Two Chips, One Drunk Joke and an Awesome Cartoon

[ 16 ] May 4, 2013 |

Y’all know I have a soft spot for cartoons. Heck, I’m represented online by one so yeah. LOVE IT! Anywho, Adam Patch‘s wife, Morgan, got all DRONK off wine (it’ll creep up on you) and she had a joke to tell him. He had the bright idea to record it and animate it later and the magic below happened.

“Two Chips” / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.

I laughed. No. I actually cackled. I think the joke is adorable (and corny) but anything can be made awesome when animated. First of all, happy drunk people can be awesome because they find everything hilarious and you can’t help but laugh too. As she slurs her way through the joke laughing, I started laughing too.

“I’m NACHO friend.” And the stabbing that resulted in cheese blood was hysterical.

This was awesome.

Did you laugh? Admit that you did. It’s too cute.

P.S. HA!!! I watched it 5 times.

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  1. KayMac says:

    How cute!!!! I may have laughed a little too hard at this….then shared it with my coworker….then watched it again…LMAO!!

  2. ItsPaytoU says:

    I laughed out loud and caught a small cramp in the process! This was great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teri Wilson says:

    This was hysterical!!! I had tears!!

  4. TajMahal says:

    Poor thing, she was really struggling to keep it together long enough to tell the story. That was the funniest part. Those long pauses and deep breaths. LOL

  5. RozB says:

    I had to tell my husband this joke, but I could not stop laughing long enough to go all the way through. He is just looking at me funny.

    I do like how the bird decides to crack it at the end trying to eat the dead chip.

  6. Jabari says:

    Drunk people are awesome!

  7. TawannaS says:

    HIL-FREAKIN-LARIOUS!!! I’ve watched it 4 times already!

  8. Colette says:

    OK.. I’m a bad Mom, I read the story and clicked the vid.. I HOWLED! I thought it was stupid cute.. ummm my 8 yr didn’t. She Yelled at me “that’s not funny” I howled more! I’m terrible, horrible, I’m going to seek therepy rit now! After, I watch it one more time. Because my 8 yr old just said she’s Nacho friend to me! I’m sending you our therepy bill! This goes further back than just this video. Some of you other Gifs have contibuted to my “wall sliding” “non CANS to kick around” episodes here as well! roflmao

  9. IfYouEverComeBack says:

    So when I first watched this I was all kinds of drunk so this made me howl. It’s still funny sober, corny but funny.

  10. Nakita says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! LOL i icant stop laughing at this!!

  11. Mikkimu says:

    Truly awesome way to begin a Monday, thanks Luvvie!!!!

  12. Kyva Dyva says:

    “I don’t think you know me.” is my favorite part! This was too cute!

  13. Tracey says:

    The bird at the end is what made me lose it…I have to share this….

  14. MzjerzeeNC says:

    First off, I am a lurker! I read your blog all the time and never comment. Today I come out the closet! This right here! No Ma’am, Icant! That, “I don’t think you know me” line, took me down! Tears are running and I need my inhaler!

    Oh, also to let you know, I live for your Scandal recaps!

  15. Mrs. Woods says:

    So many questions:
    1. Where was he hiding the knife?
    2. Why must he (yes, it is a boy chip) hit the knife with each syllable?
    3. Can we ever bite into a chip again without expecting nacho blood?
    4. Was this a Saturday cuz ain’t nobody else on the playground?
    5. You just stab and walk away?
    6. Can this be my ringtone with the cartoon playing?

    The tears have flowed so hard watching this and just now my husband looked and me and said, “You must be reading that damn Luvvie blog.” Now you interfering in grown folk business lol

  16. Sunny says:

    I LOVE a good corny joke – My jaw hurts, I’m trying not to laugh loudly. I forwarded this to my sister, she called laughing on the phone (It’s 8am in the freakin’ morning). Thanks for this, my soul is at peace.

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