The Met Gala Theme Was “Punk” But Most Thought It Was “Tacky”

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The Met Gala that Anna Wintour throws every year is THE event for the Who’s Who of Hollywood and Fashion. It also happens to be one where everyone tries their hardest to be fashionable. This year’s theme was “Punk” and folk were supposed to interpret that to mean whatever they thought it meant and I can’t help but think they overheard it as “tacky.” There were just so many fashion fails in the house.

Kim Kardashian’s outfit was the biggest fail of the evening.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Met Gala

She came dressed as everyone’s grandma’s couch. You know the one that she likes to protect with the plastic cover in the living room no one uses? Yes, that one. AND she’s dressed like every rose that has its thorn. It’s like her dress is paying AMISH to a bouquet as it wilts. I be tryna root for Kim K but she’ont wanna win. Anna Wintour FINALLY let her come and this is what she did with her debut. NAWL!

And the fact that she has gloves of the same print on. Are the gloves attached to the dress? Why does it look like the dress is swallowing her whole, and only her head is left? Chile…

KIMBERLY KARDASHIAN!!! You as wide as ALL outside rocking the busiest floral print EVER. Who told you? Was it Kanye? Lawd. I JUST wrote a post defending Kim’s honor last week. Here she is shaming me. Damb you, Kris’ daughter. *shakes fists* I really wanna shake Kim’s shoulders and yell in my Tyra voice “WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!”

That dress is just loud as shit. Got my light bill going sky high. GAHT! I just cannot imagine someone bringing this dress over and Kim thinking it was cute. Because if I saw this on a hanger, I’d be all “That’s gon make a really nice living room set.” But nah. Your girl, Kim thought it’d be a great dress. She is Queen Bad Decisions.

Also, can we talk about Kanye’s creeper look? It makes me uncomfortabo.

Meanwhile, look at your boy, Andre Leon Talley.

Andre Leon Talley Met Gala

Andre is rocking 10 yards of curtain and I’m wondering why. I get that the man is a fashion icon but why did he leave the house rocking the finest in window drapes? No ma’am. No sir. No knight.

Also, get into the face of the sister with the afro behind the desk. She is looking like “I am ready to GO!” HA!

And the Queen of New Twerking, Miley Cyrus woulda been aight had she not come looking like she needs the outlets in her house childproofed.

Miley Cyrus Met Gala

Pic: Getty Images

What is up with the hair that is clearly electrocution chic? I don’t underdig. Chile.

Another thing I don’t understand is why Psy insists on shopping at Forever21.

Psy Met Gala

This jacket is what happens when you throw a 85% Polyurethane, 10% spandex and 5% lycra blazer in the washer. It shrinks. Also, I want him to Gangnam Style his ass into a seat and go away. Ugh.

Anywho, 4hese are just 3 of the messes from yesterday’s gala. Only like 3 people came looking fierce and they were Nicole Ritchie, Anja Rubik, Anne Hathaway. Everyone else looked confused and odd, and not in the good way. Claire of The Fashion Bomb did a round up of the looks so yall can go check out what I mean there.

So whatcha’ll think of these alphets? And Kim… *deep sigh* iCan’t with her. Bye.

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  1. Kanye, the Pole that Assaulted Him and the Tantrum | Awesomely Luvvie | May 11, 2013
  1. Kim looks like…………funeral flowers in a garden of dispair. Just sadness

  2. Kanda says:

    I’m offended for the punk movement…most of these outfits stunk!

  3. Kanda says:

    Dreckitude daaahling! Dreckitude!

  4. Desmonae says:

    “Kim’s outfit is loud as shit. Got my light bill going sky high!” #DEAD. thanks Luvvie, I needed that laugh!

  5. Yolanda says:

    This is my first time commenting Luvvie. I just wanna say that I absolutely love your blog (especially the Scandal recaps… I live for them!) When I saw the pics of Kim K at the Met Gala on Instagram, I immediately went to your blog cause I just knew you were gonna comment on THAT DRESS!! Wow! I was kinda feeling your last post on Kim, but she had to come out with this. So sad.

  6. Wesley says:

    I swear she wore floral because Anna Wintour wore floral. Miss Anna ain’t about that Kardashian life, though. Apparently she blocked Kim from attending in previous years. The one free pass she gets and she’s outchea looking like the garden nobody tended to.

  7. DJs Dream says:

    Luvvie, I don die!! I don’t know what was going on with these starrahs at the Met yesterday. I dug JLo, too, though. We can always count on her to come through.

  8. lalarochelle says:

    Kim K’s dress makes me feel like I’m looking at the iPhoto backgrounds you can pick on the computer. I hurts my eyes. Why she want to look like those old 90′s 3D puzzles you had to stare at for hours before you saw the picture in it :(

  9. Brittni says:

    Hi Kimmy *waves*, it’s Brittni. You don’t know me but I thought I could grab your ear for a second. I’ve seen the pics from your big event last night. Did you have fun, honey? I hope you did, I really do. Seems to me though, that you were all excited about the fun that you were gonna have that you overlooked one teeny tiny thing – your outfit was abysmal.

    Wait! Don’t leave.

    Look, I’ve been pregnant before – twice actually. Pregnancy is like 9 months of walking through the circus funhouse with those kooky mirrors, you wake up and don’t know WHAT the hell you’re gonna see. But look, you have a luxury I didn’t have. You’ve got a shit load of money, Kimmy. Did you know that? You can pay people to tell you exactly what looks great on you. All I had was the sales girl at Motherhood Maternity. And even if you don’t want to spend the money just ask Kourtney to help you. No offense, but she wore pregnancy a hell of a lot better than you are.

    Anyway, it’s been really nice chatting with you. I hope this has helped. We breeders have to stick together. Keep your chin up (both of them) and good luck!


  10. Kay-va says:

    Kanye looks like a mouth breather…like he gives wet kisses and foams in the corner of his mouth. And Kimberly Noel Kardashian looks like Edward Scissorhands needs to come trim her away. Givenchy custom-made this for her and he custom-made her into a fashion fool. Anna Wintour is somewhere laughing…okay…smirking.

    • mizzpicklezz says:


    • TajMahal says:

      “Kanye looks like a mouth breather…like he gives wet kisses and foams in the corner of his mouth.”

      LOL YUCK!

      I always thought he looks like he gets constant nose-bleeds.

  11. MsZ says:

    Brittni, Ms. Kardashian needs people around her like you! The folks around her are obviously afraid to tell her this. At any rate, she need to get it together. Po po thang :(

    • Brittni says:

      I’m available for hire, girl1 Her people should definitely call my people, and by “my people” of course I mean my 3 year old.

  12. Milaxx says:

    I liked Miley. It was part Syd Viscous and part Billy Idol. All she needed was a safety pin earring.

  13. RozB says:

    Kim looked like a life-sized Weeble covered in couch fabric. I bet if you pushed her she would wobble but not fall down. And I am so over Kanye always giving his best Zoolander “Blue Steel” look. It ain’t that serious, Kanye!!!!

    Madonna looks like she eats Boniva like Cap’n Crunch cereal.

    Miley looks like she just goes around biting shit. What is her purpose in life? Can anyone tell me?

  14. @darthjaeda says:

    I loved Eve, Uma, J-Lo, and Madonna. Oh, and Michelle Williams (the white one, not the one that falls down all the time).

  15. HLBB says:



    @luvvie – Miley’s hair worked. She was giving me I’m Johnny Rotten’s illegitimate child and I’m okay with that.

    Kim Kardashian is that girl with no friends. None. And that’s sad.

    Anna finally relented and let her in. You KNOW Anna is lying on a couch in her office right now with a cold compress just crying over this decision. She’s trying to hide this decision from Si Newhouse and she can’t. She’s going to have Kim banished from all the Fashion Weeks this September. All of em.

    And she should.

  16. justme says:

    Miley is serving us Sum 41/Green Day realness. She doesn’t look good but she’s one of the few who understood the theme.

  17. Jabari says:


    - Kimberly!!!! I say, KIMBERLY! if life has taught us nothing else, it’s that the only one that can rock Grandma’s old furniture patterns and still yet serve is Adele. Just no, dear heart…. and Ye do look like he’d be watching through the window as you sleep.

    -Andrea Leona Talley, now I gets that YOU THINK that you’re Diana Ross trapped in a fat old man’s body, but the rest of us don’t see that. So yea…..

    -Miley, baby, just show us on the doll where the mean men (her daddy included) from Disney touched you…Chile, that girl ain’t been right with God since Hannah Montana went off the air…I just wanna take her in my arms, rock her and channel the great Mother Iyanla.

    -The asian person Luvvie said was Psy, you make to throw my laptop against the wall, bash my TV in, go outside, fight the air and scream into the heavens….just go away and stay there!!!

    • Mrs. Woods says:

      All this ^^^^

    • Terri says:

      -Miley, baby, just show us on the doll where the mean men (her daddy included) from Disney touched you…Chile, that girl ain’t been right with God since Hannah Montana went off the air…I just wanna take her in my arms, rock her and channel the great Mother Iyanla.


    • TajMahal says:

      “Miley, baby, just show us on the doll where the mean men (her daddy included) from Disney touched you…”

      Am I wrong for being convinced that daddy diddled and it was made to be “normal” in the family? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  18. GreenzGal says:

    Apparently Kim didn’t take time to read the invite. She saw the P and the K and thought..”I can definitely do PUKE”

  19. Gee says:

    Wait. Leon looking like the Great Wall of China..WTF? WHY? Why I ask!? A man with his taste and style resorting to the Number 44 at the Golden Palace take out. I.Can’t…smdh. Poor Miley. She SO wants to prove that she has retired her mouse ears and ready to be on the grown folks channel, but she aiming for the HBO after dark segments with her ungrounded light socket look and stank gown.

  20. Carriecnh12 says:

    As I have said before, Kim K, is making pregnancy look as though its the worst thing to ever happen to her, (and it can’t be), there she goes to the Met Ball, THE Met Ball the penultimate fashion show and she waddles in looking like the sofa that was put on the sidewalk and no one reclaimed. Why did she think it was ok to leave her abode looking like this? She needs to stop looking in Kanye’s mirror and reclaim her fashion sense or common sense.

    Miley is on that slippery slope to skank hood, she is a few hair cuts away from becoming another Brittney and Lindsay.

  21. pixie16 says:

    Kim…just have the baby already. Enough is enough.

  22. mizzpicklezz says:

    ..LOL!! She genuinely looks like she made a Gone with the Wind Dress.. I need her to NOT!!

  23. Kelly says:

    Miley Cyrus out here looking like Cynthia, Angelica Pickles’s messy ole doll with that hair!!

  24. Breezy says:

    The floral department of Home Depot. Yeah…that’s what she looks like in that dress.

  25. Christie says:

    Kim looks like my grandma’s dinning room wallpaper and Kanye looks like he is the second coming of Ike Turner. They are the least punk thing that’s ever happened, in music, fashion or life.

    Miley’s hair looks a little well done, but she at least fit the theme and was one of the few that did.

  26. Keke says:

    I saw this and I just….I had to step away and have a moment. I don’t understand how some of these stars have stylists, incredible amounts of disposable income and access to places average joes don’t have and come in somewhere lookin’ a HOT. MESS. I just. don’t. get. it. I can only think many of these celebs have no real friends and are surrounded by yes men/women because a real friend would have snatched that gown off Kim K., torched it and said, “What?! That ish was ugly!!”

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