Harper’s Bazaar Sabotaged Gabourey Sidibe With This Outfit

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I’m glad that people are giving half of a damb about Black women in TV and movies now. We’re showing up on more mainstream covers (well Kerry Washington is), and maybe Hollywood is finally realizing how much we rock (psht).

But one thing I don’t like is lazy inclusion. Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue includes a feature called “Singular Beauties” to celebrate the diversity of women. One of the ladies in the photo editorial is Gabourey Sidibe. YAYYY BLACK WOMAN! Except look at the picture of Gabby and take back the “YAY” and put it in your purse.


Ok WUT?!? This picture hurts my feelings from it’s sucktivity. This is a terrible picture because of reasons. Many reasons.

First of all, what were they going for here and did they feel like they were successful? Because unless their mission was to make us scowl, they have failed. Karl Lagerfeld shot this photo spread and he’s a fashion icon. But I must ask him “Sir, what is this?”

Why is Gabby’s hand up? It looks like she’s saying “Stop in the name of love” AND SHE’S BREAKING MY HEART!

And what is that thick, velvet fabric doing on her head? Who told them it was ok to drape Aladdin’s magic carpet gingerly over her head like a hijab? Is that a super thick sari? Again, WHAT ARE THEY TRYNA DO HERE?

But let’s not e’em talk about this ALPHET. Well, let’s. Why is she wearing a shapeless red leather jacket with a weird hanging shirt and faded black/gray leggings? Again, it’s giving me Aladdin tea with Jaafar swag. This outfit is so damb LAZY! You can’t tell me they tried to make this girl look awesome. No. They were like “So what’s Gabby’s gonna wear?” “Well, whatchu got that’s big?” AND THAT AIN’T RIGHT!

No SMDH gif

You know what hurts my heart the most? Those gahtdamb shoes, LAWD! They really got the nerve to put this woman in the black version of Minnie Mouse’s chunky chanclettas! If she can’t rock heels, then put her in some dope flats. They exist! Because what part of the game is this rubbish??

This is sabotage. Straight sabotage and I will not stand for it. So I’ma sit. \__

Why do folks be having Gabby Sidibe outchea so bogus? Did she piss a union of stylists off? Did they all get together and promised to put her in the worst alphets ALLATAHM? They STAY having her in terrible ensembles so it’s not like it’s the first time.

Someone gotta look out for my girl, Gabby, man. Because NAWL! Big girls can be FIERCE too! Look at Monif C’s entire clothing line. Amazing.

I feel like they just said “Fuck effort” when styling and shooting Gabby and I don’t like it. Not one measly bit. Do better, folks! And stop short-changing plus size women all the gahtdamb time! And if they are going to include my plus size sisthrens, then they better at least TRY. Shit.

just-saying gif

Chile… maybe Gabby herself needs to also start telling people “NAWL, I ain’t wearing that.” Iunno but she can’t keep letting folks dress her up in muu muus and such.

Anywho, whatcha’ll think of this photo? Am I the only one who isn’t here for this? Because they are petty. (-___-)

If you see what the other pics in the issue looks like, you’ll realize how messy Gabby’s is. See the pics on GossipDavid.com.

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  1. itzmetiara says:

    I blame Gabby! She ‘s a grown woman and lets people do this bull shit to her. as a plus sized woman im disgraced. she needs a sternly worded letter asap

    • Milaxx says:

      I think part of the blame lies with Gabby because often shows up on the RC looking like she gives no damns about clothes and wearing what can best be described as struggle shoes. The ones she’s wearing here are fugly , but at least they fit her feet.

      I also thought the photo was in line with the character she’s going to play on American Horror Story this season.

      On the other hand I had seen a few shots of her at press events and though her clothing was looking a bit better. I had hopes that she would tell the stylist to stop squeezing her feet into those designer shoes that never fit because high end designers ain’t here for wide width shoes. She needs to hit up Lane Bryant, Sole Society or ASOS for some stylish designer knock offs.

      The world is not here for plus sized gals and if you don’t come in with a few ideas of what works for you, this is what happens.

    • nsp says:

      ok, here’s my last troll on this topic.
      I wanna know what your sternly worded letter would say.

  2. GoldenLady00 says:

    Lagerfeld has openly expressed his nonacceptance of full figured women (and men). I think the way this was styled and shot is clear proof that he does not believe that full figured women are stylish or have true fashion credibility. I respect him as a designer and artist, but f**k his opinion and prejudice.

    • Maxi says:

      Cosign. When I heard he was involved I knew it would be 1000% shade. The amount of fuck effort in comparison to the other layouts is stunning.

    • Absurdist says:

      That’s the one. I’d love for a magazine to force Lagerfeld to work with Adele sometime.

    • Ashley says:

      He sure has made it clear he doesn’t care about the large folks, and that’s ridiculous. Especially considering he used to be bigger himself.

  3. Teri says:

    I rarely (never) think of anything clever enough to post and this is no exception. However this put me in such a state of high hilarity that I ate my whole ice cream cone without tasting it. And that never happens.

  4. Jos says:

    I was soooo not ready to see this picture. I’m just wondering if she’s working with Stevie Wonder’s people because I can’t understand why anyone with good sense would pick that out. And that damn hand?! It looks like she was telling them “Naw I’m not ready” and they kept snappin pics anyway. Lawd I’m going to go sit in a corner.

  5. Ms. Brome says:


    Lagerfeld has gone on record saying he does not like “fat people”. What’d you expec?

    What would you have put her in? You know she probably wore that outfit from home. The rug is from the office.
    And wait, did she get lip injections?! Those are new.

  6. Gayle says:

    Sooooooooooo, they couldn’t find no clothes, no shoes, nor lotion (peep her feet)…….Her hand should have been up saying…….I CAN’T…….evah

  7. Kwan says:

    Gabby pisses me off b/c she sits there and lets them do this to her. I can’t and I can believe Karl did this not b/c of it’s HORRIDNESS fashion wise but b/c it’s a plus size woman. He’s old school fashion industry where a size 8 is considered fat so I doubt they even had any real clothes that could fit her on set.

    This is some BS girl you were under the wings of Monique. That is a woman who may have been big but she loved to dress in flashy alphets from animal print tops to bedazzled pants. She needs to get a backbone and get her style,makeup and hair team together b/c it’s not just photo shoots on the awards’ carpets as well. She needs a prayer circle and someone in her corner that is there to make her look like she is somebody going somewhere. Gabby WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!

  8. otherwynngirl says:

    Why Lagerfeld? Haven’t we already heard his comments on plus size women? I’m not the least bit surprised.

    And why, oh why would Gabby agree to this melancholy attire? It’s looks like an outfit you lounge around the house in, then decide to put on a random jacket and shoes to run to the store. Unacceptable. Turrible. Just plain turrible.

    She could have killlllled it in a fabulous gown. Emerald green. Or ruby red. Shame on you, Harper’s Bazaar.

  9. Hella Berry says:

    It looks like she showed up for the shoot in her black leggings and shirt, but they didn’t know what to put on her. Lagerfeld hates fat chicks. So they grabbed a red jacket that can only fit half her body. Then grabbed a nearby table runner to throw over her head and other half of her body. She’s holding out her hand as to say “Stop, don’t shoot me like this!!”

  10. C says:

    Poor Gabby. Who is her peoples and why are they not looking out for her “image” Yes, I agree….That photo is a HOT MESS; quite Peculiar w/a capital P! Karl L. is a )ick [starts w/a D].

    • Jennifer Powe says:

      That’s EGGXACTLY what I said!! WHERE WERE HER PEOPLE?!??!? Nobody had her back on this one! And her self-esteem has to be terribly low. You can’t tell me she felt fabulous in that outfit. She looks straight uncomfortable and I’m uncomfortable looking at her! Just set out to make her look hideous & embarrass her in the name of diversity!! Mission accomplished!! SMDH!!!

  11. Lady Oyekan says:

    A table runner as a head gear and Payless hallelujah shoes. Gabz they’re playing you and I’m not here for it!

  12. JazzT says:

    This child is so lost and she needs more people.

    I hate to say it but that sari-velvet-magic carpet reminds me of the decorated elephants of India. Given that plus his previous comments, my heart hurts that she allowed herself to be put out here like this. Lagerfield, side eyeing you like a mug. Kick rocks, a$$hole.

  13. Jennice says:

    I don’t see the “abstract artistic vision” in this outfit…AT ALL!!! I’m sure that was the phrase used when theh tried to convince themselved that this,ratchetness was ok. Gabby, u have a mouth…speak ur piece,hunty!!!

  14. KemaB says:

    You would never catch Queen Latifah or Oprah at they heaviest looking like this no ma’am. People will let you do what you allow them to do and Gabby needs to put her foot down and stop accepting this foolishness for real.

    She needs to get Beyonce’s people on deck so you never catch her slipping. Out here looking like a freaking Oriental lamp shade with leggings -____- I’m a big girl and ish like this really boils my blood.

  15. paradoxx says:


  16. Seven says:

    The ensemble is atrocious and now that I have learned that walking death threat Karl Lagerfeld is behind this shoot makes me upset. The shortchanged the EFF outta Gabby with this outfit. And for Harper’s Bazaar I bet that jacket aint eem in season.
    I agree, Gaby needs a better team and a backbone. She needs to start wanting better for herself. I don’t know her personality but I’m guessing she wants not come across as a diva but damn it, if regular folk wouldnt wear this outfit why should she?
    I hope this picture reminds her that she can do better.

  17. Lea says:

    “I feel like they just said “Fuck effort” when styling and shooting Gabby and I don’t like it”

    I usually don’t comment but this part right here was my undoing. I lost it at “fuck effort”. Lmaooooo this was hilarious. Gabby needs to take control of her image!

  18. Ms. Brome says:

    I think she looks exquisite

  19. Crunchygirl says:

    Seems like dey were tryna dress “Precious” not Gabby. Sad. Where is Gabby’s mama, auntie, sista, friend??? This ish ain’t right…and dey know it.

  20. patrice says:

    Karl Lagerfeld just took the photos. Carine Roitfield is the shade queen that did the actual styling. Either way those shoes are hurting all of my feelings.

  21. Nerd Girl says:

    Yeah…no. I’m going to agree with everyone who thinks Ms. Gabby herself is the primary person to blame. This is the most ridiculous “stylized” photo I’ve ever seen. Deep in my heart I’m hoping it’s a joke and the real photo is just all kinds of fabulous. But I know it’s not. My eight year old daughter wouldn’t agree to wear this – why this grown woman did I cannot comprehend. This is b.s. of the highest order. No me gusta.

  22. Eve Tey says:

    Seems like they were going for a Grace Jones fierce look and failed miserably… they get an F for effort!

  23. prettytame says:

    As a plus sized african american woman this pisses me off on so many levels. How dare you Gabourey Sidibe continue to allow mainstream fashion make a mockery of us! The fact that Gabourey is in the public eye she has a responsibility to showcase us in a better light. I don’t understand how a person with a public platform chooses to not use this great gift and display a better image to the world. All she is doing is allowing narrowed minded people like KL and the stylist of this shoot to continue the misconception that plus size women aren’t attractive, that we aren’t fierce and we aren’t stylish. I know she claims she is comfortable in her skin and blah blah but that doesnt mean you have to give no hot damns of how you look every time you leave the house. She is either wearing rugs and ill fitting blankets or lean with it rock with it fugly shoes. And less not get started on her hair weaves smh….all that money and you can’t get a proper sew in or rock your natural hair styled correctly where it doesnt look like a thin ass wig??? And Im a makeup girl I understand some arent but please please get them to play up your best features when your on film or walking the red carpet. The never seem to give her a color palette that will make some beautiful feature on her pop. They just basically go okay let me make sure she doesnt look shiny or too ashy, (and they fail at this at times) and give her some boring lipstick. I saw the other photos and I was livid! I know she may never read this but someone’s praying grandmother needs to start a praying circle for her asap! Better yet let me call my granny!

  24. QuitaP says:

    Gabby needs a Curvy Girl intervention. Someone needs to call Latifah, Jill, Monique, and Octavia. I’m sure they can lend Gabby one of their stylists. She needs to learn how to dress for the body she has because this is unnacceptable. Nothing about that picture says high fashion.

  25. Londee says:

    That thing on her head makes her look like she’s trying to fight her way from under a Persian rug– and losing.

  26. Zee says:

    Can we stop blaming her? She’s not an A-List celebrity, she doesn’t have the clout to take charge of a shoot like that.

    • Lia says:

      Regardless, she is a SOMEBODY. This outfit is so below any fashion magazine’s standards. Forget clout. From the moment she saw that jacket, headpiece and leggings she shoulda rejected it quickfast.

    • Kwan says:

      Umm nobody has a gun to her head forcing her to wear that stuff she can say no to the shoot all together if they are going to have her looking a mess. Also have you read other comments? She has also walked the carpet looking a mess so YES SHE IS TO BLAME.

      She is one of those big girls who doesn’t take pride in how they present themselves to the world and in doing so she reaffirms the narrow-minded misconceptions of those who feel all full-figured women do the same.

      • nsp says:

        what are we blaming her for? looking ugly? umm she didn’t invent that concept. and taking pride of how she looks –> have you seen some of this half naked plus size women on instagram? you might wanna re-evaluate taking pride in how you represent yourself to the world means. who knows, she might have picked that outfit out herself. if she likes it, then who are you to judge. just take a trip to walmart and check out regular looking people.

    • Milaxx says:

      She has been working steadily with some big name actors since her debut in Precious. I don’t want to see her pull a diva card, but she should be able to bring request some decent clothes or at the very least, bring in her own.

  27. KieshaB says:

    This reminds me of what Nicki Minaj said. This is why you NEVER accept the $50 clothes budget and sliced pickles. She accepted it and now all she’s given is pickles and the juice.

  28. Kelly says:

    I wonder if this is somehow tied to her upcoming role as a witch on American Horror Story.

  29. mary burrell says:

    This hurts my heart. I wish Gabby would stop letting these idiots, do this to her. Does she not understand they are making her look ridiculous? I hate that she allows this to happen. Karl Lagerfeld is an ass. He hates plus size women. Where are her friends?

  30. ChilltownTV says:

    Ok, this pic looks like a Harry Potter/Snakes on a Plane mashup. #ICan’t Karl Lagerfeld’s only excuse is, he’s old, he must be going blind. You CAN dress a plus sized woman so she looks cool & sexy. This is a total fail.

  31. Lauren C says:

    Lawd…really Karl? Gabby? Somebody? I was baffled by the entire montage of photos, but Gabby’s was truly the worst! I must admit, however, that Scarlet Johannson in that gold lame’ dress and sweater also left me all types of dazed and confused.

  32. Wendylous says:

    No one is checking for Gabourey anymore. She made that flop with Eddie Murphy and that’s all, oh right, The C Word too but still. The sadness and courage of Precious has worn off so she probably was just thrilled as punch to have been invited. There is a good chance that she wore that #alphet from home. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY at Harper’s Bazaar is fluffy. Not even Mrs. Lopez, the cleaning lady. Gabby loves herself the way she is so she’s not going to change and with that in mind she’ll be less and less seen. And whenever “they” want to highlight or include a fat, black woman, we should all be prepared to see a photo or a few photos of her looking just trrrrrrrble.

  33. Yadi says:

    I shall not comment on that depressing photo above but Luvvie let me find out you watch Drag Race. I bet if Gabby spent a month with Latrice Royale(that .gif is so on-point), then mess like this would never happen again. She is just the queen to instill some self-awareness into that poor child.

  34. NSP says:

    Since almost everyone on here agrees with the same thing, I feel a lil bit different. I’m not a fan of Gabby, i’ve never seen Precious. I’m not a fan of Harper’s mag either. So when I look at this picture i’m like ummm, i’m not sure what to think. Really the only thing that looks completely unprofessional is that shirt. I’m not a big girl, but after a couple of kids, i do have a gut and 1 thing i do try to keep out my wardrobe is short shirts that are not made to be short. Now after that, all yall comments are borderline hurtful. If I was Gabby and read them I would probably lose about 100 self worth points, but i’m not Gabby and that’s why she is on a magazine and i’m not. She was at a shoot, umm, everyone in this forum was either at work, at a coffee shop, or at home typing their thoughts. So point goes to Gabby. Now everyone call this guy who took the pictures a fat hater. I never heard of him, but I read the comments, thanks to the links in this article, and he never said he hated fat ppl, he was just taking up for anorexic models. so half a point back to him.
    Then I remember everything and everyone in Hollywood is fake. I believe nothing that comes from Hollywood. So Gabby is now Hollywood. Either people lying to her or she lying to herself, either way, she is a part of the deceit. And in any universe, real or fake, there must be balance. without fat ppl there would be no skinny ppl etc.. she signed up for Hollywood and she gets paid to be a part of their system, not ours. She never said she was going to represent fat people or black people or any people, just herself.
    Now is the outfit ugly? I don’t know, half the ish they put on skinny people on the run way is ugly to me.
    Anyways it’s a cruel world out here.

  35. Dee says:

    While the outfit she’s wearing is not great, I honestly think the other outfits weren’t either. Scarlett wore a shiny gold probably PU dress on a basic grey long-sleeved sweater! The other woman just looked like Cruella! So I don’t think the cover did anyone justice, period.

    Completely off topic but p.s. I “like” how plus sized actresses talk about how much they love their bodies and then a few years later they become a weight watchers/Jenny Craig ambassador. I’m sure I don’t need to list examples. I’m very unconvinced about Gabby’s love for her body. Has she seen how awesome Melissa McCarthy looks?

    On the other hand I’ve seen plus size bloggers who truly love their bodies, dress it lovingly and make me wish I was a big girl sometimes. If only they were the celebs.

  36. WhiskeyOnTheRox says:

    Ummm did anyone else notice that she is wearing Spanx or Spanx like leggings? No? Okay…

  37. Drea823 says:

    “Mini Mouse’s chunky chancletas”. *unable to consume air* iDied!

  38. Sunny says:

    I’ve seen better wardrobe and makeup on SyFy’s faceoff show. I feel like this is the picture friends post of you on facebook.

    The Sowrong she’s wearing on her head is beautiful and shear – but does not actually go on your head, its ment to be draped over your shoulder.

    I think my 50 yo aunt owns that same red jacket.

    But for realz though – why?? The Jeggings guy looks better then this.
    But fashion and taste are relevent to each person. She likes I – I DO NOT have to love it.

  39. Dr Fabulous says:

    They did her wrong! That jacket looks like one of Kelly Price’s old go-to numbers. I’m no fashionista, so maybe I just don’t see the vision. What I do know is that there’s nothing fashionable about shoes that runneth over.

  40. awm050501 says:

    They were like “So what’s Gabby’s gonna wear?” “Well, whatchu got that’s big?”

    You ended my life with that phrase ….

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