That Time When Marques Houston Wore Rubber: Throwback Thursday

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I’m not really sure what people think about when they made some terrible fashion decisions like they do. I mean, I get it. Sometimes, we don’t know better. Like the fact that I wore burnt braids that came down in an angle down my chin for half of the 90s. I spent too much time looking like Mystikal and I have picture evidence of it. Yes, I am ashamed.

Anywho, since Throwback Thursday is really a THING now, I thought to post some old (read: more than 5 years old) of folks looking a mess. Today’s victim is Marques Houston. Actually, no. We are the victims for being subjected to this. But look:

Marques Houston Rubber

GO HOME, ROGER! And go put on clothes that won’t melt near flames.

This tacky fool agreed to leave the house rocking the rubber/plastic that Grandma puts on her couch like it’s ok. I just wanna slide off him and tell everyone to be careful because he just got reupholstered. I know the MTV Movie Awards has no dress code but rocking a shower curtain’s liner is surely not appropriate for, well, LIFE.

I have many questions though.

* Whose idea was it for him to rock this rubber alphet? Was it him or did some sabotaging ass stylist who he paid too much egg him on? And how did that conversation go down?

“My dude. I got something that’ll have you on that red carpet SO FRESH.”
“WORD? Lay it on me.
“Aight so it’s this clear suit with white accents. It’s so unique!”
“Clear. Is that a shade of blue?”
“NAW! See-through. And you gon put on some clean ass Air Force Ones with them.”
“YOOOO THAT’S TIGHT! Let’s do it.”

Chile… wut? Somebody set him up for failure. I don’t e’em understand how this ever crossed Marques mind as ok. And based on the look on his face, he was really feeling himself. He didn’t wear this as some joke. No. He REALLY seemed to think he looked good.

And look at the fact that he has a pair of regular shorts (with a belt) under them pants. This outfit was doing a lot and doing nothing at the same damb time. How unfortunate!

But really. GO HOME, ROGER! In 2004 looking like never. WOMP.

So whatcha’ll think bout Marques in his Rubber Chic?

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  1. Shevonne says:

    I had to stop reading after GO HOME, ROGER!!! I was choking on my Special K! Lawdt!!!

  2. Kristof Claes says:

    Fast forward three hours and his body heat causes condensation to form on the inside of the suit. That’s the way to make an impression. Walking home on the red carpet leaving droplets of sweat behind you as they visibly stream down and drip out of your sleeves.

    • Buks says:

      In LA in early fall/late summer? I’m sure of that. He came in clear left cloudy and fogged up. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  3. Khira says:

    I know he was loud. Everybody seated near him was aggy as hell when he moved. Thank God he aint win no awards. He’d have burst inti flames tryna rush onstage to accept it.

  4. numbah5 says:

    All I can think about it the condensation that would build up after a while…the inside of that suit all dewy like a spring morning…

  5. Romney says:

    I just had to come out of Lurksville for this one. I am just too confused by this ensemble.

  6. Elle says:

    COnvinced that not on soul connected to B2k, Chris Stokes, has an oz on sense period. None of them are being “checked on” period.

  7. Taj Mahal says:

    This poor boy has made some bad fashion choices ever since Immature got relaxers.

  8. Ni says:

    this dude has an umbrella suit on and he serving RUBBER REALNESS.

  9. Tatalalicious Hawkins says:

    Ain’t nobody dope as me I dress so fresh so clean. This boy is a walking talking example of what not to wear.

  10. Trillona says:

    But… it’s plastic tho…

    • Trina says:

      Thats what I was thinking. They tried to make it better an call it rubber. Naw thats the same plastic they use on them clear makeup cases. The ones you get at Walmart for $3 for the 5pck.

  11. K to the... says:

    That’s plastic, Luv. I recognize that fancy couch covering material anywhere. Just had a flashback to when I lost about 5 lbs during a nap on a plastic-covered couch in my great-grands’ apartment with no A/C on a summer day as a youth.

    I remember when he rocked this. And if his nuts had eyes, I’m sure they would shudder while looking at this pic thinking of all the sweat they were covered in on this day. At least his Ones are crisp.

  12. Deekie Mack says:

    See, I would’ve taken him more seriously had he rocked boxers or boxer briefs under this plastic suit. The fact that he wore shorts with a belt, showed his lack of true commitment to the vision. If you going ignant, go all the way!

  13. Sane Jane says:

    That stylist got a whole bunch of Glad zip-lock freezer bags and wrapped’em up round this fool.

  14. leah says:

    I’m getting “The Emperor’s New Clothes” from this. He thought he was wearing something special but was really wearing the least.

  15. Lisa H. says:

    OMG! He was so cute in those early years of the show. He was really rockin’ the hair. But why he is wearing that, I have no idea. All I can say is, he is damn prepared for a good hurricane.

  16. dmaclee says:

    Oh the humanity!!! That is really a plastic suit?!?!? It looks like an outfit from a challenge on Project Runway. Picture it…Tim Gunn comes in and says, “You will be making an ensemble from materials found in your grandmother’s living room. Your guest judge is Marques Houston and he will be wearing this outfit on a red carpet. Go and make it work!”

  17. dKnighTweets says:

    but WHY does he have that hard core prison pose look, tho…like, he’s so serious about this pic whilst wearing a shower cap..smh..poor guy.

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