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Dear diary, it’s been 2 full weeks since Scandal wrapped for the summer and my Thursdays have felt a bit emptier. Helena Andrews wrote a piece on The Root talmbout Scandal withdrawal and it’s so real. I’m quoted in it saying, “I’m thinking of taking up a trade. Or learning a new language. Or maybe rocking back and forth from withdrawal because it’s going to be a long summer.” I clearly have issues with my attachment to that show. Fellow Gladiators understand my struggle though, right?

Although the show won’t be back til September 12 October 3, I’ll be spending the summer writing about it (see: issues mentioned above). First thing I’m tackling are the characters in it, specifically the nicknames I use for them. A couple of people have asked me to clarify certain monikers I’ve adopted for our faves so here I am. Some I created and some were picked up along the way.


Olivia Pope (aka Livvie) – She doesn’t have a nickname besides Liv or Livvie. Sometimes, I call her the Ultimate Goon but that doesn’t count. Or “The Woman with the Secrets of the Universe Between Her Thighs.” And that’s because she makes President Ghost lose his mind. Great segway into the next character.

President Fitzgerald Grant (aka President Ghost) – I call him this because Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, appeared in the movie “Ghost.” It’s that simple. Plus, it helps that he killed someone this in season 2 LIKE HE DID IN GHOST! It works. You’re welcome.

Mellie Grant (aka Mellie the Maid) – Mellie started being called “The Maid” because those of us who watch the ratchet saga of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta saw Joseline (who is Stevie J’s mistress) call the mother of his child (Mimi) “Molly the Maid” when she became his main chick. And Mimi owns a cleaning company. So when Prez Ghost chose Olivia over Mellie, well… it felt natural.

Rashid Darden even blessed us with a graphic and it had me hollering for far too long.

Mellie the Maid

“Hey Maid. I see you’re wearing that maid costume like you always do.” *cackles*

David Rosen (aka Lemony Snicket) – I call him Lemony because he is always the victim of a series of unfortunate events. Dude lost the most high profile case he’s ever tried at the last minute, he got framed for killing some lady, he lost his job and his Grandma had to pay his rent. And then he had to camp out at the gladiator office so he wouldn’t be killed for knowing the truth. Yup. Lemony Snicket indeed.

Harrison (aka Brolivia Pope) – Harrison is Team Olivia through and through so he earned the name Brolivia Pope for his unwavering allegiance. Adam Shapiro (who played Jesse, Quinn’s murdered boyfriend and is Katie Lowes’ real life boyfie) actually tweeted the name first with this picture.

I added the gingham for obvious reasons.

I added the gingham for obvious reasons.


I love the gooning gladiator in gingham! Hey Harrison boo, hey!

Quinn (aka Quinnsey or Baby Huck) – Quinn’s name used to be Lindsey Dwyer, and then the Defiance rigging happened and her reporter boyfriend Jesse was about to blow the whistle on it. And she got caught up in the madness, got knocked out and was given a brand new identity, which was Quinn. Soooo sometimes, we call her Quinnsey as a way to merge Quinn and Lindsey. She has also earned the name “Baby Huck” this season because she’s become Huck’s protege. She fully grew into that in the Scandal season finale when she used Billy Chamber’s scrotum for drill practice.

Senator Edison Davis (aka Senator Pudding Pop) – The actor who plays Edison (Norm Lewis) looks like Bill Cosby’s long-lost son. Or him from 30 years ago. Look:

Senator Pudding Pop

Yup. You see it. And Cosby’s Pudding Pop commercials from the 90s are something we cannot forget.

Jake Ballard (aka Officer Truman Show) – Remember the movie The Truman Show where Jim Carrey’s whole life was basically a reality TV show he wasn’t aware of? Well, Jake watching Liv’s apartment reminded me of that.

Rowan Pope (aka Senator Whitley’s Byron) – Fans of A Diff’rent World will remember that Joe Morton played Whitley’s fiancé, Byron. He was a senator and she left him at that altar for Dwayne Wayne. I also call him Phantom Goon from time-to-time because for a long time, we didn’t know who he was or what his motives were.

Molivia Nope – When Mellie the Maid gave President Ghost the ultimatum that if he doesn’t end his relationship to Olivia, she’d sing to the press that he’s having an affair, she hired her own fixer. He was supposed to be her crisis communications guru (aka her Olivia. Without the sexing, of course) so I named him Molivia (male Olivia) Nope (because I’m not here for him). I still don’t know his name so this is what he will go by forever.

Scandal Couple Mashups

Olivia and Fitz (aka Olitz) – These two jump off the screen when they’re in the same room. They are now named OLITZ to save us syllables. Also, some use POPUS, which is a combination of Pope and POTUS (President of the United States).

Huck and Quinn (aka Huckleberry Quinn) – The two characters forged a strong bond in season 2 as Huck trained Quinn and they went on missions together. They have been dubbed Huckleberry Quinn as a play on Huckleberry Finn. Thank you, internets!

Huckleberry Quinn


David and Abby (aka Dabby) – The couple we love to hate because they’re both annoying for different reasons. But they do seem to love each other. And they enjoy random freak sessions in the office (on desks) and garages (in cars) and there’s the time Abby angry-freaked David and we all felt dirty.

And in case you wondered…

League of Goons – This is what I called the evil and conniving partnership that included Olivia, Cyrus, Justice Verna, Mellie and Hollis. Basically, the people who rigged Defiance.

So there it is. All is clear now. Next time someone asks you why you call any of the characters something random, send them here.

Nailed It

Did I miss anything? What other nicknames have people created for Scandal characters or situations?

Check out my Scandal archives and see other pieces I’ve written about the show, including recaps.

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  1. Nikki Bee (@nikkib1920) says:

    My obsession is so bad, I bought the first season from Google Play because I know the DVD has a massive waitlist at the library, and I was too lazy to go buy it. I’m on episode 3. LOL.

    And you left out Head Goon Cyrus, James the patient, Big Daddy, and well, just James and Cyrus.

  2. mmeetoilenoir says:

    Uuuuugh. I’ve never even seen a full episode of this show, and I’m still missing it. :P Oh, dear!

  3. Carriecnh12 says:

    Luvvie once again you stun with your thoroughness and linguistic skills. :) But I was thinking for Charlie it could be Sugarsassin for he loves sugar and is an assassin and for Cyrus; Four hear beats aka FHB, because he is four heart beats away from a severe heart attack and a stroke.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Loved this! Joseline also calls MiMi the maid because Mimi owns a cleaning service. She started it in Atalanta and has done pretty well for herself (supposedly).

  5. islandgirl550 says:

    Funky Dineva coined JUDGE CANCER for Verna. It’s so bad but I cackled SO HARD. I’m a mess. I’m going in the corner now.

  6. Amanda says:

    I still call Quinn Quindsey when she annoys me and Baby Huck when she gets all cyber stalker-y and psycho killerish. Cyrus is the Evil Queen, I love to hate him!

  7. CreativeDiva says:

    I would just like to take this moment to set the record straight. I, CreativeDiva, was the one to come up with #HuckleberryQuinn. I tweet under @CreativeDiva413. I was the FIRST person to hashtag my pet name for the duo.
    That being said… Luvvie, my Gladiators & I eagerly await your recaps weekly. So not only am I missing Shonda’s hand digging in my body, snatching out my soul, throwin it in a mixer & placing the runny mess rudely at my feet, but I miss your take on the OPA & Goons.
    I had been calling Liv’s daddy by a few names. Black-a-Mole, the DarkOne & then DaddyDarkOne.
    Charlie has been referred to as Sweet Gun in my house.
    But Carriecnh12′s Sugarsassin has a lovely ring to it.

  8. Diva says:

    Oh and I was using Fitzivia but switched to Olitz.
    Josh Malina was in American President playing a character named David also. So I call him DueceDave.

  9. Lea says:

    I was calling Jake, Officer Cool Breeze based on Scott Foley used to be on this show called “The Unit” where they went undercover a lot (hell I expected Dennis Haysbert to pop up which would have been sweet) and his code name for their team was Cool Breeze. Oh god, he was fine on that show, not that he wasn’t fine on Scandal but mmhmm.

  10. Camille says:

    I like to refer to Mellie as FLOTUS Mellie Mel. Bellamy Young even tweeted her approval. That’s another thing I like about the show and the cast, they are seriously involved in actual interaction with fans.

  11. Shawna says:

    Oh my! Thank you so much. My favorites were: Senator Pudding Pop and Broliva. Nail on the head with both.

  12. Jabari says:

    I submit Goon in Chief for Cyrus Beene…and we don’t have one for James :-/

  13. Dee says:

    I called Verna Dr. Girlfriend after the character from the venture brothers…

  14. BunsBri says:

    You forgot Hal the Snitch. I somehow knew why Senator Puddin Pop was his name but seeing that picture just kilt me dead. I miss Scandal so much.

    And did you hear J.Anthony’s version of “I Really Miss You Scandal”? Playing it err Thursday. I’m in an emotionally abusive and codependent relationship with Shonda. She don’t do me right, but I need it.

  15. HBnKC says:

    The fact that every Thursday me and all my friends post about how we don’t know what to do with our lives. Scandal. Withdrawal. Is. Real. Yes it is. Thanks for keeping something scandal related going. Literally I’m err week like whats we gon do nah!!!!! Struggle. James ain’t much of nothing but a snake and a snitch. He don’t deserve a name!

  16. Jo L says:

    Sometimes I use these nicknames when talking to friends who don’t read your blog…. they don’t get it lol.

    P.S Luvvie please tell me you saw this video/song about missing scandal? “I really miss you scandal WORSER than losing a friend” LOL this man has no sense.

  17. Dedra says:

    Luvvie. Tell me you have heard this please. This is too much. J Anthony Brown singing about how much he misses Scandal. I think someone mentioned it earlier in the comments, but here is the link:

  18. Tester70 says:

    In reference to my twitter name @HuckHagrid Whenever they flashback to homeless Huck.

  19. John says:

    SPOTUS for Olivia: Side Piece of the United States.

  20. Msbrome says:

    I thought you called Edison, Senator Pudding Pop, because he was chocolate and delicious! I am actually friends with Norm, and he IS dreamy puddin’. Everybody loves him.

  21. kris says:

    As much as I miss Scandal, my nerves are relieved…this was a very intense season…I feel like I need a nice summer off before Season 3…I will definitely be rewatching b/c I’m a nut lol.

  22. aStatesman says:

    I can only think of one thing when it comes to Cyrus. In my mind I call him the Librarian, because he reads like a master.

  23. Michelle says:

    You forgot California Raisin (for Edison)….see recap 212….

  24. Michelle says:

    CR has been stuck in my head since recap 212. :-)

  25. ktzmiao says:

    I call Fitz, President Silk Almond Milk. He is always sweet talking Olivia and he is smooth, like Silk Almond Milk. I call Olivia, Get Christie Loves Grandchild,,, it just works for me,,,

  26. Shonte says:

    I call Jake aka Officer Truman Show, Noel because he played on Felicity one of my fav shows back in the day and his name was Noel. If anyone said Jake to me I really wouldn’t know who they were talking about. In my tweets I say Noel. Very odd. In other news, Noel also played in Grey’s Anatomy and Shonda hates him because he died on that show. Maybe it was so he could play on Scandal. I have to hope so, but Shonda will kill anyone off of Grey’s Anatomy with no remorse.

  27. I’m late bootz, but thanks for the shout out!

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