We Must Stop Legging Abuse ASAPtually!

[ 89 ] December 17, 2012 |

Leggings are comfortable. I get it. I like them too. But ever since the leggings as pants trend started like 4 or 5 or 6 years ago, people have been abusing it left and right. There are folks who rock it with cropped shirts, showing off all camel toe. And I be wondering if they have on draws or just unabashed love pockets.

Then there are the people who rock them a size too small so they look all squozed (yes, squozed) and foolish in them. They gotta take short breaths because deep ones might don’t make it in them smeggings (small leggings). You look a mess. And uncomfortable. Stop it.

And of course, there are the people who rock them in the most obnoxious colors. I’ve never seen a pair of cute lime green leggings. Not once. I’m looking at YOU, Nicki MiNAWL.

But I’ll take neon pink and green over flesh-toned leggings ANY DAY of the week. Why? For many reasons.

Skin Tone Leggings

LAWD, JEEBUS! This is such a FAIL. Ew. Ew. EWWWW!!! There are just so many things wrong here.

Why would you wanna put on flesh-tone leggings? It’s automatically gonna make us all think of you naked. And if that’s your point, then you better not remind folks of swiss cheese. This is gross.

I had to do a double-take and ain’t nobody here for that. Ma’am, what is your life about? Why do you have these pants on outside? Why did you e’em buy these? Unless someone gave them to you for the FREE, there’s no excuse for you to own them. And even if they were free… NO.

Also, what I don’t like is everything the wedgie. And everything. Just everything.

Y’all gotta stop legging abuse. It’s an epidemic. And we can all fix it. It’s 100% preventable. Here’s how:

* Buy leggings that are your size. YOUR size. Not the size you wish you were.

* Wear tops that will cover your camel toe. Or make sure you don’t have camel toe if you rock cropped tops

* Never wear flesh-toned leggings. Ever. No. Ok maybe in the house. Otherwise no. Ok not even in the house. NAWL.

If you follow these instructions, you can help put a stop to this epidemic of leggings abuse. This has been a PSA brought to you by Y’all need to STAWP Enterprises.

Tacky and I Hate You gif

P.S. Meggings are now a thing. Yes. Men leggings. I say a big ass NO.

Anywho, whatcha’ll think of legging abuse? What are some other ways we can stop it?

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  1. Angel says:

    This is TOO funny! And SO on time! I was side-eying someone at work (I work in a government office) for wearing leggings w/ Uggs and a cropped shirt! Nothing about that outfit is appropriate for work!

  2. Eva says:

    Not even in the house. My kids are quick to point out if they feel that something I am wearing is inappropriate by screaming – “My eyes!!! I think I’m going blind… my eyes!”

    • Luvvie says:

      Your kids are awesome. And here for you. Hug them tight lol

    • circa1908 says:

      I love your kids and dont even know them. Hug them for me too.

    • SheShe says:

      LMAO! Yes, I concur! Hug those children! They’re HILARIOUS with that … sounds like something my siblings & I would do!

    • Cie says:

      My son seems to think that my booty takes on a life of its on… He is always like “Mommy, how come your booty still moves when you don’t in those pants…. I don’t like it.” o_0 Well played, son. Well played.

    • Charli says:

      My son does the same—he’s like my eyes burning. Another thing, just cuz u super skinny don’t give u a pass eever. Animal prints, floral prints, paisley prints….Nawl boo, just cuz u skinny don’t make it cute or ok. Quit that.

  3. Ms. Niecy says:

    OMG!!!! *panting for breathe* (i’m probably gonna get fired for reading this dang blog at work cause when i read: ”
    They gotta take short breaths because deep ones might don’t make it in them smeggings (small leggings).”
    I SCREAMED in laughter and trying to explain that you are reading Luvvie blog’s does not help your case when you should be returning emails!!!

  4. Elise Connors says:

    Allow me to clarify “the house” does not mean you can rock them jokers at someone else’s house. That means at your own house. Please and thank you.


  5. Kay says:

    Lawd, and if I see one mo pair of the black & white stripey ones…Jesus be some fashion sense and a work out plan!

  6. gobrooklyn says:

    You didn’t talk about the sheer factor. Even when they get the size and color right, some of the gals look like they have on semi-sheer pantyhose instead of leggings.

  7. Erin says:

    Yes. ALL of this. Also, if you insist on wearing short shirts, please make sure that your leggings are thick enough that we don’t have to see your polka dot boy shorts, or worse, your crack.

  8. AnnT says:

    We also need to clarify that tights are not leggings.

    This looks like some Wild Kingdom type dating attack. It she killing her prey?

  9. fixedwater says:

    The flesh tone leggings are the DEVIL! I have yet to see one person in them that I could deem appropriate.
    And that pic was too much truth for this world.

  10. LadyTee16 says:

    Luvvie, really? Is this your equivalent of putting coal in my stocking because I didn’t donate enough money to Obama’s election campaign? I mean, he won didn’t he?

  11. LadyTee16 says:

    I respect a person’s right to wear what they want. However, I am firm believer that folks should wear leggings responsibly, especially when you are out in public.

  12. Warrior11200 says:

    Excuse me while I pick my eyes off the floor !

  13. MsZ says:

    *sucks teeth and takes a big long sigh.
    Ok, I saw a woman on the street looking like your picture and I wanted to ask: Did you forget to put your skirt on over those tights? People walk out the house looking any old kind of way and I’m sick of it!! Ok. Im done now.

  14. Gabbie says:

    OMFG!! That’s just not right at all. I’m not small,but I do have leggings. I bought them to wear under my nursing uniforms in the winter. Those pats are too thin and I feel like I forgot to put my pants on before leaving the house. So, I wear the leggings underneath. Other wise I don’t wear them outside the house. I don’t want to see my fat, and I’m not going to advertise it to everybody else. That’s just mean of anybody to do that.

  15. Courtney says:

    Please stop leggings abuse. It is ridiculous here in DC. There are so many violations.

    1. If you are going to wear leggings with cropped shirt, please make sure your leggings are thick. Nobody wants to see your drawns, booty crack,, or even worse your maxi pad/tampon. I saw that on Bamma Phi Bamma FB page. Ewww

    2. Neon leggings/Colored leggings are not for everyone. Stay in your lane.

    3. There is a very thin line between fashionably and trashy when you wear cut-out leggings.

    4. Same thing with metallic leggings. Please know how to pull it off tastefully. Or else you will look like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ/The Wiz or CT3O from Star Wars.

    5. Flesh-toned leggings are HELL NAWL.

    6. Animal leggings can be hot, but some people make it look like Wild Kingdom in these streets.

    And finally camouflage leggings. Why???!!!!!

    • CoCo says:

      TRUTH! OMG numbers 1-4 and 6 are real horrible in Milwaukee, WI. I swear sometimes I want to walk up to folks and ask “where is your momma, I’m sure you had better home training than that!” We even have neon colored animal print leggings here. Granted I own a pair of brown leggings and a pair of black ones but I use them for sleep ware AT MY HOUSE (not for public eye) and under clothes in the winter. I can admit I CAN’T STAND that these grown ladies (aka over 35 club) come to church with the sheer leggings on with the 80s looking half cut shirt and a tank top underneath. Its like are you serious the lord said come as you are but modesty is the best policy. No body needs to be subjected to what you feel is goodies. The house of the lord should be a legging safe zone (only worn under shirts that cover your behind)! I think we are in desperate need of legging etiquette classes.

  16. Tally says:

    Oh I SCREAMED while reading this… you are a NUT, BUT it is the truth!

  17. HBSQ1 says:

    I’ve been on a crusade against leggings as pants all together for two years now. I want to laminate this handy-dandy chart and give it out at the wig and eyelash supply store. http://www.buzzfeed.com/sly/am-i-wearing-pants

  18. Nora says:

    It’s an epidemic, Luvvie. Luckily there is already some prefab community organizing material on the internet: http://www.tightsarenotpants.com/

    I thought when I moved to NYC from a college town I’d escape it, but nope, people wearing non-pants all over the damn place!

  19. circa1908 says:

    MEGGINGS!!!! little brown Mexican HAYSUS let the Mayan revelations come true.

    • Christie says:

      Pshh, Kanye wore them at the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy. Leather jeggings, a skirt, white high tops and a hoodie. No, Sir.

  20. MissWits says:

    These leggings leave absolutely nothing to the imagination! I mean, if it were camouflage-colored, perhaps it would cover up the celluheavy, but no… We’ve been subjected to this instead. *sigh*

    *Prays loudly*
    “Help dese, yo’ chillrens Lawd-uh*

    *Quickens in the Spirit*

  21. SheShe says:

    Ok … I want to say this …
    I wish people would do away with the animal print leggings (actually most people don’t wear animal print right – looking like a leopard from head to toe o_O)

    AND I advocate wearing undergarmets (think Spanx or girdles or whatever REGARDLESS of size) when you’re wearing something that is THAT revealing.

    And I’m going to repeat what’s already been said (and can’t be said enough) stay away from the sheer, flesh toned, neon, and metallic leggings

    and men ought not even give it a go?
    I mean-why’d they torture themselves and fashion in that manner???

  22. Pam says:

    This is TOOOO FUNNY! I was just in the long ass line at Chipotle (has anyone ever been in a short line at this place??) Anyhoo and I saw this girl with leggings on….her friend #fail to tell her that her draws were showing! She had on a crop shirt and everyone was looking at her….when I placed my order I pulled her to the side and told her you could see her underware…she said “Oh I know” (O_O) I was done…and she has on some wanna be UGGs! I wear them…but ONLY indoors!

  23. Jennie says:

    This is sooo funny and sooo needed! I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Not only is not cute, but there’s no way that they are comfortable as leggings are intended to be. Please stop with the camel toe!

    * Wear tops that will cover your camel toe. Or make sure you don’t have camel toe if you rock cropped tops <— LOL!!!

  24. Bren says:

    Does this woman not have friends that tell her, PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON?

  25. Jennifer says:

    In a world where Target exists and they have leggings (not see thru) for $8, this is SO out of order. This and that poor chile that Pam saw who was alright with the world partaking of her undergarments, is why we can’t have nice things. Deep sigh.

  26. Tae Love says:

    It can be stopped by just not wearing THEM….its the only way!!! I’m tired of my eyes being punched in the retina when I’m just trying to mind my business…can I sue for harassment???

  27. Roxanne says:

    Jesus be a fence…and a full length mirror for us all.

  28. Dee says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who says squozed.

  29. yadi says:

    say what u want but if Kenya is at the party, then count me in cuz I know I will cackle all evening…

  30. phiphibitch says:

    that look like cousin lol where this pic took at… atl???

  31. Benibosan says:

    I made the mistake of clicking on the meggings link. So. Much. Moose-knuckle. *soaks eyes in holy water*

  32. yodachik says:

    this is a joke?? lol who leaves the house looking like that!

  33. MichelleNW says:

    Look add to the list those “denim” leggings!!! Those leggings that are printed to look like jeans!! Burn them all!!!

  34. Shayla says:

    Can we stop the crime of LEGGINGS with a sweatshirt and sneakers?? please, y’all. PLEASE.

    Also my fellow plus size girls…please wear a tunic, sweater dress, or LONG cardigan if you’re going to wear leggings.

    • Jaz says:

      That last rule applies to girls with a lot of butt. My lil cousin wore some leggings (thankfully just around the house) and we had to pull her aside to tell her how to wear leggings

    • KemaB says:

      Yes Yes Yes! This needs to be placed on ads everywhere I am plus size girl and that is the only time I where my leggings sans around the house Unfortunately many other plus size chicas don’t exhibit the same restraint smh.

      P.s. unless you are working out leggings should never be worn with cropped shirts

      P.p.s I wish the Animal print trend would just die already

  35. jake says:

    Someone get an ambulance. This time she done broke something! I was ill already too! I was puking all last night from the ballroom scene in Scandal Season 1 Episode 3 (yeah am trying to catch up) then you go and show this picture? Ooowww as soon as am better am going to hunt you down Luvvie.
    FOR WHY? No warning! That picture is evil!

  36. Bpurpleb001 says:

    I remember when leggings first came back. (Yes, I said came back, I’m that old.) My daughters were 15, 10 and 9, I told them no before they even asked me to buy them some. The 15 yr old took it the hardest and I cared not in the least. I didn’t need her at school showing off her goodies. Them boys need to be able to concentrate on their school work too. lol

  37. Aisha says:

    I’m an extra curvy girl who takes care in dressing my pudding accordingly and appropriately. However, them stockings -er leggings are a whole mess and should be banned! Excuse me Miss, why do I see your black or colorful panties through your leggings? It’s December, do you not feel that wind slapping your cottage cheese, I mean your thighs? Darling and peer short stocky woman. Those jeggings are making you appear shorter, stockier, tackier, swallow her up whole please. *Eye roll*

  38. CafeGirlsPress says:

    I need a “I say a big ass NO” t-shirt to wear every day.

    Thank you, Luvvie, for today’s mantra.

  39. Henrietta says:

    Ahhhhhh! Some things should just NOT be pinned! lol! Ewww!

  40. ARiES RAiNE says:

    Ummm ma’am… i be killin em in my lime green leggings! Don’t hate! lol. But seriously, i wear leggings when i run. And i usually run early in the morning and late at night when it’s dark. So i wear them to be seen because i prefer not being hit by cars and making it home to my children. Also, those bright colors make my booty look niiiiiiiiice!

  41. PingLingBingle says:

    HAHAHAHA…This picture is from my University Library!

  42. KW says:

    This is a visual assault. My eyes were raped. I’ve been violated. Expect to hear from my attorney!

    …and I’m trying to track this chic down with the Fashion Squad to dress her appropriately as well to serve her a subpoena for a civil suit. I need therapy, round the clock hugs and Oreos, reparations, and a 6’5″ 250 chocolate nurse name Maxwell to comfort me when I wake up in the middle of the night screaming from flasbacks of this picture. I’m traumatized by this foolishness!!!

  43. Luvvie, first of all, you are hysterical! I love your posts and your hilarious pictures. I usually just lurk without commenting — but today your photo of the flesh-colored leggings just slayed me! I’m literally trying to shake my head like an Etch-a-Sketch to ERASE THAT IMAGE!! Too funny!

  44. NoSheDidn't says:

    Baby Jesus be a saint and rebuke this madness. Y????? For the last time leggings are not PANTS! Yall gone learn today.

  45. msbrome says:

    That woman’s bagina is rubbing all up in those leggings. She is not wearing any kind of drawers. She will leave smears on every seat.

  46. Connie says:

    The ones in the pic are see through. I see a tag, her flesh and it appears her anal cavity in the left picture. The horror….

  47. brandi says:

    Look im a curvy girl and in my opinion the only color leggings anyone should rock are as follows: if they are jeggings dark rinse or black maybe a light rinse but never multy color brought a pair once and immediatly regretted it secondly if the are jersey/cotton black only may be a dark charcoal not white off hazel bleu neon pink none of that i mean the whole point of them is give you a slimming effect right and to rock a sick tunic top not to show the shape of your vag like a trollip all over the place

  48. Jack says:


    I think you can take the offensiveness of these fashion disasters back to the previous generation. Do you remember the 80′s spandex pants problem we had then? Spandex is still a privilege, not a right.

  49. Serenity says:

    I am old enough to remember original leggings. The ones with the stirrups that never stayed on your feet. And we wore BIG SHIRTS over them. Enough to cover our asses. Anything less is obscene. I rather see a man sagging his pants than a chick in too tight, too see through, too inappropriate leggings!

  50. I fell out of my chair!!! How in the heavens does she not know not to wear flesh colored leggings? Ya’ll have me rolling with these comments!lol! This woman puts anyone who loves leggings to shame….

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