My Entire Opinion on Bey’s Inauguration Lip-sync Thing

[ 30 ] January 22, 2013 |

Beyoncé lip-synched AND sang live at the Inauguration. This isn’t rare when folks have to sing in the cold outside. The bottom line is what we heard came out her mouth. Why are folks tripping? Get your lives. Can we stop talking about this now? Please? Thank you.

The end.

Kanye Drops Mic gif

P.S. I’m not a stan. Just someone who can admit Bey is talented.

P.P.S. Seriously. How long are we talmbout this?

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  1. Les says:

    Exactly. I think she’s normally good, but I didn’t like her performance.
    Other than that – who cares?

  2. KemaB says:

    As a Bey stan with Common Sense I know that’s an oxymoron don’t judge me. Just as definition unlike the crazies I will defend my fav from most things sans The Destiny Child Epic Failure and her acting cause lord knows she gots lots of work to do on that front but I digress.

    I swear everything this child does is scrutinized. If anyone else does it they make excuses Bey does it and the illumanti has been sent forth to end lives -___-

    They’re quick to say she ain’t ish and how tired they are of her yet talk about her so much she’s always in the news that even a mega fan like me is tired of hearing her name. Moral of the story let the child live. End Rant

    • Midouri J. says:

      Bwaahaaahaaa! I thought I was the only person who blurted that out at random. Thank you. That made my Scandal-less night.

  3. JR says:

    She did what many artists do, she sang over a prerecorded track with the majority of sound probably coming from the track. Artists do it all the time when they “lipsync”. The track is mostly heard but the artist still sings (if that’s what happened). Either way she looked and “sounded” great! Bring in the Superbowl!

    As for the hoopla, offline folks don’t care, but the outrage seems to be multiplied online. Partly because of her stans who liken her to the second coming of Christ.

  4. LaShawn says:

    Umm I’m gonna need folk to realize that Whitney (God bless her soul) did the same thing.
    *drops mike to run and hide*

  5. not a Bey stan but i do realize she is talented. her hits/albums are all over my itunes. she is a great entertainer but kelly clarkson who got monumental amounts of shade for even being there sang live. forget the cold excuse. also you sitting over there miming and pulled out your ear piece like you was really doing something. really? it was just over the top dramatics.
    luckily where i am people are not talking about it at all. but i cant imagine how much airtime this story is getting in the states.

  6. SweetLadyTee says:

    This is a complete NON-TROVERSY. That is all.

  7. Jabari says:

    I am here for the Kanye drop the mic .gif! But people really are digging for flaws in the beautiful inauguration? Do you jerk-offs have nothing else better to do? Cause I’ve actually had to sing out in the cold and trust I was pulling the same thing Bey did.

  8. Tashieka says:

    the fact that it made the 10 o clock news in DC was ridiculous.
    they called it “Star Spangled Scandal” (-______-)

  9. Kandra says:

    I don’t have a problem with taped version, but then again she lip-syncs to her award show performances too. I asked about it the other day because the band members, who should have been notified on the day that she went into the studios, had no clue until a moment before she grabbed the mic and “lip-synced for her life”…in my Rupaul voice.

    She is a true talent and I can’t wait to see the Super Bowl Show, but ummm…it will be cold then too.

  10. Dinasty says:

    Let’s not try to pay it like it ain’t happen.
    If this had been ANYBODY ELSE, that person would be dragged from here to kingdom come, and back again. As an above post mentioned, Kelly Clarkson was ridiculed across all social networks for just showing up. Imagine how intensified that would’ve been has she lip-sync.

    I think the magnifying glass on Bey this time because everybody made SUCH. A. BIG. DEAL. when she pulled that earpiece out. “Yes, Girl, you don’t need it!” When she wasn’t even singing live. The pre-recorded track must’ve been feeding back into her earpiece, which could’ve very well been throwing her off. I understand why she took it out.

    But in the moment, it was the talk of the town. The inauguration was about President Obama and VP Joe Biden, but all anybody could talk about was Bey “slaying” and Kelly needing to have a seat. Seems to me like her ridiculous ass stans need to have a seat, as usual.

    I can appreciate Beyonce the artist. But good lordt, her fans are the absolute worse, and they bring out the worse in everybody else.

    • NtrlGAGirl says:

      Full disclosure: I am NOT a Beyonce fan. I think she’s a very good PERFORMER, but as an actual (live, not studio) singer–not so much. She’s just a total marketable package and everything she does is made to be “SUCH. A. BIG. DEAL.”.

      I agree with a lot of what you say. Hell, Kelly Clarkson & James Taylor weren’t cold too? Because it was Bey, then that’s supposed to be an acceptable excuse. Presidential inaugurations are ALWAYS in January. When it’s cold. Was that a surprise? This wasn’t a regular old concert, but a presidential inauguration. Come on. I ain’t neva heard of such…

      And now, again, because it was Beyonce, this is getting waaaay more shine than it should…

    • Ky says:

      Thank you!

      She is a 16 grammy winner and in the biz professinally since 12. No excuse for this. Kelly is an American Idol contest winner and singing for 8 years.

      What’s wrong with this picture. Others may do it but its her fans that try to hold her to a higher standard than everyone else but now it’s okay to compare her to everyone else.

      Has everyone else won 16 grammys? Has everyone else been singing since 9 years old.

      I was in DC and it was mid 40′s not 20 degrees as in last inauguration.

      If she was so cold, she should have kept her coat on and had a scarf around her neck like Kelly Clarkson instead of going to the podium with a mortician black gown in the middle of the day.

      • mrs. randomness says:

        Amen, amen… I like Bey and i’m no Stan or Fan. What ever happened to seeing someone perform LIVE. That’s the whole point of them being there. I can listen to a recording all day everyday. And tell me that the recorded song wasn’t mixed in the studio, so it’s her with help, a big difference. Yes, at this point no one cares because it was Beyonce. But I still care that in 2013 nothing is real any more.

  11. ab says:

    the wall street journal released their live feed of the performance :

    Some people will search for scandal everywhere except their own lives where it truly resides

  12. Assaba says:

    LOL. You would enjoy what Anderson Cooper said on the Ridiculist about this:

  13. SecretDivva says:

    Welp, this is the lastest… This man gotta resign now..


    see article here, Obama Needs to Resign – talmbout “it happened on his watch..” -_______-

    • Leo the Yardie Chick says:

      ……they can’t be serious. I checked about 5 times to see if it was an Onion article, but no.

      *head desk*

  14. Midouri J. says:

    I can’t believe this was labeled a damn controversy. It was cold. Cold isn’t good for singers. Bouncy lip-synced to save her cords. So what?

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