma’am. What is your life?

And THEN… CUPAHN! Steve: “Huh?” *dead* And his mama or whoever the older lady in the coral suit starts yelling “GOOD ANSWER!!!” No ma’am. And certainly, no sir. This dude PORK…CUPAHN. And then gon insist “Number 1. On my mama.”

This family. Bless their hearts. AND they’re loud. I’m slightly ashamed.

But I don’t know what’s funnier though: the answer or Steve Harvey’s reaction. The man’s laugh is infectious. He’s laughing so hard it makes me laugh harder. Talmbout how it’s the greatest answer ever. It lowkey is, though. How do you top this?


I’m STILL laughing at this.

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  1. Pam says:

    OMG! Funny as hell!!

  2. KayMac says:

    I am at work, HOWLING!!!!! Homie talking abt CUPINE, ON MAH MAMA!!!!! Boy go sat down!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO

  3. Laura says:

    I was signing in at the doctor’s office a while back and heard one of the receptionists say to a caller, “My name is Doan, D-A-W-N.” In that moment I found myself unable to can.

  4. Rissa says:

    Why do I get the feeling that had we kept watching they still would have missed (the likely) number one: pork chop?

  5. Lauren says:

    People are a mess on this show. They truly say the first thing that comes to their mind. I haven’t watched it in years either but a few months ago, I watched it and Steve said they asked men “name a part of your body that is bigger now than it was when you were 16″, this woman shouted “Penis!” and she was so serious. Steve damn near fell out, he couldn’t even finish asking the questions.

  6. Taj Mahal says:

    These here bumpkins…somebody need to get their cousins, on TV with their GED honorable mention certificates in hand.

  7. KMN says:

    See…folks kill me. Mispronouncing and misspelling a word in the same breath. That’s a damn shame.

    And Steve Harvey works my nerves but he was a good choice for this show…he kills me when he wants to fall out but can’t lol


  8. dianthe says:

    girl, folks on Family Feud are already crazy and Steve just adds to the foolishness – have you seen this one? Snoop would be proud!!!

  9. Drea823 says:

    I am dead, gone and buried!! These country fools here….I am in tears!

  10. SonjaZ says:

    Lmao @ Steve’s mule mouth….

  11. BRUH!! When I say iHYENA CACKLED!! Man I’m in tears!!!

    Lets get into Pops’ 19 piece suit with the paisley print ascot. Color scheme of the day was Creamsicle urnge (orange) and concrete gray. Yall better get into this family. Then Cuzzin Knuck Knuck submits (CUPINE).

    Yall know your kin just as ignant and loud.


    Steve’s reactions pushed me into purgatory. This don’t make no damn sense.

  12. shadgg02 says:

    here lies Shadgg02….. for my funegro, tell my momma to get my pink suit, the one with the cherries on the lapel, out the cleaners and have the Pastor’enem sing “Jesus is on the mainline” while the praise dancers do a number

  13. MsZ says:

    *Long exasperated sigh* That is all.

  14. Miss Wits says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS, ironically my mom and I were up until midnight last night watching back to back episodes of this show! I never watched it on TV in ages – especially since Steve became the host. I’m glad they picked him as the new host. He’s a really good fit for this gig! His expressions are funnier than the actual dumb answers people give. Love it!

    If you want to go on off into YouTube tangent, search for episodes of these shows and you will swim through an everlasting sea of joy and be submerged in an ocean of chuckles.

  15. Alyssa Kapri says:

    Maaaaaaan. LISTEN!! I am at work wrtiting up my own pink slip for laughing out loud at this here. These tears. These tears are real.

  16. Dany says:

    Funny as hell and he said it with the utmost confidence. On a side note: I wonder if Steve Harvey is hiring for a lip chap assistant. His lips were so dry it made me thirsty.

  17. BrothaTech says:

    There’s no way. Family Feud is employing ringers for the funnies.

    ….There’s NO Way!

  18. That Dude says:

    Why did it take me a smooth minute to realize what he was saying? Porcupine? And they were so serious with it…bless their hearts.

    But can we talk about how neither side said ‘Chop?’ Really? Pork belly and pork lawn are the first things that pop in your mind?

    I’m glad I’m not working today cuz y’all woulda got me fired for hollering!

    And I would think most men have a bigger penis now than at 16…at least I do *shrug*

  19. tanyetta says:

    LOL! What in the WORLD???

  20. starle says:

    I have watched this 1000 times over the last few months! THE BEST. I like to watch it and just focus solely on one member of the family the whole way through. They are hilarious! I would LOVE to see more from that episode!

  21. Choc says:

    My people, my people…

  22. Erma says:

    Simply the best!!!

  23. Benibosan says:

    The lady in the gray? Her name is Punkin. With an N. Her parents doomed her to be loud and obnoxious.

    • Luvvie says:

      LMAOOOO!!! “Punkin” is what you name your kid if you don’t want them to really aspire to much. Maybe it’s just a nickname. It’s ok if it’s just a nickname but I hope her birth certificate don’t say “Punkin Jones.” SMH.

  24. OMG…reading is fundamental lord JESUS!!

  25. Silk! says:

    This show is Dumbest Tweets live, I swear.

  26. LadyQ says:

    When I tell you I am in tears!!!! This is the best laugh I have had in awhile. When I first read your blog, I was like “cupahn” what the hell is that, then I watched the video and needless to say, I was dead!!!

  27. CaliGirlED says:

    *wipes tears* Stomach is hurting from laughing and I am damn near choking from coughing so hard! *picks up lungs and reaches for inhaler*

  28. Tracey says:

    Can someone tell me why that family starts yelling, “GOOD ANSWER!” when they know full well that answer was anything but good?

  29. Serenity says:

    He meant porcupine….

  30. jcanwisegrrl says:

    Guys, you NEED to hear Steve talk about them on Ellen. I was wheezing and I don’t have asthma. Lawd Jeebus!

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