Lenny Kravitz and His Ginormous Scarf

[ 58 ] December 11, 2012 |

Lenny Kravitz has always marched to the beat of his own drum and I ain’t mad at him for it. But sometimes, I do wonder what goes through his head when he puts on certain things. Like:

Lenny Kravitz Giant Scarf

Lenny Kravitz is rocking a damb duvet around his neck like it makes sense. It don’t. Where is he going and how cold is it gon be wherever that is? Reg’lah people would wear a thicker jacket. NOT LENNY. Mr. Kravitz figures if he rocks a crocheted blanket, he gon be JUST FINE.

Him and Lauryn Hill must always wanna make sure they’re ready for the apocalypse because they insist on wearing ALLA clothes at once. ALLTHECLOTHES!

Even Atlas would say this damb scarf is too heavy. Negro carrying the weight of the world in crochet on his shoulders. FOR WHY??? Harriet already toiled in the underground railroad for us! LAY YOUR BURDENS (and that scarf) DOWN, LENNY!

Lenny prolly has improptu picnics in the park. Walking around with a blanket around his neck. You never know when sammiches need to be ate on grass so I guess he’s prepared for anything that comes his way.

And that thing looks like it itches. It doesn’t look comfortabo in the least bit. But do your thing, Mr. Kravitz!

Whatcha’ll think of Lenny’s giant scarf?

P.S. I’m so glad Lenny never dated Erykah Badu. Can you imagine them two together? They might start a crochet religion. O_o

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  1. CapitalKayPea says:


    you know he has a ginormous head, right? it balances.him.out! he would have had to wear 6 normal scarves to get the same effect. plus, the jacket, i see, is realnice. one can only wear realnice jackets if they are OPEN. hence the need for ginormous scarves, oui/non?

  2. Kristof Claes says:

    There should be some sort of dress code that when you wear a scarf as big as that, your cap should be in proportion to it.

  3. Abi says:

    Well at least if you go on a date with him, you gon be just fine when the chills set in. Duvet alla scarf gon wrap you up like a cocoon. I’m feeling the scarf solz. Plus it doubles as the sofa throw, Whatchutalkingbout. :)LOL

  4. Malaika Ms Bonafide says:

    Umm no I think this is the channel throw from his couch I’m not fooled but it looks nice.

  5. prettyricki3749 says:

    What a nice comforter he has used as a scarf.

  6. Shevonne says:

    I almost cackled myself to def @ even atlas would think this damb scarf is too heavy. But on a serious note, only Lenny can pull this look off. He’s just THAT sexy!

    And I will pray on him and Badu getting together. Weird couples give me a reason to live :)

  7. Jonez says:


    *I have no more words. Too busy cracking up*

  8. Neets says:

    If Linus was real, this is how he would wear his blanket.

  9. RozB says:

    They are supposedly tapping him to play Marvin Gaye in his biopic. I like Lenny, but no sir I do NOT approve. But they ain’t ask me, so…(._.*}

    Lenny always looks like he smells like patchouli – just gets up, puts his 18 pairs of pants back on, and jets. I bet you will know he was once in the room, because his fragrance will linger.

  10. Jahmaiah says:

    He misses his locks, had them knit into this scarf. Womp.

  11. Lalarochelle says:

    Maaaaaaaan……. Lenny Kravitz could dress like CeeLo and STILL GET IT 8 DAYS A WEEK. With his fahn 50+ yr old self. Wooo

  12. Nicolettie says:

    I HOWLED at this entire post!! Dead @ Harriet already toiled in the underground railroad for us! LAY YOUR BURDENS (and that scarf) DOWN, LENNY!

  13. So Flyy says:

    That “LAY YOUR BURDENS DOWN, LENNY!!” was the absolute end of me.

    I have difficulty wrapping my Pashmina so I could only imagine the amount of full body twirls he had to do to get this thing to sit just like so…

  14. IzzySez says:

    Look here Luvvie, I spent MONTHS crocheting all that for my booskie! He can wear it as a scarf, lay it down as a throw rug, or swaddle baby elephants! It is multi-functional and make with LOVE! Haterz ;)

  15. Khadijah says:

    *dead* at “crochet religion”

  16. RealEyez says:

    Crochet religion though? lmao, i’m crying…

  17. Tunji S says:

    Lenny & Badu would mean that Lenny is prepared just incase Badu decides to run around town naked. lol

  18. kah_dae says:

    Hilarious post. I can see how one would think he looks ridiculous, but I think he (and the scarf) are dope. But that’s probably because I can totally see myself making/wearing it(in a slightly smaller version).

    I DIED at “duvet around his neck”!

  19. Tashieka says:

    this pic just makes me smile. its so ridiculous.

  20. Miss Wits says:


    I will have you know that it took me a good 7 minutes to get through this post; one minute to get mahself together after hollerin’, welping and weeping after each paragraph! You dumb Luvvie! lol

  21. It’s like he’s thinking ‘would you still smang if I wore the most ridiculous thing ever?’

    The answer is yes, of course

  22. …I’d still sit on his face…………

    ..and wrap the crochet scarf around me post-coitus. LOL

    • Scorpiona says:

      ^^YOU! *LMAO* Lenny could get it sideways, on a Tuesday lunch hour, when I’m supposed to be in a meeting. Naaah, who am I kidding? I’ll just take the day(s) off whenever he wanted. Then I’d crochet a fabulous fringe on his favorite duvet.

  23. MaameTiwaah says:

    A long time lurker ….I have a cold and look at that crunk crochet made me warm all over

  24. MaameTiwaah says:


  25. michelle says:

    I think i read this every day since you posted this… when i need a quick laugh i come back and read it again… there are so many funnies -one liners in this here post..that i dont know what to do with myself.
    Luvvie you are hilarious.

  26. The Eco Heiress says:

    LMAO at “You never know when sammiches need to be ate on grass”. If you look closely it almost looks like a Quiznos back Lenny’s carrying…

  27. Master Pizza says:

    I worked with him on the Hunger Games and can confirm he is cool enough to get away with this.

  28. tonirags says:

    sitting at my computer cackling like a damn idiot!!!!

  29. Elaine says:

    Just one individual fringe would make a normal size scarf for us reglar folk. Just think of all the freezing people in Minske that could be warmed with that scarf. He needs to go to bed without dessert for owning that.

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