Whose Drunk Uncle is This?

[ 23 ] January 16, 2013 |

We all have black sheep in our family. Some of the folks we don’t like to claim might one day end up on TV for all the wrong reasons. Like this dude:

Drunk Uncle

LMAO!!! This dude was so damb drunk that he couldn’t e’em hold his own head up to take a mugshot. What kinda life are you living when this is well… your life?

First of all, I wonder what they arrested him for. What did his drunk ass do when he can’t e’em hold his head up? Must be for public intoxication. And for it to end up on TV? I know I’m not the only one amused at this.

But why am I cracking up because of that look on his face? Can you imagine the conversation at the police station when they tried to take this picture?

Police: Sir, stand still and look forward.
DRONK Uncle: But I nfoifmrpook[fokof
Po-po: We just need you to be still, sir. Stand up straight. Look in the camera.
Dronk Unc: *sways and slams himself against the wall*
Po-po: *sigh* Hey John. Help me out here. You hold his head up and I’ll snap the picture. They don’t pay me enough for this.

Chile… LOL. I need to know though. Whose drunk uncle is this? Well, not drunk but DRONK. This is that “I drank skol vodka mixed with expired four loko” drunkenness. SMH.

P.S. If you wanna cackle (and shake your head), check out this BuzzFeed post on “30 Drunk Uncles Who Ruined (Or Saved) Christmas.”

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  1. Rissa says:

    When I tell you I actually laughed out loud…whoooooo!
    And the look on his face like he’s scared they’re going to hurt him? Sir. Have all the seats…well cots in the jailhouse tonight.

  2. Margaret says:

    Listen, EVERY family has at least one Drunkle. Think you don’t have one? Think REAL hard….yes you do! Drunkles are those by which you measure everyone’s antics against. Find your Drunkle & hug him….just hold your breath when you get close to him.

  3. Taj Mahal says:

    I have a drunk cousin. A drunkin? I don’t know, I’m not that creative.

  4. Amber says:

    Y’all will NOT have me cackling so early in the morning!!

  5. Ms. Niecy says:

    His face looks like…the moment he found out “Obama won AGAIN!”, LOL…and yes, I do have a drunkel…actually I have 2 of them.

  6. SweetTee says:

    Leave my Uncle Cooter alone! You know he aint never been right since he drank peepaw’s homemade moonshine.

    *shakes head at the caucasian half of my family tree*

  7. Mona says:

    And you almost dont even notice he’s giving the camera a thumbs down…

  8. Bukky says:

    I’d seen this pic before…but yo commentary and the imagined convo Luvvie?! I’m sitting here CRYING laughing.

    All my Drunkles done found the Lord so they don’t sip like they used too. But they used to be COMEDY!!

  9. Kegan says:

    Those eyes, tho! He looks like he’s trying to prove he’s NOT drunk:

    Officer Winston: Sir, I know you’re drunk, but I need you to wake up. Prezynski, get in there and help him. (Officer Prezynski puts hand on Jimmy’s head)

    Uncle Jimmy: I’m not drunckk… My eyes are oooo… (fades off, head rolls, nods, Prezynski snaps Jimmy’s head up)

    *photo taken*

  10. Blake Von D says:

    LMAOOOO!!!! This almost just got me kicked out of my Evidence class. Your hypothetical conversation had me SWV weak in the knees!!!

  11. MyNameIsWhitney says:

    Funny enough, I’m pretty sure that counties around station are dry. He had to go out of his way to get that spifflicated.

  12. Dia says:

    Unfortunately my Drunkle lives in the same house as me. It goes from comedy to fury in this piece. You know it’s bad when your friends can finish the drunken stories he tells after the 1st sentence comes out of his mouf. To make matters worse, he calls EVERYBODY. I’ve gotten a call from an aunt in England because he called her! Everybody. I had to start sending out warning texts to folks!

  13. Dia says:

    Spifflicated. I’m done.

  14. Taz Girl says:

    Haaa. Had to re heat my breakfast laugh so long.

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